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  • mbqwerty15 October 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    I was really excited to watch the movie. But I was disappointed! There is little or no action. It was a boring movie. I was expecting the movie to have a really good action packed ending but it turns out that the ending is very bland, boring and well overall I don't recommend watching this movie. The girl is pretty and the bad guy, well Lifetime tried to hire a hot guy but David Meza is cute but not that hot. I was disappointed with him too. Meanwhile, the cheerleader coach's strict attitude is VERY unnecessary in this type of plot. Yes, she saved the girl and her mom in the end but her strictness was not needed for the movie. Heck! They shouldn't have had that character in the movie at all! (sorry Vivica A. Fox). All in all, I was very disappointed with the movie. I don't recommend watching it. Waste of time and very boring. BTW: The main character's mom gives me Kris Jenner vibes.
  • phd_travel11 September 2019
    There have been a couple of cheerleader movies recently on Lifetime. The cheerleader isn't the wrong one here. It's a guy who isn't right in the head as he becomes her over possessive jealous boyfriend . This movie has more depth than standard Lifetime fare - quite nicely paced and the actors are convincing enough. Cristine Prosperi is the sweet cheerleader. David Meza plays the hot tempered boy quite well. It's good that they went into some background for the abuse including alcohol and a nasty father. Quite sinister the convincing nature of his apologies. The abusive relationship mirrors a grown up drama. Actually quite suspenseful.

    One of the better "Wrong" movies.