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  • This movie was rated 8.8 on IMDB so I thought I'd give it a chance. I had decided not to leave before the end however bad it was. Everybody else did in fact walk out except for me and a young couple who were not watching the film. Three incompetent police men are on a secret mission, as they tell the people they meet. Their stupidity ranges from eating the evidence at a crime scene to even being unable to walk through doors. They try to go through two at a time which means they become stuck. The mother of one officer treats him as if he were a lovable toddler, washing his face and feeding him with a spoon. She goes along on their mission to look after him. I think 8 year-old children might find this funny.
  • gunlerdenbugun4 October 2019
    While watching the film, you get lost in the beauty of the story. When the film is over, the sadness of returning to the real world envelops. Gürgen Öz is again very good.
  • ucikibirmotor4 October 2019
    When action and comedy combine, it's always a beautiful movie. In this movie there is another beauty. Must be the quality of the actors and actresses. Good job.
  • metehancam5 October 2019
    Nice combine of action and comedy. Doesn't bore you like other type of movies. Personally I recommend it!