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Álex: What's your show called?

Ángela: While You're Asleep.

Manu: While You're Asleep? Then who watches it?


[last lines]

Ángela: We have to tape everything, Pablo. For fuck's sake.

Sergio: Tell us everything you know.

Health Inspector: Okay. Okay. Yesterday, we received a call from a vet who had a dog brought in with an unknown disease. The dog went into a coma and a few moments later came to, and was extraordinarily aggressive. He started attacking all of the pets at the clinic. We had to give him several tranquilizers and then put him to sleep. We followed the chip in his ear, which led us to this building.

Ángela: One moment - was the dog called Max?

Health Inspector: Yes.

[first lines]

Ángela: Good evening, this is Angela Vidal speaking. Tonight, as usual, we will share this time...

Álex: People think we run around, putting out fires but around 70% of the calls we get are for other types of services.

Ángela: Like what?

Álex: For example, broken water mains, or pet rescue too. Even though it sounds cliché, it's true.

Ángela: [to Pablo, before interviewing a fireman] If this is a pain in the ass, just cut, okay?

Ángela: It's nearly 2 A.M. and we're still sealed in this building that we came to with the firemen earlier this evening, to assist an elderly woman who later attacked a policeman and a fireman. They're both in critical condition. The police won't let us leave and are giving us no explanations.

Ángela: So besides your father, who do you live with?

Jennifer: With my mommy, my daddy, and my dog Max.

Ángela: Your dog isn't here either, right? I can't see him.

Jennifer: No, he's not.

Ángela: Do you love your dog?

Jennifer: Yes.

Ángela: Why isn't he here?

Jennifer: He's at the vet.

Ángela: What's wrong with him?

Jennifer: He got sick.

Cesar: When are we starting?

Ángela: We did.

Cesar: Why didn't you tell me? Don't you see my face is shiny?

Ángela: Good evening, this is Angela Vidal speaking. Tonight on "While You're Asleep" we'll accompany a team of firemen on their rounds through the city. Not only that, but we'll see things never revealed: how they live, sleep, what they eat. We'll get an inside look at this fire station. Join us for "While You're Asleep".

Cesar: There's something more to this place. Our cells don't work. Neither does the T.V. or radio. We're isolated.

Guillem: I've never been in such a serious situation before. I'm an intern. I give shots, take people's blood pressure. I live in this building.

Abuela: What a rucus.

Sergio: [upon seeing Jennifer] What happened to her eyes?

Ángela: There are incredible security measures in place. We know nothing. They haven't told us a thing. We saw special forces, health inspectors wearing suits and masks, and it's not very comforting.