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  • Michael Raven indulges himself with all-sex content in this negligible, borderline incompetent Wicked release.

    Chief culprit on his staff is Wicked's Numero Uno cinematographer Francois Clousot, who over the years gave the label its house visual style. But this baby is shot in what I call Blurrovision - soft-focus so soft that it might create eyestrain and certainly defeats the purpose of porn. Or perhaps it's intended to increase one's demand for phone sex.

    Instead of a narrative we get a humble narrator, as contract star Kirsten Price introduces every scene in voice-over narration, turning the generic sex footage into her erotic fantasies. By film's end it becomes clear that we have literallly sat through almost 90 minutes of nothingness, as none of these couplings of talented sex workers occurred - Kirsten just dreamed them all up.

    The fantasies Kirsten conjures up essentially involve swapping or even a case of hotwifing a decade before it became a popular gimmick in porn. The cast is attractive, including her teammate at Wicked, Mikayla Mendez, but squinting at them going through the motions of lovemaking here is most wearying.