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  • It would not be exaggerating if I call it the best movie released till now in year 2019 across all languages. Anything and everything about this movie is just perfect. The director ( Abhishek Shah is a very well known name in Gujarati Theatre fraternity) has taken of care each and every minute details, music is just mesmerising, choreographers have done their job so nicely, you will not see such kind of use of Garba in any other movie, in past and for next many years to come. Singers like Aditya Gadhvi, Bhumi Trivedi, Aishwarya Majmudar and Shruti Pathak are icing on the cake. Saumya Joshi has given life to it by giving fantastic lyrics and all dialogues in the movie. And best part is all the actors, particularly female cast ( not a single flaw I could find in anybody's acting) Jayesh More sir deserves a big award for his role in movie (May be oscar only .. watch movie , you will not find it even little exaggerating ).

    I know it would be difficult for any non gujju to comprehend full essence of dialogues, however, please go and watch, you will find this the best movie in 2019 because of its music, acting, screenplay, storyline and whatnot. (For gujjus, you would love each and every dialogue written by Saumya Joshi sir) Loved each and every moment of this movie
  • "Hellaro": The most talked about Gujarati Film in recent times.

    "We won't stop living for the fear of dying."

    In Gujarat, the popular Garba has always been a means of a self expression (a way to express anger, desire, love, happiness) and even the youngsters who play doing the Navratri may not be aware of it.

    In the Gujarati film: Hellaro" (with English subtitles: very helpful in understanding the Garba lyrics in the film: its highlights) directed by Debutant Abhishek Shah (37) the film was the surprise winner of the prestigious National Award winner this year (the first Gujarati film to do so) and is also the opening film at Goa's International Film Festival and the winner of the Golden Lotus.

    The 13 actresses who form the part of the Garba also received a special mention by the jury for "bringing about social transformation while taking the audience through an emotional catharsis".

    It's uplifting that a Garba is used in an imaginative manner to drive home a point just by lyrics and movements. The anger, the happiness, the frustrations, the hope: all are present in the Garba.

    In Hellaro, Garba is not only an expression of entertainment but a celebration and finally, liberation.

    In this age, it's difficult to believe that in many villages in Gujarat, Garba is still a monopoly of the men folk and a folktale is based on this situation, where the women are expected to fast while the Garbas are performed by the husbands.

    The repetitiveness of the distressing lives is not only during the festival season but also the rest of the lives.

    Though it's a Gujarati film, it can be significant in any part of India; in fact any part of the world that is sexist, caste-driven and superstitious.

    It's a world where men rule and women are just someone to remain in the background, expected to cook and ( as the husbands decide what they will do and what will not) and obviously, the suppression had to emerge in some form: in this case: The final Climatic Garba.

    (Hellaro means "the Outburst" in Gujarati.)

    When the audience is numbed into a hushed shock at the uncertain climax, we know the film has succeeded at many levels.

    The director was prompted to make the women-centrist film while hearing the folktale and also inspired by a story from a friend who refused to put her snap on Facebook (and posted a snap of a Goddess) as it angered her husband who seemingly has a modern outlook.

    The story is set in 1975 in Kutch, where the rains not come for over three years and into the newly married, educated girl, ( the only one amongst the other twelve illiterate twelve) Manjri, finds out that she has been thrust into a world where she is merely a toy to be played with, her life reduced to a bleak existence between four walls, not expected to have any dreams or even desires, and the only hope for company is when the women go to a nearby lake to collect the water.

    "You cannot go out and you can't fly. If you have wings, please cut them off because if I cut them, it'll hurt you more" says the newly married husband the Manjri.

    It is Manjri who draws the women away from the fear, leading them to dance their frustrated existence, their only glimmer of hope in the miserable lives they live.

    A chance encounter with a dhol player changes their lives forever.

    The film would not have been the same if wasn't for the choreography ( there is some level of earthiness in the steps that was unseen in Garbas in "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam" and "Ram-Leela" where the chemistry between Salman and Aishwarya and Dipika And Ranvir overtook the choreography. In any case a Garba comes naturally to a Gujarati) by Samir and Arsh Tanna (responsible for the dances in HDDCS and RL) who have given a new level of purity to the steps as the Garba in those times is nothing like what it is now -commercialized- and of the 32 day shooting in 45 degree scorching heat in Gujarat, half the schedule was spent in just the Garbas.

    The swirling skirts, the color, the gay abandon of the women, are a visual enchantment.

    The music by Mehul Surti is not only melodious but all compositions are all different, with emotional and devotional significance.

    Cinematography is excellent, with the arid background of the desert correlating maybe, to the bleakness of the women's lives. The crisp editing is especially effective in the final half an hour.

    "Sinners are not punished. If they were, there wouldn't be so many men in the world," says one of the women and this dialogue won the maximum claps in the cinema hall when I saw the film, the claps mainly coming from the males.

  • You can cry - you can mesmerized - you can clap - you can smile - you can laugh.

    What a fantastic mixture of immotion.

    You should encourage everyone to watch this movie. After watched this one I have booked tickets for my parents.

    DO NOT MISS to watch in movie theater.
  • I had given my opinion after watching this movie on the same day on Facebook. Below is the same.

    Let me come directly to the point. I just came back home watching HELLARO movie which won the Best Feature film in 66th National Film Awards. However, on a contrary India's official entry for Oscar is GULLY BOY. I am not denying the fact that GULLY BOY is equally amazing movie in cinematic and story wise, but I don't think it was Oscar worthy. Although these days there is a big question mark on credibility of Oscar, but that is a separate topic of discussion.

    Being a cinema lover, I felt that India just missed an opportunity of bringing Oscar home by not sending HELLARO to Oscars. I generally don't write reviews or any posts as I am not an expert here or don't possess the skills to do the same. But not seeing review from known critics/reviewer of a National award-winning film does make be feel sad as they are busy reviewing movies like Houseful 4, despite knowing that it is not cinema, maybe they get paid more there even just to write about it. By the way they also review English movies. A passionate film critique job doesn't just stop at just reviewing the popular films or the language in which they are comfortable in, Cinema is beyond languages & popularity, I am not asking them to review each regional movie, but they can at least review film which has won a major national award.

    As far as my opinion goes, HELLARO was incredible in all the aspects. The film has amazing production value in terms of performances by all the actors which are very real, right pacing/editing, special mention for cinematography for capturing colorful canvas and showing just enough light for the night scenes, being a garba based movie, music played a key role which touched the right chord with the viewer and does justice to the story, some dialogs really packed a punch and the amazing scene designs by use of slow motion in right sense which will definitely give you goosebumps. To put this in a nutshell, this film has set the benchmark in Gujarati film industry. Well I can keep writing about Climax, but I think you should watch it to experience it. This film may not even last a week in Mumbai, but it may, if you go to watch this film after reading this note.

    P.S: When I searched on YouTube for this film review, I got few reviews by some YouTube users with 4K-6K views on their video. However, these days there is trend of few YouTuber who just react on the videos and their reaction to HELLARO has more than 50K views and they are not even Indian YouTuber :D
  • Well, I don't know from where should I start?

    This movie is just mind-blowing in each and every department whether it is Music, Direction, Acting, Cinematography, Set Design, Costumes, Choreography, etc.

    When I moved out of the theater after watching this movie, I felt like I time-traveled. Hellaro is so much engaging that you literally feel that you're in a small village of Kutch-Gujarat in the year of 1975.

    Hellaro is a perfect choice for winning the National Award for Best feature film.

    This movie has everything which as an Audience I need.

    Deep meaning Dialogues and Music works like icing on a cake.

    I request you to watch this movie with your family even if you aren't Gujarati.

    A must watch movie!
  • This is my first Gujarati movie, Watched with subtitles "on", Hellaro is a movie worth watching not only for its message but for showcasing the different shades of a woman. The garba dance sequences are amazing I think its worth it.

    it is really based on the tales on the vrajvani dham temple where the women of ahir caste sacrificed their life for playing garba.

    A visual treat, strong acting, Excellent music,very basic yet powerful message,emotional journey of characters, irony this films offers all.

    No matter what is your native language is, read subtitle if you like, you will be immersed into the river of emotions!

    Being a cinema lover, I felt that India just missed an opportunity of bringing Oscar home by not sending HELLARO to Oscars. Deep meaning Dialogues and Music works like icing on a cake.

    I request you to watch this movie with your family even if you aren't Gujarati.

    A must watch movie!
  • This is the best movie I have ever seen.. I feel so emotional watching it... Superb direction, acting, story telling.. And What a songs!!!! Sapna ni vinani raat, hellaro title and "haiya" are now on my fav list. I have seen climax seen of haiya atleast 10 times... Superb movie 🍿 must watch and must watch again and again...
  • Just finished Hellaro (Gujarati) which left me teary eyed. I'll start with the liberty taken in script by presuming that almost men on earth are bad human beings with only few good ones and that's the reason that this world hasn't collapsed yet. You'll end up liking it more if you're Garba lover (like me) and loves Gujarati folk songs. Film is set in 1975 during emergency era showing the lives of women in a remote village of Kutch (desert of Gujarat) where they are treated like objects not even permitted to do Garba. That's a different thing altogether that in today's Gujarat even if you think about stopping any girl from doing Garba there are high chances that you'll be found murdered 😃😃. How a drummer meets them once while in their daily routine job of fetching water from far away pond and how their dull and torturous life takes a twisting turn is depicted so wonderfully giving you several lump in the throat moments. Shraddha Dangar as Manjhri and Jayesh More as Mulji (drummer) are standout performer. But all credit goes to Abhishek Shah who has written Story, Screenplay and also is producer and director. It's simple and brilliant story of heart wrenching plight of rural women. No wonder it received National Award for Best Feature Film and have deservedly IMDB rating of 8.8 (though votes are less). I also believe Hellaro should've been chosen India's Oscar entry over Gully Boy. Any movie which brings tears down to your cheeks and genuine smile on your face shouldn't be missed. Don't miss it !! My Rating: 4.5/5P.S.: If anyone can't relate about what's the big deal about Garba, just visit Gujarat once during Navratri and you'll see how crazy are Gujaratis especially girls for Garba.
  • Movie is awesome. This is my first Gujarati movie. If don't know Gujarati watch with subtitle.
  • I cannot believe what I just watched. Flawless Direction, Garba, Songs, Lyrics & acting by all. After watching the movie I had to hear all the songs again on youtube.

    This movie is a masterpiece not only for Gujarati but Indian Cinema. Even after winning the National Award, I am surprised it was not sent for Oscars...
  • It's really a beautiful film, really nice songs and it made me nostalgic about my village in a good way as I am also from Kutchh. And yes these type of Problems are not there anymore even if it existed before ever.
  • If you have bucket list of movies to watch, Hellaro needs to be in top order of that list! No matter what is your native language, read subtitle if you like, you will be immersed into river of emotions! Music and dances will left you with mesmerized hang over! Every aspect of movie is amazingly well done, I watched it twice before writing this blurbs!
  • Must watch ! Nicely directed, good screenplay and acting is really good by all artists ! Music is an added gem to this movie ! If you like nice clean family movie this is the best flick out there ..
  • This movie is a perfect example for almost every aspect of a movie - story, acting, music, direction, cinematography, choreography, costume design, screen play and editing. It has utilized the theme of "Garba" (a dance form from Gujarat) in the same way as "Cricket" was utilized in the movie Lagaan (2001) to convey a story and to engage the audience in an emotional journey. It is well known that people are crazy for the "Cricket" and the makers of Lagaan (2001) have successfully made a connection with cricket lovers. Here, the makers have achieved the same success. Lagaan was nominated for Oscar, so let's hope this national award winning movie will follow the same path.
  • I would say it is the best film of all time in all languages. The director Abhishek Shah has done some great job. The actors are profound. Cinematography is on point. Great work....
  • dipbpatel17 November 2019
    It wouldn't be a wrong to give this 11 out if 10. Probabky the best gujarati movie i have ever seen. The story, dialogues the acting is just perfect. The subject of women oppression is told so naturally that at a time you feel it real and simmer with anger.
  • Blows your mind away with societal stigmas in villages of India. Everything is breath-taking in this movie. Kudos to director and his team.
  • lahiruseya9 June 2021
    Nice film.. location, music 😍😍😍😍😍😍 i thank for making a film like this.
  • poojas-3252031 May 2021
    One of the best films from Gujarati and over all Indian cinema. Must watch. Movies like these should be appreciated more and more.
  • This is awesome movie, worth watching till the end. This depicts the situation of rural indian contemporary society, as i read this is Gujarat. Its really pathetic the situation of women in that society and how people treat according to the cast of people. Realistic acting and amazing screen play. No big star names but This deserves awards. No arguments.
  • It was the first Gujrati Cinema I have ever watched. And totally worth the time. I couldn't resist crying when the rain came. Really mind blowing man really.
  • mahendarptl24 April 2021
    One of the best filmi experience. No words for its director. I have never seen a movie like this and the songs are 😘.
  • Great direction, music, acting and Jayesh More was brilliant.
  • bnm13104 March 2021
    Great content (based on a folklore) with solid message. Superb performances by entire cast, Mesmerizing music and excellent direction. This movie received National Award for Best Feature Film which they truly deserve. Hats off !!
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