Betty White almost turned down her role in the film because filming would require her to spend ten weeks away from her golden retriever.

Julia Roberts was the first choice to play Margaret but reportedly refused to take a pay cut, so Sandra Bullock took over the role. That was the second movie in the same year in which Roberts was offered a leading role and turned it down, with the role going to Bullock. The other movie was The Blind Side (2009).

Sandra Bullock plays a Canadian who wants to marry her assistant (Ryan Reynolds) in order to keep her visa status in the U.S. and avoid deportation to Canada. In real life, Reynolds is from Canada and Bullock is from the U.S.

At the immigration office, on Mr. Gilbertson's desk is a copy of the book "U.S. Citizenship for Dummies."

The puppy named Kevin is played by four American Eskimo puppies named Flurry, Sitka, Nanu and Winter.

As Margaret grows progressively warmer throughout the film her hairstyle goes from a slick ponytail to being completely down and soft.

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds initially felt awkward shooting their nude scene, however they have both said they quickly became comfortable with it, despite sometimes having their protection falling off.

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds had been friends for nine years before shooting this movie.

Despite most of the film being set in Alaska, it was actually shot in Boston and on Boston's North Shore. In one of the scenes, you can see the famous Rockport icon, "Motif No. 1," the little red shack famous for being a subject of many famous painters' and photographers' work. Snow-capped mountains (or any mountains, for that matter) are nowhere to be found on the North Shore. Those were added in digitally.

"Downtown" Sitka is actually Rockport, Massachusetts, which includes a famous tourist area called Bearskin Neck. The harbor formed by the Neck is where Motif #1 is located. Rockport remains a working fishing village, especially for lobster, although the bigger fisheries are in nearby Gloucester. The filming was done in April, which is off season for large numbers of visitors. Bullock and Reynolds were seen shopping locally.

225 Franklin St., Boston, was the real location of The Colden Books office. The entire main office, including Margaret's and Bob's offices, were completely rebuilt and replicated at Disney Studios in Burbank, CA for pickups and re-shoots in January 2009.

The eagle that grabbed the dog was an Australian Wedged-tailed Eagle.

Pro wrestler Barry Ace was cast, but he was never called to start working.

The family boat used to transport Margaret and Andrew from the airport is a Wasque 26, built in Marblehead, MA, just a few miles from where the movie was filmed.

In this movie, the mother (played by actress Mary Steenburgen) was in the original Parenthood movie as a main female mother character. Then, the father (played by actor Craig T. Nelson) was in the Parenthood TV series as the main patriarch of the family.

This film marks the first time Mary Steenburgen and Craig T. Nelson play love interests. They later appeared in Book Club (2018).

When Sandra Bullock falls off the speedboat and swims to the red buoy, the buoy number is "27". All red buoys have even numbers. Green buoys have odd numbers.

Mary Steenburgen and Craig T Nelson would later appear again in The Book Club (2018)

This film marked the second time where Sandra Bullock's character interrupts her own wedding. The first was in While You Were Sleeping (1995).