[last lines]

Dr. Emerson: Congratulations, Molly.

Molly Hartley: Thank you.

Dr. Emerson: See you soon.

Father: [driving home after catching her in the cabin] What are you doing up here?

Laurel: Did you follow me?

Father: I asked you to stay away from him.


Laurel: Michael and I are getting married.

Father: That's not gonna happen.

Laurel: I'll be 18 next week. You can't stop us.

Father: [eerily] You're gonna be 18.

Laurel: Why do you hate him so much?

Father: He has nothing to do with it. I hate myself. I had so many plans for you. Everything got spoiled.

Laurel: Dad, what are you...

Father: It was all my fault. I am so sorry for what I did.

Laurel: Have you been drinking?... Dad?

Father: [speeding up the truck] I didn't know what else to do.

Laurel: [panicing] What are you talking about? Dad, can you slow down. Please.

Dr. Emerson: [from trailer]

Dr. Emerson: You have great power ahead of you.

Molly Hartley: I don't want it.

Dr. Emerson: But you will.

Laurel: [scared as the truck speeds up] Let me out of this car!

Father: The darkness is coming for you.

Laurel: Let me out!

Laurel: [after the truck is wrecked, strained] Daddy, I-I don't understand.

Father: I couldn't let you turn 18. I couldn't let them take you.

[as he kills her]

Joseph Young: Usually, I'm pretty good at this.

Molly Hartley: At what?

Joseph Young: Flirting. I guess... No one normally gets hurt though

[helping her up]

Molly Hartley: I am fine. No permanent damage.

Joseph Young: Good. Ditching class on the first day, I see. That's pretty bold.

Joseph Young: Well, I guess I didn't peg you as the paranoid type.

Molly Hartley: I'm not. I-I just don't like people keeping a record of my thoughts.

Joseph Young: So, are you good friends with that Alexis girl?

Molly Hartley: No. Why?

Joseph Young: I don't know. Just wondering.

Molly Hartley: She's nice to me. That's all.

Joseph Young: Nice? I can be nice.

Suzie: [shoving her] What the hell are you doing here?

Molly Hartley: You're ex-boyfriend invited me.

Suzie: [scoffing] My ex-boyfriend? I'm supposed to be shocked? Am I supposed to runaway crying? Am I supposed to be scared? Everyone knows you're a mental case, Molly... just like your mother.

Molly Hartley: [walking away] Go to hell!

Suzie: [going after her] Stay away from my boyfriend!

Molly Hartley: [turning, grabbing her by the wrist, twisting her arm] I don't like being threatened!

Molly Hartley: [menacingly to Suzie] Leave... me... alone!

Molly Hartley: [turning and seeing her mother suddenly] Get away from me!

Mrs. Hartley: Molly, the nurse let me out. She let me out because she believes.

Molly Hartley: What do you want from me?

Mrs. Hartley: To save you. That's all I want. You have no idea what you're about to become. Can't you fell it? There is evil everywhere. The darkness is coming for you, honey. It's coming.

Molly Hartley: What's happening to me?

Mrs. Hartley: I'm so sorry. We made a terrible mistake.

Molly Hartley: What?

Mrs. Hartley: You were never meant to live. We were so weak, we were so selfish. You died the night you were born... on the bathroom floor of a restaurant. You came to early. I never made it to the hospital. There was too much blood. I'd lost babies before, miscarriages and I couldn't lose another one. But than this woman suddenly appeared. I don't know where she came from, but suddenly she was standing there... and she offered us a deal. She promised to make you live. Honey, they knew you were special. That's why she came for you. She-she promised us 18 years together and than you would belong to them!

Molly Hartley: [shaking her head] I don't believe you!

Mrs. Hartley: There are others like you.

Molly Hartley: Dad would have said something!

Mrs. Hartley: No, he refuses to believe the truth. He made the choice, but he doesn't understand! But I know what we did! I know this has happened before.

Molly Hartley: You're crazy!

Mrs. Hartley: No. I'm not crazy!

Molly Hartley: [crying] Yeah?

Mrs. Hartley: If I don't stop you now, you'll do terrible things. I just wanna make things right before it's too late. Before you turn 18. Don't you understand what's happening to you? Can't you feel it? You're being torn from this world. Everything you do will be in the service of 'them'! Your life will no longer be yours anymore!

Dr. Emerson: [Dr. Emerson steps into the garden room]

Molly Hartley: Oh, Dr. Emerson. You got my message.

Dr. Emerson: Message?

Dr. Emerson: I-I called you. I left you a message.

Dr. Emerson: No. No message.

Molly Hartley: Then... what are you... doing here?

Dr. Emerson: Well, it's your birthday party. Of course I here. Just a few more minutes now. So how does it feel?

Molly Hartley: How does 'what' feel?

[the whispers start]

Dr. Emerson: Your new life... We're all here for you, Molly. We've watched you grow. We've chosen 'you'.

Molly Hartley: No!

Dr. Emerson: No?

Molly Hartley: [turns to Joseph] You knew all along? You lied to me? You promised to help me!

Dr. Emerson: He is helping you. We're all helping you. You're the 'one', Molly. Don't you know how lucky you are?

Molly Hartley: [in disbelief] Lucky?

Dr. Emerson: You'll have power like no one before you.

Molly Hartley: I didn't choose 'this'!

Dr. Emerson: Your mother and father made that choice for you.

Molly Hartley: They did it to save my life. That is not a choice!

Dr. Emerson: Of course it is. But human weakness has it's consequences. It always has.

[Robert, Molly's father, badly beaten, is dragged into the room; Molly becomes horrified]

Molly Hartley: [gasps] D-Daddy!

Robert Hartley: I'm so sorry, Molly. I didn't-I didn't mean for any of this to happen.

Robert Hartley: I didn't believe.

Dr. Emerson: We gave you exactly what you wanted.

Robert Hartley: Then take me! It was my mistake. Take me!

Molly Hartley: [kneel down and prays for her sins] God, forgive me. I-I have sinned. I renounce Satan and all of his...

Dr. Emerson: [cuts Molly off] What can God offer you? We've given you everything, you very life. And now you have great power ahead of you.

Molly Hartley: I don't want it!

Dr. Emerson: You will.

Molly Hartley: God always gives us a choice.

Dr. Emerson: Is that what you think? God gives you a choice? Your parents determined your fate. They turned their back on God. They made a pact.

[Dr. Emerson sets the carving knife down in front of Molly]

Dr. Emerson: Maybe if you kill your father, the pact will be dissolved.

Molly Hartley: What?

Dr. Emerson: Of course, I can't offer that choice. But... maybe God can.

[from trailer]

Molly Hartley: [on the phone] Dad? Could you come pick me up?

Father: Are you safe?

Molly Hartley: Yeah. I'm safe.

Father: I'm on my way.

[hangs up and Molly is attacked instantly]

[from trailer]

Molly Hartley: [enters the bathroom and sees her mom on the floor] Mom?

Mrs. Hartley: Pray with me, honey. Close your eyes.

Molly Hartley: [closes her eyes] Forgive me, father. For I have sinned.

Mrs. Hartley: Just close your eyes. I'm sorry.

[lifts an axe and slashes at Molly]

Alexis: [visiting Molly in the hospital, Alexis pulls out a Bible] Molly, have you been saved?

Molly Hartley: Well, they said they caught the tumor pretty early...

Robert Hartley: You feelin' alright?

Molly Hartley: [cynical] This uniform makes me nauseous, if that's what you mean.

Robert Hartley: I think you look pretty.

Alexis: [to Molly, about the kids at lunch] Don't worry. They're not laughing at you. People make fun of me because I'm on a scholarship, not that it's any of their business. And some people are offended because I have a close personal relationship with Jesus. It's doesn't bother me.

Leah: [to Molly, after coming out of the bathroom stall] You can't hide in here all day, you know. Believe me, I've tried.

Molly Hartley: Stop acting like everything is alright. It's never going to be alright.

Molly Hartley: [during her dream/flashback] Mom?

Mrs. Hartley: [on the bathroom floor] Molly, honey come prey with me. Pray, pray Molly. I renounce his works and give my life to you. Please fill me with your holy spirit... pray, Molly. Pray.

Molly Hartley: Forgive me. I have... sinned.

Mrs. Hartley: You know I love you... I'm sorry, but I know what you are now. And it's the only way you will understand. Pray.

Molly Hartley: No?

Mrs. Hartley: Close your eyes, Molly. I can save you.

[pulling out a pair of scissors]

Molly Hartley: I don't need to be here.

Dr. Emerson: [opening a file] Heard you had a panic attack in class today. You wanna tell me about it?

Molly Hartley: It was just a nose bleed. Just got freaked out by all the blood, that's all.

Dr. Emerson: Must be hard being new at school, even under the best of circumstances.

Dr. Emerson: Your mother stabbed you in the chest with a pair of scissors. There was no sign of mental illness... no warning.

Molly Hartley: I don't remember, okay? Everyone keeps asking me what happened and I don't remember!

Dr. Emerson: [to Molly] We're going to keep an eye on you. We're not going to let anything happen to you.

Robert Hartley: [to Molly] I'm not trying to control your life.

Robert Hartley: [to Molly] Sweety, you are not crazy.

Molly Hartley: [to Alexis] Why are you so nice to me?

Molly Hartley: I thought I was going crazy.

Mrs. Hartley: I know what you are.

Molly Hartley: [in the hospital] How did you know I was here?

Alexis: Everyone at Huntington knows everything. No secrets. You're big news. But don't worry about it.

Alexis: Have you been baptized?

Molly Hartley: My parents don't believe in that sort of thing.

Alexis: Well, what about you? This is your life, your journey. What do you believe?

[Molly is real quiet]

Alexis: I'm just worried about you, that's all.

Alexis: [to Molly] I pray for you every night.

Robert Hartley: Your birthday is coming up. What about a party?

Molly Hartley: A party?

Robert Hartley: Cake, presents. A clown?

Molly Hartley: [smiling] No clown.

Robert Hartley: You know, time rushes by like you wouldn't believe, Molly. I mean just yesterday you were just a little thing in pigtails and suddenly you're 18. All grown up. You won't need me anymore.

Molly Hartley: Don't worry. I'll always need you.

Mr. Bennett: [about her humming during the test] Alexis, enough with the musical interlude. Please.

Joseph Young: Can't be too careful.

Joseph Young: [to Molly] I would've definitely milked that brain surgery thing for like a month off, may two.

Suzie: So, what were you and Joseph talking about?

Molly Hartley: Nothing. We're just friends.

Suzie: Of course. It must be really difficult to... be in your situation.

Molly Hartley: What's that supposed to mean?

Leah: [bumping into Suzie] I'm so sorry. I didn't even see you there.

Leah: [to Molly] I don't um- I don't really do the cafeteria thing. So...

[puts her number in Molly's phone and gets up to leave]

Leah: Call me later... Ditch the bible-thumper.

Molly Hartley: [to her dad] You're the one who said I was perfectly fine, remember?

Molly Hartley: [while driving to the party] I saw you in Emerson's office the other day.

Molly Hartley: Oh really? So what, does that mean we're sharing now? Should we read each other's journals and promise to be best friends forever?... I have- I have anger issues.

Leah: So what about you? You got uh, low self-esteem or uh mild depression? Or maybe a weird psychosexual disorder?

Molly Hartley: ...My mom tried to kill me... She stabbed me in the bathroom, one day after school.

Leah: [scoffing] Right... You're screwing with me!

Molly Hartley: [revealing the scar] She's locked away in the psycho-ward outside of town.

Leah: [to Joe] Do you seriously know, like all of these people?

Molly Hartley: [to Joe, about his large home] You're rich! Rich rich!

Leah: Come on. You can't tell me you're not bored out of your mind here.

Mrs. Hartley: [to Molly] I know what you are and I can't let you be filled with darkness! Do you understand?

Mrs. Hartley: Molly! Let me save you!

Molly Hartley: Where are you? Where are you? Where is she? Where is she? Where is she?

Robert Hartley: Molly?

Molly Hartley: She was here.

[her mother]

Robert Hartley: No.

Molly Hartley: Yes! I know what I saw.

Robert Hartley: Sweatheart, I called Clayton. She's in her room. She's been in her room all night.

Molly Hartley: [shaking] I'm scared.

Robert Hartley: Don't be scared. I'm right here.

Molly Hartley: That's not good enough.

Molly Hartley: Suzie?... I'm really sorry.

Suzie: I know what you are.

Molly Hartley: What? What am I? What am I?

Joseph Young: [catching her in the hall] Molly. Hey, are you okay? I've been so worried about you. I've left you messages. Why didn't you call me back?

Molly Hartley: ...I don't know.

Joseph Young: What happened the night of the party?

Molly Hartley: I didn't mean to hurt her.


Joseph Young: Molly, I don't care about what happened to Suzie. I care about what happened to you.

Molly Hartley: I don't know what happened. I...

Joseph Young: You can tell me. Just talk to me. It's okay. Please.

Molly Hartley: Just leave me alone. Everyone should just leave me alone.

Alexis: You're a good person, Molly. Let me help you.

Molly Hartley: [about her mother] She came back. She told me everything!

Joseph Young: Are you going to tell me what happened?

Molly Hartley: There are alot of things that you don't know about me. Terrible things.

Joseph Young: Well, I could probably say the exact same thing, Molly.

Molly Hartley: No! You don't understand!

Joseph Young: Okay, so explain it to me. Please, Molly. Just tell me what happened.

Molly Hartley: [entering the green house, seeing Joseph with a birthday cake] What are you doing?

Joseph Young: Are you surprised? It's your birthday, right?

Molly Hartley: [nods her head] ... Tomorrow.

Joseph Young: Well, it's almost tomorrow. So, happy birthday a few minutes early. Come on, babe. You wanna blow out the candle?

Molly Hartley: [scoffs] I wanna get outta here.

Joseph Young: But what about our party?

Molly Hartley: Okay, you're scaring me. What the hell's wrong with you? Joseph, let's go. Let's go!

[Joseph stares at Molly and does nothing]

Molly Hartley: [angrly] Fine.

Dr. Emerson: [to Molly] You have always belonged to us... Welcome. We've been waiting.