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  • Warning: Spoilers
    To be completely honest, I think that this motion-comic was funny rather than scary.

    I mean, the atmosphere, the art and the voices were good, but the way in which the events are portrayed could be a little over-the-top at moments.

    For example, there is a moment when a brief live-action clip and one picture of meat appears while a moment of violence is happening, making it look more like a Youtube Poop video rather than a serious scene.

    There is another moment when one of the characters sneezes in a exaggerated manner (Like Mordecai From "Regular Show" would have said in the episode "Bet to be Blonde", "That was the weirdest sneeze I've ever heard.")

    However, at least this was entertaining to watch, and was well-made motion comic. Probably not as good as "Broken Saints", but it was watchable.
  • This is an animated adaptation part of the graphic novel(which I haven't read, so I can't compare the two or judge this as a version of that) that fills in more details of the backstory of 28 Days Later, found on the DVD of "Weeks". The visuals are well-done, with a little live-action thrown into the 2D drawings. This is highly stylized(the art and the editing alike) throughout, and I'm not sure calling it flashy is an overstatement. Honestly, while this is a mere 7 and a half minutes long, it gets to be straining(not to mention confusing) to watch the ADD-like jumping and other fancy junk, and it almost becomes form over content, and I don't think that was the idea, given how much plot they packed into this. I don't personally think we needed this, the original film conveyed it quite well(if this fills in gaps that I guess bothered some), but hey, this is only part 1, maybe they just wanted to get the obvious out of the way first. Dialog and acting are fine, nothing in those is really poor. I liked the psychological accuracy and credibility; however, I do think this tries to handle too much in a short space of time. The line about the virus is pure fan-service. There is a lot of disturbing content and bloody violence, as well as a little strong language in this. I recommend it to those who want to take in everything that has to do with the franchise. 6/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Writer Steve Niles' "28 Days Later: The Aftermath (Chapter 1)" is a pretty long title for a pretty short film as this one does not even reach the 8-minute mark. The title already gives away what film this is connected to and that it is not the only one from the series, but maybe the longest. We have comic book style animation here and I am still a bit undecided if I like it. This one I didn't, but not too long I saw a Mad Max that was fairly decent, but now lets talk about this one. Sadly I must say it did not get me curious at all about the 28...Later films. The voice acting was over the top too and the looks did not impress me either. Surely a bit disappointing and I don't know if I'd recommend it to anybody. Maybe huge fanboys of the film can see some appeal in it, but from a neutral perspective, it is very difficult to like, closer on * out of ***** than on *** out of *****.