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  • At the behest of a priest, our crimson hero goes to an abandoned castle in Ireland, to fight a variation of a redcap. This is the shortest thing found on the DVD of Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron, and I was surprised to find that something like that, literally only 3 and a half minutes long, was actually a story(heck, only about two minutes of it are made up by that, the rest is the introduction by Mike Mignola, and a little of it is credits), not a documentary. With it being that tiny, it really just barely has a chance to make an impression. Ron Perlman takes up the role yet again, and does great as always with it. Dan Castellaneta(nope, you read that right... don't know why he was chosen, though) portrays the man of the cloth, with the monologue providing background and details on the creature playing over Red's arrival and subsequent battle. You can hear a few of his Simpsons characters in it, at times. The visual style is about the same as B&I, and it doesn't really have anything outstanding in that regard. It's essentially a fight scene. I recommend this to big fans of the franchise. 7/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Hellboy Animated: Iron Shoes" is a pretty short animated movie at 150 seconds, but it delivers a decent deal of story and action within these boundaries. Ron Perlman voiced the character again in this 2007 film that has its 10th anniversary this year. It's probably the trademark role of his career. Anyway, this one has Hellboy hurry to an old castle to take care of an evil monkey creature wearing the iron shoes mentioned in the title. But apart from a solid introduction the creature has nothing to match Hellboy's wit and physical strength. It's a really short fight obviously as this is a really short film and honestly I would not want it any other way. A long battle or fight sequence would hardly have made any sense with the difference in skill between the two antagonists. I think it is a decent watch and give it a thumbs-up. Certainly worth watching if you like or even love Hellboy and/or animation as much as I do. There's not many better ways to spend 3 minutes.