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  • Bree Mills points the camera back at herself and her crew members in this mock look at how her Lesbian porn empire shoots X-rated content for their various websites, including of course Girlsway.

    The heightened acting style becomes heightened overacting for comic effect, especially by Lyra Law portraying a starstruck production assistant. She's working on a scene involving lovely Natalia Starr and an uncredited Ivy Wolfe, but it is Lyra who gets her wish fulfilled by having sex with Natalia after latter catches her masturbating in a bedroom between takes.

    Similarly, Chloe Cherry is a makeup assistant, working for real-life (and larger than life) makeup lady Lisa Sloane, who has a substantial and credited acting role here more or less playing herself. Chloe creates jealousy for veteran star Kristina Rose when she keeps flirting with scene co-star Riley Reid, but of course it all ends up as a strong three-way.

    Kimmy Granger is quite amusing as an apprentice editor, given a trial by big-shot Angela White. Angie catches the kid masturbating at her laptop, not editing but ogling Girlsway content (natch) on line. Instead of being punished or being fired Kimmy is treated to a torrid session with White.

    Bree takes over center stage herself (and overstays her welcome, IMHO) as a parody of herself, barking out ridiculously detailed market-research-driven orders concerning desired content to neophyte director April O'Neil. April tries to carry out the silly approach to giving members what the want (Bree is definitely tongue-in-cheek when pretending to kowtow to her web subscribers' every wish), and of course the talent balks at this nonsense. Again, predictably O'Neil saves the day by humping her star Lana Rhoades herself, unfortunately leaving guest star Dillion Harper, who was supposed to service Lana in the scene, high and dry.

    This is far, far from the "realistic sex" that Bree verbally emphasizes in character, but the campy approach is entertaining when performed by such skilled actresses. Hint that Bree is aiming for laughs is when she points out to April that "all women can squirt", perhaps an admonition that all it takes is a handy turkey baster and a bottle of Poland Spring.