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  • The Ribbon is a short but deeply emotional film. Do not get fooled by the playful bright colors or the smooth animation. The Ribbon tells the story of a young girl in her own majestic kingdom. Later on we find out that this fairytale like world is her escape from her tough medical condition.

    The candy visuals and the love drawn into this project are obvious. The spiritual creatures and movements bring strong Miyazaki vibes on the table. Out of the happy valley there is a strong and shocking plot twist. A very rough and emotional scene.

    All this is served with the amazing score of Jonathan Galland. A bittersweet trip that just under 5 minutes delivers a lot of emotional weight. The original score helps to deliver the message in a caring way and manipulates the emotions of the viewer, sad when it is needed but also hopeful, optimistic and freed.
  • Polla-Ilariya Kozino' animated short The Ribbon is a spectacular journey for all one's senses. Smart animation blended with an intelligent story line grounded in a strong score. The film captures you from the first frame and holds you in suspended "animation" until the final credits. A sure fire hit on the global festival circuit. -Oaxaca FilmFest
  • Amazing under-5-minute display of imagination by Polla-Ilariya Kozino (Coyote's Place, Gyronaut) and her team at Insomnia Production.

    No less commendable is outstanding work of French music composer, Jonathan Galland. Let us begin by mentioning that the thematic orchestration is magnificent, very reminiscent of that heard in vibrant anime 2D work in the 1980s and 1990s, often very capable of bringing in and enhancing the color and the characters' moves throughout, as is the case in this 2D whimsical production. The musical stroke beauty is even extended into the closing credits, wherein the musical tune grows in sudden intensity, delivering to the average spectator a sensation of victory, peace and joy. Indeed, with every scene, Galland's work helps us dive to the very depths of the essence of a little girl's imaginary work. In many ways the ribbon to this neat animated treat/gift is the music behind this productions, as it ties it all up to perfection.

    Back to Polla's work, and without diving into the plot, it contains all the elements to make all audiences happy and refreshed; that is, imaginary creatures, unicorns... Productions under 5 minutes must be well balanced as they need to seek the viewer's desire to want more of it, and The Ribbon brings it home for us. Would love to see more of Polla's work.
  • Hugnettin19 December 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Animation films are productions where a lot of effort is spent on them and are much more complicated than a typical film. The script, design, animation, voiceover and music should be in complete harmony. Since there is no live performance, the slightest defect can ruin the whole movie. However, Ribbon did an excellent job in this sense. It turned into a tremendous short film with a high-quality animation, appropriate sound effects and atmosphere appropriate music. This animation film has some minor flaws in terms of cinematography. For example, instead of choosing the "fade in" technique for the beginning of this film, a different method could have been used. For example, the little girl could open her eyes, or we could see the character in a different place with a sound/music. It was a simple opening scene for such a beautiful animation. We have to state that we find the movie a little short. More action or events related to the little girl could have been presented. Almost a third of the movie is "credits" section. The most impressive part of animation films are their soundtracks. Music is the most striking element in every single screen work, especially in which there is no speech, where emotions are tried to be conveyed through images. Jonathan Galland, whom we have known for his various works (such as Exploring the Pacific Northwest), has done an outstanding job. Music within the fiction supports the script, and there is no narration that the music suppresses. The musical element has been used as an utterly supportive element. Especially the composition at the end of the movie is also very suitable for the nature of the film. The Ribbon is a well above average short film in terms of drawing technique, fiction and especially music. When the movie is over, you say "I wish it had a little longer". The scenario understood from the first moments and the predicted finale could be made more mysterious by extending the duration of the movie a little longer. A few more exciting events, especially the little girl's experience, could be added. Nevertheless, it should be appreciated as a successful animated film in its current form. Finally, I would like to state that we love the poster of the movie as well.