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  • crash219 November 2007
    The "Understanding" show was a great show from years ago when TLC and the Discovery Channel were all about learning and science. This has to have been one of the most interesting shows the Discovery networks ever produced. They explained just about every subject imaginable, and by the end of the show you had a great "Understanding" of the subject discussed.

    But sadly, like the rest of the great Discovery Channel shows, they replaced it with home improvement and car shows, and now they don't even show the re-runs of this show on the Discovery Science Channel at 8AM.

    I sure hope the Discovery networks come to their senses one day, and starts producing episodes again, because this has to be one of the most educational shows they ever produced, and it was extremely interesting. Much more interesting than reality shows and knowing if a couple special effects experts can supposedly prove or disprove idiotic urban myths.