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  • Lily Cade and her amateurish approach to girl/girl porn is an acquired taste, and this particular series is esoteric even by her standards. As with the first volume, it features a lengthy featurette of interviews in which the actresses explain in great detail why they self-describe themselves as nerds, almost implying that society might redefine (for the umpteenth time) the LGBTQ+ community by adding an N to the alphabet soup moniker.

    Best segment to exploit the Nerd hook has Lily and gal pals shooting the breeze regarding an animated Star Trek spinoff. Cade is challenged on her trivia assertions and loses a bet, requiring the to propostion the most attractive lady in earshot. She chooses, hardly surprisingly, fellow redhead porn icon Justine Joli, and the rest is history. What makes this scene unusual and perhaps of interest beyond the porn universe, is that she propositions Justine in Klingon, with English subtitles for us non-Nerds in the audience, and Joli responds in kind.

    I appreciated the fact that the several NonSex players in the video received screen credit for their contributions, something of a rarity these days.