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  • Adrian Lyne's much-maligned (when released) "Indecent Proposal" presented Demi & Woody with an offer from Bob Redford they couldn't refuse. Sweet Sinner and its founder Nica Noelle adapted the concept 7 years ago as "Immoral Proposal", starring April O'Neil, Mr. Pete and meanie Evan Stone, and now Jacky St. James has given the label an even better version.

    For me, the big surprise came in that I had named a mansion used for perhaps a thousand different porn shoots by now, recognizable by its unique spiral staircase, the "Immoral Proposal" mansion in honor of being Stone's home in that DVD. Who would have thunk that Jacky would choose that same spot to shoot "Forbidden Opportunity", and even stage a lengthy sex scene right at the base of that staircase?

    Alexa Grace is absolutely terrific as the heroine, married to Michael Vegas and anxious to start a family via adoption, but unable to make ends meet. Enter sinister tycoon Mick Blue who offers the couple a neat $500,000 if he can live for a month with Alexa posing as his wife, to impress some prospective business partners who dig the solidarity of dealing with a family man.

    Of course Vegas and Grace realize the arrangement will likely include sex with Mick, but they accede to his terms, and Jacky's script hits not just the necessary turns to faciliate quality XXX scenes but packs in a wonderful surprise ending.

    Grace, whose pristine beauty and definitely non-porn-star good looks has impressed me for quite some time, comes into her own in a star-making role: highly erotic, glamorous and adorable throughout. The scene at the stairway gains immeasurably from her long, long legs, in stand-up sex action.

    Angela White narrates the show and provides plenty of her own brand of fleshy eroticism in the requisite (for Sweet Sinner) "extraneous sex scene", humping Tommy Gunn in the kitchen.

    The only flaw in this show, which Jacky should have and could have caught and corrected, comes in the flashback structure, as the initial scene is staged a month after the "live with Mick" experience, and has Vegas and Grace back together at home, but is shot in the "Immoral Proposal" mansion, just like Mick's scenes. Such doubling of the location is commonplace as a matter of convenience and scheduling but detracts from the story's credibility, especially as structured in the final print.