Self - Winner: Oh my god. I did not expect to win this award. I am so, so, so, so grateful. Not only to win but to be a part of such an important, important story. So thank you so much. Thank you to the Academy - I've always wanted to say that. And of course, my collaborators D'Mile and Tiara Thomas, the song wouldn't be what it was without them. Of course I have to thank God for giving us these gifts, and my parents, my beautiful mother who's here with me today and my father at home. All those days of listening to Sly and the Family Stone and Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye, they really paid off. So thank you, Dad. Thank you so much to Archie and Shaka King and everybody that was involved in this movie and gave me the call and gave us the call to do this record. I'm so, so grateful. I just want to say this. You know, musicians, filmmakers, I believe we have an opportunity and a responsibility, to me, to tell the truth and to write history the way that it was and how it connects us to today and what we see going on in the world today. And yeah, I'm just, I have no words. I'm just so, so, so happy and grateful. And yeah, knowledge is power. Music is power. And as long as I'm standing I'm always gonna fight for us. I'm always gonna fight for my people and fight for what's right, and I think that's what music does and that's what storytelling does. So thank you so much. Thank you.

Self - Winner: Wow, okay, I've been nominated to speak on behalf of Dana and Kemp Powers, our co-director. This film started as a love letter to jazz, but we had no idea how much jazz would teach us about life. Like we don't get to control what happens but we can, like a jazz musician, turn whatever happens into something of value and something of beauty. And that was certainly true of our amazing cast. Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, you guys are amazing. Our brilliant collaborators, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, Jon Batiste, this guy over there

[pointing to Questlove]

Self - Winner: , it was just fantastic working with all you guys. Our cultural consultants, Dr. Johnnetta Cole, people who kept us honest and keep those characters truthful. We're really thankful to our partners at Disney who, when we said: Hey, we want to do a film that explores the purpose of life. They're like: Okay, go ahead. That's not your usual cartoon fare. And of course, to our family. Dana wants to thank...

Self - Winner: My amazing husband, my parents, I'm here because of you. I love you so much. Hazel and Murray, my babies at home, you're everything to me. We obviously have to think of the crew who made this film and even finished it from home with seven weeks of production left. You are, you should be up here with us, and we are just the lucky speakers. I'm not supposed to be speaking actually.

Self - Winner: So our main character, Joe, is a music teacher. We want to thank music teachers and art teachers everywhere. You - including my parents Dave and Rita and Dana's parents Pam and Tom - you make the world a better place. And my wish for all of us tonight is that we could follow the example of jazz musicians, that, wherever we are, whatever we have, we turn it into something beautiful. Thank you.

Self - Winner: Mr. Brad Pitt, finally, nice to meet you. Where were you while we were filming in Tulsa? Is very honor to meet you. As you know, I'm from Korea and actually my name is Yuh-Jung Youn and most of European people call me Yuh-Yung and some of them call me Yoo-Jung. But tonight, you are all forgiven. And well, I would usually when I'm living in the other part of the world, I just watch the television. It is the Oscar, but, event on the television, just watching, like a television program for us. But me being here by myself, this I cannot believe. I'm here. Okay, let me pull myself together. Thank you for the tremendous thanks to the Academy members who vote for me. And next speech, okay, they usually say, okay, thank you for the... wonderful "Minari" family. Steven, Isaac, Yeri, and Noel, Alan. We became a family. And most of all, above all, Lee Isaac Chung. Without him I couldn't be here tonight. He was our captain and my director. So thanks to you. Tremendous thanks to you. And I like to thank to - well, see, I don't believing in competition. How can I win Glenn Close, win over Glenn Close? I've been watching her so many performances. So, this is just, all the nominee, five nominees, we are the winner for the different movie, different role. We played the different role. So we cannot compete each other. Tonight I'm here. It's just I have just little bit luck, I think, maybe. I'm luckier than you. And also, maybe, is American hospitality for the Korean actor? I'm not sure. But anyway, thank you so much. And I like to thank to my two boys, who made me go out and work. Beloved sons, Eol and Nuel, this is the result

[holds up the Oscar]

Self - Winner: because Mommy work so hard. And I like to dedicate this award for my first director, Kim Ki-young, who was very genius director. I made the movie together with him, first movie. I think he would be very happy if he's still alive. Thank you very much. Tremendous thank you for the everybody. Thank you.

Self - Winner: Hello! Hello! Man, you know what's deep is that God gave us twelve notes. It's the same twelve notes Duke Ellington had, Bach had. It's the same twelve - Nina Simone. And all the nominees, I just want to first point out that every gift is special. Every contribution with music that comes from the divine into the instruments, into the film, into the minds and hearts and souls of every person who hears it. The stories that happen when you listen to it and watch it, and the stories you share, the moments you create, the memories you make. Man, it's just so incredibly special. And I just want to first recognize the nominees and say that I'm incredibly - I'm speaking for all of us - we are incredibly humbled and grateful to the Academy for this recognition. And I'm just thankful to God for those twelve notes, man. That's so dope. Thank you to my parents. Suleika, for your support and love, coming here with me; you flew on the plane first time in a year. My parents took me around clubs in New Orleans when I was ten years old. Put me in piano lessons. Miss Shirley, William


Self - Winner: . Just so much, so much has happened. This moment is a culmination of a series of miracles. And I just can't even go into all of them, we don't have that much time. But it's just so incredibly powerful to be standing here in the lineage that we come from and the lineage in this film. The collaborators on this film are the best that you could have ever asked for, the most generous, rigorously visionary, collaborative. Pete Docter is a - I love this man. Pete Docter, he's a genius and a visionary. Dana Murray, Kemp Powers, Tom MacDougall at Disney, thank you for welcoming us to the family with open arms. So much of a true collaborative process. My team, thank you all for just dealing with me 'cause my - I get ideas all the time, changing direction. You all holding me down. Michael, Chris, Adam, all the people. And thank you all so much for doing what you all do and putting it on the line, putting yourself out there. It's hard to put yourself out there. Just, thank you all for putting yourself out there. I'm a fan of like everybody here. So, much love, much like to you. I love you even if I don't know you! Lay it on.

Self - Winner: Well, all my colleagues are overseas. Unfortunately for them they have to let me speak, so this is what you get. It's amazing, amazing. Our visual effects team on "Tenet," we did so many things and there's so many departments we have to thank. Not just in our own but in, you know, the art department and Nathan, and camera department, Hoyte. And of course, our stunt coordinator George Cottle, who's amazing. But it all goes back to our director Christopher Nolan. He leads us all and gives us amazing opportunities to do amazing things. And I'd like to thank my family, my wife, my amazing crew. And my father, who won this same award. Thank you.

Self - Winner: It's a long way down here


Self - Winner: . First of all, thank you to David Fincher, Ceán Chaffin and Don Burt for trusting me with this amazing project. I'm just, it was such an honor to work with such an amazing group of people. Thank you to my crew who worked their tails off on this, just to make it right. And you know, when I was young, I never realized that this was a career that was even a possibility. There were so many people that helped me along the way and guided me and I'm so grateful to all of them, and especially to my wife Louise, who inspires me every day. Thank you so much.

Self - Winner: So, thank you so much for the Academy for recognizing this wonderful film. I'm sorry, my English is not very good so that I'm going to read a bit because I don't want to make problems. So thank you, Darius and Abe, for recognizing this wonderful film - no. Thank you, Darius and Abe, the true master behind "Sound of Metal." Thank you, Sacha and Bert, for your great support. Thank you, Riz, Paul and Olivia, for your amazing performances. To Mikkel, for his collaboration. To Phillip and Jeremy, for their commitments. To Heikki, Kari, Pietu, Yanna, for their creativity. To Carolina, for her brilliance. To Jaime, Michellee and Carlos, top of the notch. On behalf of Phillip, Jaime, Mich, Carlos and I, I thank you: Eric, Michel*, Roseanne, Rosalinda, Sabina, David, Pablo, Victoria, César, Chris, Fannie*, Marta, Orlando, Bruno, Karla, Constance, Anton and Ian. We are five in the team, that's why it's a bit long. So now I would like to say something more personal. Fellini once said, in the history of cinema, beyond the evolution of styles and techniques, what stays embodied in films is their human vitality. And whoever enjoys it receives a charge of energy, something pulsing, mysterious and vibrant. "Sound of Metal," I received from its team so much care, love and attention, so much energy, that we believe it's one of the reasons why the film has been received by the audience so beautifully. So thank you for that. Thank you very much.

Self - Winner: Thank you to the Academy. And thank you to all of our incredible nominees who spent so many years and, I presume, a lot of tears making beautiful and important films and bringing them into the world. I'd like to thank Craig Foster and his family, especially Tom and Swati, who opened their hearts and supported us every step of the way, and fed us and allowed their home to become a production company for three years. I want to thank our production partners at Off the Fence, especially Ellen Windemuth and Sam Barton-Humphreys, who believed in this film before it was anything. We want to thank Netflix for enabling us to share our story with the world. And then our incredible "Octopus" team, whose arms stretch across the planet from South Africa to Amsterdam to the U.K. to the U.S. Roger and Warren, for beautiful cinematography. Dan and Jinx, for incredible patience and editing. Kevin and Barry and Kyle and all the people at the Refinery. And the incredible Sea Change Project, who's been in the background supporting us the whole way along and caring so much for the Great African Seaforest, which is where the octopus lived. And our friends and family, who put up with years and years of tunnel vision. In many - and I know there are many South Africans who are awake in the middle of the night to watch this ceremony. And in many ways this really is a tiny, personal story that played out in a sea forest at the very tip of Africa. But on a more universal level, I hope that it provided a glimpse of a different kind of relationship between human beings and the natural world.

Self - Winner: And I don't have a lot to add to that. Pippa covered it very well. And it's a great and totally overwhelming honor to be here and so thank you so much to the Academy. And all the incredible films that were in our category, it's really humbling and amazing. And I'd also like to thank my family: Rosie and Isabel*, and my mum and my two sisters, Jenny* and Janice. I don't think I'd be here today without their sort of level of love and support, so thank you very much. And I think the final extra thank you for Craig, who, while it was such an enormous team making this film in the end, it sort of began and ended with him and it's his story. And he kind of showed us that, you know, if a man can kind of form a friendship with an octopus it does sort of make you wonder what else is possible. So thank you, Craig. And cheers, everyone.

Self - Winner: Wow. Wow. I wish I could cut this into five pieces 'cause it's such an honor to be nominated amongst all of you. It's - incredible honor. David, thank you. Thank you for creating an environment where we could do our best work and I got to go home and feel like I gave it my all every night. Thank you. Ceán, thank you for the endless support. Eric Roth, thank you for the guidance. Amanda, Gary, what a privilege and a joy to watch you work. The entire cast, thank you for hitting your marks. It mattered. And this really belongs to an extraordinary crew who I could not do anything without: Brian, Will, Alex, Dave, Gary, Dwayne, Danny, Jerry and all of your team. You make my job easy, thank you. And thank you to my beautiful wife Naiara, who tolerates this crazy business and helped me get through this movie. So thank you so much. Thank you.

Self - Winner: Oh, God is so good. Today the police will kill three people. And tomorrow the police will kill three people. And the day after that the police will kill three people. Because on average, the police in America every day kill three people. Which amounts to about a thousand people a year. And those people happen to disproportionately


Self - Winner: Black people. And you know, James Baldwin once said, the most despicable thing a person can be is indifferent to other people's pain. And so I just ask that you please not be indifferent. Please, don't be indifferent to our pain.

Self - Winner: We'd like to thank Netflix for giving our short film the chance to be seen by the world. We'd like to thank the Academy for championing the art of the short film. We'd like to thank Joey Bada$$, Andrew Howard and Zaria for bringing our short film to life. And we'd like to thank Lawrence Bender, Sean Combs, Chris Uettwiller, Jesse Williams, Nick Maye, Van Lathan, Mickey Meyer, James Samuels and Nick Frew for making this dream a reality.

Self - Winner: And I want to thank Tony, my mom and Zaria. Happy birthday, Baby. I love you.

Self - Winner: And I'd like to thank Chelsea, my mum and my brother. Love you, too. Thank you all.

Self - Winner: Oh my god. I did not expect to win this award. I am so, so, so, so grateful. Not only to win but to be a part of such an important, important story. So thank you so much. Thank you to the Academy - I've always wanted to say that. And of course, my collaborators D'Mile and Tiara Thomas, the song wouldn't be what it was without them. Of course I have to thank God for giving us these gifts, and my parents, my beautiful mother who's here with me today and my father at home. All those days of listening to Sly and the Family Stone and Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye, they really paid off. So thank you, Dad. Thank you so much to Archie and Shaka King and everybody that was involved in this movie and gave me the call and gave us the call to do this record. I'm so, so grateful. I just want to say this. You know, musicians, filmmakers, I believe we have an opportunity and a responsibility, to me, to tell the truth and to write history the way that it was and how it connects us to today and what we see going on in the world today. And yeah, I'm just, I have no words. I'm just so, so, so happy and grateful. And yeah, knowledge is power. Music is power. And as long as I'm standing I'm always gonna fight for us. I'm always gonna fight for my people and fight for what's right, and I think that's what music does and that's what storytelling does. So thank you so much. Thank you.

Self - Winner: No, I'm not. I'm Fran. Please watch our movie on the largest screen possible. And one day very, very soon take everyone you know into a theater, shoulder to shoulder in that dark space, and watch every film that's represented here tonight. We give this one to our Wolf.

Self - Winner: I never thought I'd get to say this, thank you to the Academy. I just want to thank, just thank you to everyone who opened their hearts and watched our film. It just means so much to us. Maryann Garger, you were the engine of our film. Youngran Nho, your art astounds us. Laura Dern and Jayme Lemons, thank you for your tenacity and passion. Gary Gilbert and Gilbert Films, for believing in us. Robyn Klein and Jeremy Ross, our guardian angels. Lindsay Marcus, your sublime music. Peter Morgan, Gerry Chamales, Sydney Holland, Peter Ettinger, Michael Babcock, Julia Rodrigues and Michelle Heo, we were so lucky to work with you. That's how big our team was. I would like to thank my parents, who've been my champions from the start. My wife Eliza, I love you.

Self - Winner: Thank you to Rashida Jones, Melissa Cobb, Gregg Taylor. Thank you for having the guts to believe that all stories can be told in animation. Wolf Kasteler, Noelle Roy, Everytown for Gun Safety, Sophie Yen and the UTA Foundation. Mom and Dad, for telling me I could do anything I believed in. I bought it. My wife Emily Arlook and our baby boy Sonny McCormack, you've brought me more joy than I knew was possible. We dedicate this film to all those who've lost loved ones to gun violence. We deserve better than to live in a country where more than one hundred people die by gun violence every single day. We deserve better. We must do better. We will do better. Thank you.

Self - Winner: Man. Man. Thank you, God. Thank you, God. I can't be here without your guidance and your protection. I'd like to thank my mum. Thank you so much for pouring into me. You gave me everything. You gave me your factory settings, so I can stand at my fullest height. Love to my sister, love to my niece, my friends, my family, everyone that I love from London Town to Kampala. I'd like to thank my team, incredible support. Bro, we out here, yo. Man. Man. It's good. Come on


Self - Winner: . Ryan, Zinzi, Sev, Proximity, everyone at Proximity, Charles King, man, everyone at MACRO, Bron, Participant, Nigel, everyone at Warner Bros., thank you so much for everything you poured into this. Everything you poured into this. It's so hard to make a film, and make a film about a man like this. And they made it possible. They made that happen. I share this honor with the gift that is Lakeith Stanfield, the light that is - yeah, yeah - the light that is Dominique Fishback, the incredible cast, the incredible crew. You know what I mean? Lucas Brothers, for starting the journey. Will Berson, I see you. You know, it's so incredible to look around you, to look around you, and just go, you're inspired by not only what they do but who they are. So, that's amazing. Chairman Fred, Jr. and Mama Akua, thank you so much for allowing us into your life and into your story. Thank you for trusting us, you know, with your truth. I appreciate you deeply and it's an honor to partner up and stand side by side with you. And to Chairman Fred Hampton. Bro, man. Man, what a man. What a man. How blessed we are that we lived in a lifetime where he existed, do you understand? You know what I mean? Like, thank you for your light. He was on this earth for 21 years, 21 years, and he found a way to feed kids breakfast, educate kids, give free medical care, against all the odds. He showed, he showed me, he taught me - him, Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, the Black Panther Party - they showed me how to love myself. And with that love they overflowed it to the Black community and to other communities. And they showed us that the power of union, the power of unity, that when they play divide and conquer, we say unite and ascend. Thank you so much for showing me myself. And yeah, man, there's so much work to do, guys. And that's on everyone in this room. This ain't no single-man job. That's some. And I look to everyone, every single one of you. You've got work to do, do you understand? And I'm gonna get back to work Tuesday morning, because tonight I'm going up. We're going up! You know what I mean? We're enjoying ourselves tonight because we got to celebrate. We got to celebrate life, man. We're breathing. We're walking. It's incredible. It's incredible! Like it's incredible my mum, my dad, they had sex. It's amazing. Like, do you understand, I'm here! You know what I mean? So, I'm so happy to be alive. So I'm going to celebrate that tonight, do you understand? And I appreciate every single person in the room. Appreciate everyone watching at home, you know? Love. Peace, love, and onwards. We go again.

Self - Winner: Wow. Thank you very much. Thanks to the Academy for voting on this film. This is beyond anything I could ever imagine. Except this is something I've always imagined. Since I was five or something, I've been preparing speeches - in train stations, at school, in the toilet. And here I am. It's real. It's amazing. Wow. This is a film about letting go of control in life, as I lost control in my own. And I want to thank my wife Helene, who sits over here, for being the angel of this project, for guiding me through this very difficult period. I want to thank my children, my family: Nanna, Ida, Albert, Lily. My screenwriter Tobias Lindholm, who's my guardian angel in both living and writing, I'm sending you my praises. There's a lot of people to thank but I'll, I'll get there. I'm sending my praises to Zentropa, Sisse, Kasper, Peter, Feder, Kornum, all of you. You had so much heart, so much strength at the same time. The crew, who threw everything they had in their hands to rescue me, and rescued this film. The investors, my agents, distributors. Samuel Goldwyn, Bart Walker, all of you, Christina Bazdekis, Jessica Sykes, Bumble. You're all there. Cinetic, thank you for showing the bravery of investing in a movie that is about four depraved white drunk men, basically. Who teaches children to drink, as well. I mean, pretty uphills in my perspective. Those four white men being Magnus Millang, Lars Ranthe, Thomas Bo Larsen, my old friend - the whole cast, you were brilliant. Susse, Maria, all of you, took out your hearts for this and were brilliant. I want to send a special thank, of course, to Mads Mikkelsen, Mads Mikkelsen. Yeah, give him a hand. Mads, you gave us your finest. Not just for the film, but for my daughter as well. And I'll never forget. Okay, so we wanted to make a film that celebrates life, and four days into shooting the impossible happens. An accident on a highway took my daughter away. Someone looking into his cell phone. And we miss her and I love her. And... sorry. Two months before we shot this movie and two months before she died, she was in Africa. She sent me a letter. And she'd just read the script and she was glowing with excitement. She loved this. And she felt seen by this. And she was supposed to be in this. And if anyone dares to believe that she's here with us somehow, she - you'll be able to see her clapping and cheering with us. We ended up making this movie for her, as her monument. So, Ida, this is a miracle that just happened. And you're a part of this miracle. Maybe you've been pulling some strings somewhere, I don't know, but this one is for you. Thank you very much.

Self - Winner: Oh my gosh. They said write a speech and I didn't 'cause I just didn't think this would ever happen. And I'm going to be in trouble with Steven Soderbergh. I'm so sorry. I don't want him to be cross with me. Oh my god, he's so heavy

[referring to the Oscar statuette]

Self - Winner: , and he's so cold! I better lay him down. So the only speech I ever wrote was when I was ten. And I had a look to see if there'd be anything useful from it, but unfortunately it mostly thanked Zack Morris from "Saved by the Bell," who was my very supportive husband. Unfortunately, he hasn't been as much a part of my life as I'd hoped, and so that speech is not that useful. But all I can say is - I'm trying very hard not to cry, which is very difficult as an English person because you don't cry ever. This film was made by the most incredible people in the world, who made it in 23 days, just, and brought their complete genius and love and humor to it. And I have so many people to thank. I feel mortified that I'm here by myself when it's not just my job at all. I want to thank Carey Mulligan for being not only the most talented person in the world, but the kindest and the funniest. I want to thank the producers for standing behind this film always and, you know, never giving up. And LuckyChap, Focus, FilmNation. The cast and the crew, the greatest in the world, the kindest in the world. They just made me look good, and again, I'm just so grateful. Finally, my family: Mum, Dad, Coco, my husband Chris - come on, come on - our son, who did not arrive until a couple of weeks after shooting. Thank god, because I was crossing my legs the whole way through. So thank you all so much. Steven, I hope that was alright. Thank you.

Self - Winner: Thank you. Thank you so much. It's such a great joy and such a great honor, and I share these joys and this award with Sir Christopher Hampton. We have worked together for years and I want to thank him for being such a great writer and such a wonderful friend. And I have to thank everyone involved in "The Father" and everyone who helped me to make that film, that script becoming a film. My producers, of course: Simon Friend, who first produced the play in London; the great David Parfitt; Philippe Carcassone; Jean-Louis Livi; Christophe Spadone. The Sony Classics family: Michael, Tom, Melody. All my team at CAA: Bryan - sorry, so many names that I have to mention - Federica, Chris, Andrew, Laurent, Olivier and Suzanne, thank you for being so supportive. And the crew of "The Father," of course, and the wonderful cast: Olivia Williams, Olivia Colman, Rufus Sewell, Mark Gatiss, Imogen Poots, and of course, Anthony Hopkins. I wrote the script for him. To me, he's the greatest, the greatest living actor. And just the idea to work with him was like a dream. And I knew that it was not an easy dream to fulfill because I'm French, as you can hear. It was my first feature film, and you know, he's Sir Anthony Hopkins. But I thought, until someone comes and proves that it was not possible, it means that potentially it is. And sometimes we are the one who close the door of what is possible and what is not possible. And for "The Father," I really wanted not to close that door and to follow my inspiration, my desire and my dream. So thank you, Anthony, for having said yes to that script and thank you for having given everything to that film - your energy, your grace and your talent. Sharing that journey with you was the most amazing experience of my life. And at last, I want to thank my wife Marine for supporting me with love and patience. Thank you to the Academy.

Self - Winner: Oh, man. Thank you. Thank you to the Academy. Thank you to my brilliant, brilliant nominees, fellow nominees, thank you. My entire "Nomadland" company, what a crazy once-in-a-lifetime journey we went on together. Thank you so much. I'm so grateful to you. I've been thinking a lot lately of how I keep going when things get hard. And I think, I think it goes back to something I learned when I was a kid. When I was growing up in China my dad and I used to play this game. We would memorize classic Chinese poems and texts, and we would recite it together and try to finish each other's sentences. And there's one that I remember so dearly. It's called the "Three Character Classics." And the first phrase goes: rén zhi chu, xìng ben shàn. "People at birth are inherently good." And those six letters had such a great impact on me when I was a kid, and I still truly believe them today. Even though sometimes it might seem like the opposite is true, but I have always found goodness in the people I've met, everywhere I went in the world. So this is for anyone who has the faith and the courage to hold on to the goodness in themselves, and to hold on to the goodness in each other, no matter how difficult it is to do that. And this is for you. You inspire me to keep going. Thank you. Thank you.

Self - Winner: Thank you. Thank you, Academy. And fellow nominees, you're an inspiration for me. I'm from Denmark, and I would like to greet Denmark because they are extremely bold at funding the Danish Film School so we students can develop our craft and language for four years. It's amazing. This is what you get, so just continue doing it. I would like to thank Eve and Angus and my amazing assistant Alex, and my whole family at Rock Paper Scissors. You guys raised the bar. I would like to thank my agents Hillary and Rebecca. I would like to thank Amazon and Caviar and everyone from cast and crew for sharing your enormous talents. The deaf community, for inviting me in very inspiring and rewarding world. And I would like to thanks all my friends, my families, my parents - I have to remember my parents - my sisters, my wife Judith* and my kids Mingus* and Ella. They always allow me to spend time with my big love affair, editing, so thank you for that. But one above all, Darius Marder. Thank you for your incredible vision. Thank you for inviting me on this life-changing, I would say, journey. And it's been like following a rainbow for me and today I feel like we found the gold. Thank you.

Self - Winner: Look, they didn't ask me, but if they had I would've said karaoke. Because when you've got voices like Leslie and Marcus and - that we should've had a karaoke bar, okay? "I have no words. My voice is in my sword." We know the sword is our work, and I like work Thank you for knowing that, and thanks for this.

Self - Winner: I was raised by my grandfather, James Holland. He was an original Tuskegee Airman. He represented the U.S. in the first Pan Am Games. He went to Argentina. He met Evita. He graduated from Northwestern University at a time that they did not allow Blacks to stay on campus, so he stayed at the YMCA. And after all of his accomplishments, he went back to his hometown in hopes of becoming a teacher. But they did not hire Blacks in the school system. So I want to say thank you to our ancestors who put the work in, were denied, but never gave up. And I also stand here, as Jamika and I break this glass ceiling with so much excitement for the future. Because I can picture Black trans women standing up here. And Asian sisters. And our Latina sisters. And Indigenous women. And I know that one day it won't be unusual or groundbreaking, it will just be normal. Thank you to the Academy, to Netflix, to Denzel Washington, to George C. Wolfe, to Ann Roth, to Miss Viola Davis, to Matiki Anoff, to Andrea Resnick, to the spirit of Ma Rainey. Thank you.

Self - Winner: Thank you to the Academy. I hope the actors in the room don't mind that I have something written down here because there're all different kinds of people in the Academy. Today's Colette's birthday. She was born just 22 days before the very first Oscars in 1929. So I imagine it must have been a, probably about a crowd about this big, right? You know? When she, when we got nominated she told us that, or she reminded us, that the power of documentary filmmaking ensured that her brother Jean-Pierre was, as she put it, no longer lost in the night and fog of the Nazi concentration camp system. And I want to say that I think it's that same power of the documentary storytelling that is going to ensure that the memory, courage and resilience of Latasha Harlins, Horace Bowers, the innocent children of Yemen and the protesters in Hong Kong are not forgotten. I mean, that's why we do this. That's why we make these films, so thank you. Thank you. We're grateful that these stories and these individuals have been honored tonight. And I also would just like to thank, of course, Colette et Lucie. I want to thank our amazing EP Peter Hirschmann at Electronic Arts. Everyone at Electronic Arts and Respawn and Oculus, especially Vince, Dusty and Laura. And our producers Annie Small and Aaron Matthews, thank you so much. To the Guardians, Charlie Phillips, Jess Gormley and Lindsay Poulton, we share this award with you.

Self - Winner: And I just add something. This award is a tribute and this film is a tribute to woman everywhere in the world, of any ages, who are joining hands and fight for justice. Vive Colette et vive la France.