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  • This movie has something that has been missing from several Hallmark productions lately: A cast who can actually act and are able to do Romance. Tyler can just look at Cindy and you need no script to tell what he's feeling, and one look from Cindy can make Tyler melt. That, my friends, is real chemistry. You can call it spark, chemistry or emotions,but it has been missing from so many Hallmark movies lately,and that is the reason we watch romance movies.
  • dowdnl9 June 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Just finished watching movie and I enjoyed it very much. I have one criticism though, the Anniversary year of their first date is unrealistic. They both have been married and have daughters well into their twenties so I don't think their first date could have been only 25 years ago. It should be more like 30. to 35 years
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Each successive installment in this series gets more forced and formulaic than the last. Josie Bissett's hair gets weirder and more awkward, Jack Wagner's mugging facial expressions get hammier. Tyler Hynes does a great job as a special guest, but Cindy Busby brings her usual crackly, hard to listen to voice.
  • toncincin9 June 2019
    BUT would someone stop putting pink lipstick on Jack Wagner? He and Josie's lips matched. Very distracting.
  • Although the plot is tired and the writing unoriginal, this one was worth looking at due to the principal love interests. Cindy Busby has been a favorite for quite a while. Tyler Hynes caught my interest as soon as he appeared in a Hallmark last year. He has now become a big favorite. I will give any Hallmark a chance if they have one of these two actors.

    On the other hand, poor Josie Bissett's hair situation has become a concern. She is a lovely woman who has aged gracefully and plays women of her own age. The pairing with Jack Wagner works. I am not sure what is going on with her health or her hair, but there are plenty of attractive wig options out there for those who are in need of some extra assistance. If she has been wearing wigs, they are frightful: stiff and cottony looking. If that's her real hair, please buy some conditioner or go back to the darling pixie haircut she was once famous for. Sorry, but this is something is totally fixable. I am being cruel to be kind.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is my favorite of the first five in this series (with a sixth sure to come based on how the movie ended). There were very few Hallmark Hook anecdotes (no 30-min-to-go-crisis, etc.). The characters unfolded naturally. The main couple, and marital couple, had chemistry. There was an important message in a speech near the end. Well done, HC!
  • judyharl4 August 2020
    Cindy Busby Tyler hynes no chemistry so boring Josie bissett what with blonde hair black roots Jack Wagner Hallmark mistakes
  • The lead actress Cindy Busby is a horrible "actress" who barely knows how to act. Probably the worst acting among others in this flick.