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  • As I add missing titles to IMDb in the Adult genre, I was surprised that two features with this title were released in a single year (2005). This one is the British approach, a merely okay set of vignettes featuring both famous and obscure local talent.

    Both McKenzie Lee and her co-star Marcus London were soon to decamp for Chatsworth and famed careers in America, but they make a good team in this hookup titled "Office Sl*t". It's so old that London doesn't have his signature tattoos yet, and is billed mysteriously as "Mason".

    There are lovely girls in the rest of the cast, but none of them acquired international reputations, even familiar names like Tammie Lee and Jessica Loveitt. In "Groupie", the Eastern European beauty Janca is serviced anally by the ever-present Tony James, while IR content is provided by no-namers in "Home Alone".