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  • My theater that I work at got Meet the Browns, I have never ever seen a Tyler Perry movie, so this would be my first. But I didn't see it opening weekend and it took me a while to decide to see the movie, because of one thing, the rating on IMDb. Usually most of the ratings on the movies are pretty accurate. But when I finally decided to just go ahead and watch the movie, I have to say that I am very much disgusted with the rating here. I just don't understand why people are being so harsh with this movie, I felt like it was just a decent and uplifting film. I agree the stereotypes are bit much, but I've seen oh so much worse. Angela Bassett, who must of made a deal with the devil to look that good at 50, pulls in a great and heart felt performance as a mom who is just trying to do right by her kids despite the hard times she's facing.

    Brenda is a single mom in Chicago who is just struggling like crazy to take care of her three kids, trying to do the right thing, she looses her job, her electricity has been shut off, she's being judged by everyone, and the dad of her son just refuses to pay any child support what so ever. But when she finds out that her dad(who she never met) died, she and the kids go down to Georgia for the funeral, and she finds out that he gave her a house, which her family and a handsome family friend pull together to put her dreams back into place and to give her star basketball son a great future.

    Meet the Browns is just generally a good film, there are things that are a little off key, but it's all good. This film made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me remember how lucky I am to have family and friends who love me and how I love them as well. The ending is just such a relief and makes you think about the good things in life that make it worth living. I would recommend Meet the Browns, it's a fun film that I'm sure will make you feel good, please ignore the harsh rating, this is a totally misjudged film.

  • I was never "big" Tyler Perry fan, but at the same time, I've never been a "Tyler Perry Hater" either. I always give his films the benefit of the doubt, and I really enjoyed "Why Did I Get Married?" This movie though, "Meet The Browns," could have been an ABC Television Network After School Special. Everything about the storyline was cliché', formulaic, and predictable. The characters were CARICATURES of real people.

    I laughed here and there in this movie, but overall, I was vastly disappointed in this effort. It's like Mr. Perry just "threw this movie together" without much thought.
  • After seeing last year's excellent Daddy's Little Girls and Why Did I Get Married I thought Tyler Perry had finally come into his own as a film maker. Granted Mr. Perry doesn't have the visual flair of Spike Lee,John Singleton or the underrated Ernest Dickerson but what he does have is heart. Sadly even an A-list actress couldn't save Meet The Browns from being a trite affair that may hugely disappoint Perry's fans. For starters Mr. Perry needs to fire the editor of this film. Maysie Hoy who edited Perry's two previous films comes of as a first timer here which is ironic because she's been doing movies since 1992 and has worked with talented directors such as Robert Altman (The Player)and Theodore Witcher (Love Jones). I counted at least three scenes which didn't transition well at all and did nothing to progress the story. As for the script it seems as Perry wrote this script on a whim; and the film was just made to cash in on his success because it lacks the heart of Daddy's Little Girls and Why Did I Get Married. As for the acting Margaret Avery who was excellent in The Color Purple & the recent Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins gives a paper thin performance as does Lamman Rucker who was excellent in Why Did I Get Married. As for Angela Bassest she's good as always and plays the mother role very well, I'm anxious to see what she bring Notorious next year. I would say two of the strongest performances in the film come from Lance Gross as Angela and much to my surprise Rick Fox as her would be suitor. The big question though is how well does David Mann's Leroy Brown translate to film ? In my opinion not as well as Madea and some of his jokes seemed forced and unneeded. As for the big screen return of Madea it's unwelcome at best and she hasn't been missed. Tyler Perry has the potential to be one of the strongest black filmmaker in Hollywood, he knows a good story, has a knack for finding talent hence Lammon Rucker and Lance Goss who will both go on to do great things. But with his latest Perry sticks to a formula that he successfully broke out with two back to back winning film released last year. Here's hoping his next film The Family That Preys gets him back on track.
  • Pity my poor friend who spent all day telling me how hil-lar-ious Tyler Perry movies are, tsk-tsking all day that I had not ever seen one of his movies. Chuckling about how funny this was going to be and how i was going to run right out and rent all the others. Sadly, she spent the whole rest of the evening over coffee and cannoli reflecting on how great Tyler Perry's OTHER movies were. I forgive her - we're friends.

    This movie was OK - it had its funny moments and good Lord don't we ALL have those family members? I don't care if you're black, Italian, Jewish or white-bread American - we've ALL got that same cast of characters sitting around our family table.

    And OK, i understand that unless i saw the other movies i would not have a clue who Madea is or why she's being chased by the police. But that's OK - i can let an inside joke slide, especially considering the huge hoot and roar that accompanied her appearance.

    Overall, i understand that this was not Tyler Perry's finest hour. But i sense that he has a LOT to say about families, standing proud, sticking with convictions when the rest of the world says "settle for less" and working hard to overcome circumstances. I will go out and rent his other movies, just to get a more fair picture of this filmmaker.
  • This movie does not deserve the rating it has. Any more I can't go by the ratings here on IMDb because I must have a different taste in movies than everyone else. The acting in this was a toss up. Some of the actors/actresses were , imo, not very good. Angela Basset was terrific as well as Rick Fox. The Leroy Brown character was funny at first and then he just got annoying. Same goes for Vera. The story line was very good and very touching. I'm sure there is a lot of single parents, not just mothers, out there that have felt or do feel the same as Brenda does. I don't want to go in to the movie that much because I don't want to spoil it, but Brenda is a single mother that is struggling with money and finds out that her father that she never knew had died. She takes her kids to GA for the funeral and meets family she never knew she had. In the will he leaves a house for her that needs some TLC. Since she doesn't Have the money her new Family helps restore it without her knowing. Some of the previews may be misleading. It is not completely about basketball although it has some in it. It is a very touching story and I recommend it ton anyone. But like i said. Everyone has their own opinions on movies.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie should be #58 on the top 100 list! You cannot give any movie with great actresses like Jenifer Lewis and Angela Bassett a bad rating. Irma P hall once again plays the grandmother type character with all the wisdom. What was the point of putting that Latina's character in this movie. Madea has a walk on role. It would have been better if they would have gave Madea more lines in this movie. It was more than a coincidence that Rick Fox's character happened to live in Georgia and visiting Chicago. This movie does what very few movies do. It mixes comedy with serious tones. The Brown family was crazy throughout the movie. We also have a single mother trying to raise three children whose job just got terminated and lights got cut off. Then she inherits a run down house in Georgia. Then the lady's son gets shot. Then he gets well and becomes a professional basketball player. Then she ends up getting married. And they live happily ever after. The son's father who never wanted to be in his life shows up after he becomes a professional basketball player.
  • Tyler Perry is so talented. I was very disappointed with the casting of the movie. Frankie Faison, Margaret Avery, Jenifer Lewis and Angela Bassett are all well seasoned actors but their acting roles in this movie was that of an amateur. Their talents were not displayed at all. I was very disappointed in their lines, role, acting just everything. David and Tamela Mann were outstanding as always. They were the glue to hold the movie together. Jenifer Lewis was the worst. She did Vera no justice. The actress that played Vera in the play should have been cast for the movie. Actually all of the same actors should have been cast in the movies. I expected more from the movie.
  • I was SO upset when I saw this movie because it's like Tyler took three of his plays (Meet the Browns, What's Done in the Dark, and Madea Goes to Jail) and used the SAME LINES in most cases. It's like you knew where the story was gonna go in the first 15 minutes of the film. Angela Bassett wore the same 4.5" shoes throughout the whole movie because Rick Fox is so tall and she is only 5'4". I thought it was a bad casting choice to cast two people with such a HUGE height difference opposite each other. I think Tyler is fresh out of creative ideas because he has used ideas from all his plays in the three movies that he has done. So, I can't see his next movie being great. I am not knocking the black cinema hustle, because I am black, but he could have done better to represent black America and made more of an effort. I will say that David Mann certainly brought on the FUNNY (as he always does in the play), but the outtakes were so much funnier than the movie to me. So, stick around after it ends.
  • I have seen all of Tyler Perry's movies (that I know about) and have enjoyed them all...until now. Angela Bassett was very good in her role and I enjoyed the young man who played her son, but the rest of the relatives were WAY too over the top! One of the things I like about Mr. Perry's movies is the likable, believable characters...but Leroy and Vera? COME ON! Especially painful was the speech by Leroy in the church. I laughed very little in this movie, which surprised me. I was also expecting to see more Madea (my favorite character of Mr. Perry's), not the ridiculous 15 second scene they had with her. Unfortunately, if I was asked to recommend this movie to anyone, I would have to say, see something else. Sorry Tyler! I know you're an extremely talented man, but I would give this movie a "C" at best.
  • this is the worst tyler perry movie yet! let me note that i am a huge tyler perry fan -- HUGE! but, this movie was stupid and the casting was horrible. sorry tyler -- but, i expected more. good luck on the next one! -- i'll still support it, but i feel like i wasted my money going to see this one..:( favorite movies have definitely been diary of a mad black woman followed by family reunion. why did i get married was decent, but, angela bassett could not carry this movie on her own. it also didn't help that the screenplay was not very good. i didn't see this play, so, i can't say that after seeing this movie i would want to even see it.
  • Audreyfan-no18 April 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    I am a huge fan of Tyler Perry, most of all as he is a Christian! And of course as a playwright, director and producer. If you have not seen his plays, watch them first, if you are able to attend a live performance sometime, go and do that. I think a lot of people do not realize that the plays are much different than the movies, the movies are much more toned down than the plays. Meet the Browns on stage, the play contains dope smoking references and some guns here and there, but it's all in jest. There is also beautiful gospel singing, and prayer and faith in God is the key that solves all the problems in the plays, and the mainstay. Madea is a gun wielding pot smoking tough big mama. And this movie is more like the plays than the others. Take it with a grain of salt, enjoy and watch the Brown plays first.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love Tyler Perry's plays. I loved his first two movies. Hoever, HIs last three movies felt long and drawn out. This last one, Meet The Browns, was not very funny. I laughed very few times. I am used to laughing so hard that my belly hurts and frankly that is what I wanted. I wanted to forget about my problems for 2 hours. Instead, In two hours Angela Bassetts electricity gets cut off, her son gets shot yet she manages to end up with a beautiful man, house and vehicle. Not reality. Brown (Mann) was over the top as usual and was the only thing I laughed at. I miss Madea in the movies because she is the grandmother or mother we all need in our lives and the voice of reason. The movies share the same sappy romantic lines and they all seem to end the same. I could hear people chuckling at the cheese ball lines. Although I will always support Tyler since I find that his message is good, I wish he would spend more time making the movie really funny and instead of over the top with things we can not relate to. When I left the theater I was still concerned that my own lights were going to be shut off and I had not laughed enough to forget about it. Instead, I had $11 dollars less in my pocket. Bassett was great though. I missed the inspirational singing. BRING MADEA BACK!
  • For creating some of the biggest pieces of crap in the history of film. Actually, it's not even a film, it's just him -- taking a giant dump on everyone's faces when they watch this movie and making at least 50 mill. every time he does it.

    Please stop watching this crap, for the love all that is good, please stop.

    Note: This movie is already in the bottom 100. And his other movies are competing to get in. Every movie is the same tired old story written straight from the book, with different settings to appeal to the black community. Which they themselves should find insulting, it reeks of stereotypes and belittles the whole ethnicity.
  • Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns was such a wonderful movie. It had so much meaning to it. I loved what the son in this movie kept doing for his mother. I thought that it was a tear jerker. I was very close to tearing at a few different parts. This was a comedy mixed in with a drama in my own opinion. I don't see how you wouldn't consider this a drama. It was about a single mother trying to make enough money to support her three kids. The story to this was very sad. The messages in this movie were saying to you that you should do anything to get your mom money. The only thing that you shouldn't do is sell drugs or anything bad like that. This movie was very very funny. It had the whole entire theatre laughing very hard. I saw a midnight screening for this and it was very jam packed. Another good thing about this movie was that it had a little to do with basketball. I think that all of the family can enjoy this movie. It was a great movie for a family to see what can really happen to some families. I thought the acting was played pretty well and loved the idea of having Rick Fox star in this movie. Some of the acting by the lead actress was a little bit over played at some scenes. Overall though the acting was played very well. Their was of course one scene with Tyler Perry in it where he dressed up as a woman. I thought that the idea of the beginning of the movie taking place in Chicago was pretty sweet. Some of the visuals were pretty cool. Some of the cool visuals were the buildings in Chicago and stuff like that. A couple scenes in this movie you just did not see coming at all. You would be expecting it to go one way and it would go the other way. I thought the son did a great job acting for this being one of his first films. Overall this was a great family movie. Their wasn't a lot of bad language you have to worry about either. One more thing is that I don't get why people keep cutting this movie down. It seems like all the black movies they cut down a lot. It was all done it great taste. So go see this movie you will enjoy it I hope.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ********Spoiler Ahead********* I am a big Tyler Perry fan, and have supported all his work. I was so looking forward to this film, but I've never been so disappointed as I was when I saw this latest one. The actors were great, with the exception of a few that were just too way over the top. I know they are supposed to be, but it just didn't work with the drama. What really made me drop total interest was the scene where the family is being told their father, who was a deacon, used to be a pimp. And all the women that the family knew as upstanding, were various types of "hos" That scene was totally unnecessary and disgusted me. After that I didn't care to see anymore. Too bad Tyler, I hope you get some of these comments your fans are giving you so you do a better job next time.
  • I am not sure why Tyler Perry keeps making movies. They are always poor, over acted and riddled with clichés. They never get good reviews, users don't like them, it's in the bottom 100 of all time here on IMDb. Even Angela Bassett can't save this one. Perry's characters are almost always so exaggerated and extreme and he makes it seem just about the only thing African Americans do is argue, fight, treat women badly and act way melodramatic. The plot's of his films all have such a similar ring to them and completely lack originality. Technically the films are not very good either. The cinematography is boring, the score is mundane and the editing is crude at times. So please Mr. Perry, stop torturing us with your movies.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I believe Tyler Perry is a talented writer and producer. His DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN and WHY DID I GET MARRIED are well written; they are also good looking movies. MEET THE BROWNS was just plain bad. I gave it a five in respect for the talented cast that includes the always wonderful Angela Bassett.

    The dialogue was poor, the character of Brown did not translate from the stage to film. He was not funny. The movie looked as if $2.50 was spent. And as much as I love Angela, she was too old for the character. Part of the running theme was that she was a young mother (having had her children in her teens). She is a beautiful woman who looks like she is in her late 40's. That means she had her children in her 30's. Not such a young mother. And the outtakes were the worst I had ever seen, ever.

    Tyler's other movies are in between DIARY/MARRIED and BROWN. I hope he can find a way to be consistent. His positive themes and characters are desperately needed and appreciated. But, quality is important.
  • i had this misfortune of being dragged to this movie by my aunt Flo... She thought it would cheer her up after losing her pet Pomeranian to a pack of wild coyotes.

    This movie is about what you would expect from a light hearted romantic comedy, with one exception - it stars Tyler Perry!!! let's just cut to the chase, knowing that Tyler Perry was playing the part of "Medina" was disturbing to say the least. Apparently Tyler Perry enjoys dressing like and old woman and running around in support hose tossing out one-lines and acting like a fool... but for the rest of us, it's shear torture!!!! Tyler Perry as Medina is to comedy as a pack of coyotes is to a Pomeranian... i don't know what that means, but it's still funnier then this movie!
  • I literally could not sit still for the entire two hours of this movie because it was that bad. This movie was so cliché it was driving me crazy. The mom that can't make ends meet to the deadbeat dad that doesn't care about his son. I often wonder what hell would be like, I now imagine having to watch this movie over and over again. Don't waste your time on this movie, You'll want to sue Tyler perry for your money and time back. I honestly don't understand how anyone could even remotely like this movie. I thought the entire storyline and plot was very unimaginative and extremely predictable. The humor was stupid and immature and didn't even get a smile at me, more like a wtf? was that supposed to be funny? Seriously DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!
  • Meet the Browns is a tolerable albeit thoroughly bland effort by Tyler Perry, that manages to touch on sensitive, vital issues in the black community but also shortchange a great deal of those involved in the community into broad forgettable caricatures. Concerning the Brown family, as the title suggests, the film follows single-mother Brenda (Angela Bassett) living in Chicago with her oldest son Michael (Lance Gross) in high school and her two young daughters.

    One day, Brenda receives a death notice that states the father she has never met has died. Upon losing her job after the executives decide to pull the plug on her business's entire operation, Brenda packs up the kids and sets off for Georgia, quickly discovering the side of the family she never knew existed. Brenda is welcomed with open arms to meet a good-natured clan known as the Brown family, which also provide her with a release from Chicago's hectic environment and introduce her to the slower ways of Georgia.

    Meet the Browns is sufficient for both basic cable entertainment in addition to Tyler Perry's filmography, which always seems to find ways to incorporate more and more questionable film entries in there. If anything, the basic structure I just gave you is what the film manages to set up best; what it unfortunately does is squander relationships in the film in favor of too many pale and broad plotstrands that do nothing but muddle themes. There are various characters in Meet the Browns and they're all drawn very broadly, and their problems are never narrowed down to fit something that feels more human. Perry paints in broadstrokes here when he should be refining detail.

    Having said that, Meet the Browns does a nice job at telling us (or maybe reminding some) that there is a vicious cycle in the black community that is sad but true. It's the cycle of a teenager dropping out of school for momentary income to support a family but only getting wrapped up in a dirty, gritty business that seems to be trying to find new ways to kill you or finding themselves living paycheck-to-paycheck. This cycle is acknowledged when Michael, the ambitious basketball player who is in the middle of being hounded and recruited to college teams, offers to get a job while working in high school. Brenda, however, worries that his hours and paycheck will overshadow the importance of education and studies and he'll fall down this path of directionless behavior.

    When Perry finds underlying issues in the black community to bring up is when he's strong; when he's busy generalizing the community is when he's weak. Perry always seems to mean well but finds ways to dilute, skew, or completely contradict his own intended message and that has been his drawback from day one. However, with Meet the Browns, he hit a goldmine in terms of popularity, eventually incorporating the film's premise and characters into Perry's second sitcom, which went on to do solid numbers on Television. People obviously see things in Meet the Browns and its comedic/dramatic leverage that I have yet to find; wouldn't be the first time.

    Starring: Angela Bassett and Lance Gross. Directed by: Tyler Perry.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As I said in my review for "Madea's Family Reunion: The Movie," I was really excited to see Brown in a movie. In March 2008, I finally got that chance! "Meet the Browns: The Movie" was released, exposing the world to the character Mr. Brown, hilariously played by David A. Mann! How did I like it? Well...I have to be honest, of all of the Tyler Perry movies at the time, this one felt like the weakest.

    Now, that's not to say this movie is bad at all! It's really good! For me, personally, there was just one thing holding this movie back from being as good as it could be. But, sadly, it's a big thing, one of the most important things you could have in any story: the exposition. We get the exposition of Brenda and her family: Brenda Brown lives in a poor, urban community in Chicago, Illinois. She has three children and works hard to take care of them all. She seeks help from Michael, Sr., the father of Brenda's oldest child, Michael, Jr. Michael, Sr. doesn't want anything to do with Brenda, his son, or Brenda's family. While we get to know Brenda and her story, we don't get to know Brown. Now, I know that sounds weird for all of us who are familiar with Tyler Perry's plays; we've seen Brown in, what, 5 of Tyler Perry's plays? He's famous to us! But that's the problem. What about the people coming to this movie who don't know who Brown is? The audience for Tyler Perry's productions began when he was touring his theatrical plays, but they grew when he began making movies. A lot of people have yet to meet Brown. Here, he's just being shown to the people who have been waiting for his film debut. Why is that a letdown? Because the jokes don't work here like they do in the play. In the play, we knew why it was funny Cora was both Madea and Brown's daughter; a gun-toting, pot-smoking granny once had a child with a religious, over the top deacon?! And on top of that, they've been quarreling for a long time and don't figure it out until years later? That's insanely hilarious! In the movie, we can't laugh at that because we don't know who Brown is. In the play, it's funny thinking a man like Brown comes from this type of family. In the movie, we don't know who he is, so we can't laugh at that. We get that he can't dress or talk, but those are just characteristics of this funny character. What about the man himself?

    Also, here's a nit-pick, what is Lamman Rucker doing in this movie? He has no reason to be here! Was it just to get us ready for the TV show?

    Something else that I've heard people talk about is that this movie is not spent enough on Brown or his family, it's about Brenda. Rather than meeting the Browns, we're looking at Brenda's story. Since I've heard from more than one person, maybe it's a problem. I always thought of it as Brenda being as low as she can go until she finds faith and hope by meeting the family she never knew about, the Browns. By meeting the Browns, she's able to get strength and courage back and stand on her feet again. That's what I got out of it. But I do understand where the other people are coming from. In Brown's first movie, I really would have liked to see a lot of him! The scenes he has is funny, but there aren't that many of them. For the most part, we're looking at Brenda and her family; it's a great dramatic story, but where's Brown? Or if Brenda is going to be here, even the dramatic scenes out with some comedy provided by Brown; I think this comedy-drama is more dramatic than comedic.

    I do have to say that what makes this film good is the realness of it. I know, I keep saying Tyler Perry's stories and characters are so very realistic, but that's because it's true! Listen to the way these characters talk, it's so life-like! When I was in the theater watching the scene where Brenda told Michael, Jr. not to hang out with his friend Calvin because he sold drugs, I stopped and turned to look at my own mother! Brenda talked exactly how my own mother would have talked to me and my siblings! This is what keeps me coming back: a production that displays life stories that we're often not able to see anywhere else. Where other productions include stereotypes just to have stereotypes or for the sake of a laugh, here we actually see characters - I'm sorry. Not characters, but people. Realistic people who we're used to seeing everyday. Only now, we see them on the big screen.

    Like I said, the movie is good. The story is really good; the characters are really good; the drama is good; the comedy is good. For me, I just wanted that exposition for the people who were seeing Brown for the first time. I'd highly recommend it, but only after you see Tyler Perry's other plays; productions like "I Can Do Bad All By Myself," "Madea's Family Reunion," "Madea's Class Reunion," "Meet the Browns," and "What's Done in the Dark." After you've seen those, take a look at this movie. BOOYIKA!
  • Meet the browns By: Tyler Perry

    Hey Guys, the movie I'm about to present is called "Meet the Brown". It's a very good movie, it will make you laugh, and it will make you cry. Now it does have some scenes that are not for kids under ten but it deals with decision making and a lot of teenage peer pressure. I loved the movie because I could relate to it so if you could relate to family situation and just a teenage life this is a great movie! The Movie is about an average family that lives in Brooklyn, New York. Brenda, who is played by Angela Bassett, is a single parent with 3 kids and with no help from dads she has to work. The bad part is that her plant she works at shuts down and she loses her job. Michael, played by Lance Gross, is the oldest. Star of his basketball team in high school and the man of the house taking care of his two little sisters. His mom without a job he insists on getting a job to help out with the house. While that is happing she gets a letter for Georgia saying that her father has died. When she arrives in Georgia she meets her hilarious family The Browns. Michael ends up getting caught up in the wrong situation and makes a very bad decision that gets him hurt. Then with Brenda she is constantly trying to get Michael Sr. involved in his life but he just won't cooperate with her. What funny is that he ends up showing up when something good happens to him. Ha-ha doesn't work. Harry who comes in when she goes to Georgia becomes her boyfriend. He is like an agent for basketball and he also helps Michael to. He is kind of the antagonist in this story. She meets her family and finds out that her dad has left her a house. It's really old and needs help, Harry ends up fixing it up while Brenda went back to Brooklyn. That all I'm going to tell you, overall it's a great movie for any family, it shows the ups and downs, Friendship and trust with people you barley know. So get the movie and I hope you enjoy it.
  • "Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns" starts off well enough with Angela Bassett playing a strong-willed single mother struggling to raise her three children amidst poverty and unemployment on the South Side of Chicago. But the movie quickly goes off the rails when Brenda receives a letter from a distant relative in Georgia informing her that her father - who was never a part of her life to begin with - has just died. With nothing left to lose, Brenda packs up the family and heads on down to the funeral to pay her respects to a man she's never met. While there she is introduced to the "crazy" Brown clan, a collection of broad comic stereotypes that even vaudeville would have rejected as too over-the-top. As to the film itself, any hint of authenticity is instantly crushed under the weight of lowbrow buffoonery, heavy-handed plot mechanics and a fairy tale view of the real world.

    Although he clearly means well, as a dramatist, Perry has never seen a shade of gray he couldn't reduce to simplistic black-and-white or a plot point he couldn't milk for all its melodramatic worth. All the men in the film, for instance, are either clowns, scumbags or knights-in-shining-armor, nothing in between. The gun shy Brenda - who has been hurt by so many men in the past that she finds it next to impossible to trust one ever again - has a certain depth to her character, but virtually everyone else becomes essentially a walking mouthpiece for what's right and wrong in the African-American community. And that simply doesn't make for very compelling drama.

    Of the actors, Bassett is nicely restrained and understated as always, and Lance Gross exhibits some genuine talent as Brenda's principled teenage son, but David Mann, Jenifer Lewis, Sofia Vergara, and even Perry himself, in a pointless cameo appearance as both Medea and Uncle Joe, are allowed to spin so out of control in their various shticks that they turn whole sections of the movie into little more than a circus freak show.

    Noble intentions notwithstanding, "Meet the Browns" is a true "drag" of a romantic comedy - in the most negative sense of that term.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was the worst Tyler Perry project i have ever seen. I never flt compelled to see it in the theater as I was with his other projects and now I am glad that I didn't waste my money. Angela Basset messed the role up soo bad. She was soo overacting and unbelievable, i could not believe how mad I was that she was doing no justice to this role. In all of his movies u find someone you can relate to or sympathize with. Not this time this was just awful. It was a disappointment to fans. I also saw the weaving of several plays together. Fans would recognize that but the main character was so badly played she was Tina Turner same moves and responses it was soo awful. Tyler Perry is so fun and enjoyable because of his characters they are down to earth. We know someone like that. The lady that played Vera was a good choice, but the main character was flawed. I am disappointed and I hope that he remakes this film with a better lead role.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have noticed that the new car smell has worn of Tyler least in the minds of many people. I, for one, still enjoy most his work. And there were aspects of this film which I really like...and a few things I didn't.

    Let's start with the negatives. First. I don't see what Madea had to do with this film, and the insertion of her character for a few minutes seemed intrusive, unnecessary, and distracted from the film's story. I know a lot of people love the Madea character, but it had no place here. Second, a couple of characters seem to have rather drastic character changes during the course of the film, and while we all have our days, it seemed that these character changes were thrown in to make the film work. This is most obvious with Angela Bassett's character who goes from a fairly positive upbeat woman even when the chips are down, to a very bitter woman in regard to her love interest...and for no good reason.

    On the other hand, the basic story here is solid. A mother is working her hardest (literally) to raise her high school son and two younger daughters in Chicago. She loses her job, through no fault of her own, and falls upon really hard times...absolutely broke. At the same time she gets word that she should travel to Georgia to her father's funeral...a father she never met. With no options, but bus tickets for her and her children, she does so out of desperation. The family she never met welcomes her in, and as is typical with a Tyler Perry film, at least a couple of the family members are...well, let's say funnily odd. And, despite her protestations, a romance begins with basketball coach (who has his professional eye on Angela's high school son) who takes an instant liking to Angela's character. And that's where the film breaks down a bit for me -- the coach (played by Rick Fox) is under suspicion for most of the film...for no good reason.

    Angela Bassett is a darned good actress, and continues in that tradition here. In my view, it's director Tyler Perry who mismanages her character. Rick Fox, who is probably no great actor, is nonetheless pleasant here as the love interest, and you can buy into his character (and the remarkably white teeth). Lance Gross as the high school aged son is equally as pleasant, although it seems to me that there's a conflict between seeming to be the perfect son who briefly turns to drug dealing...again, I think Tyler Perry flubbed this characterization as writer and director. David Mann's character is too far over the top for me to feel right about his performance; this is not a real life character. I would say the same about Sofia Vergara's character. More and more I am liking Lamman Rucker, here a member of the Georgia family.

    I do think there are too many inconsistencies in characterizations in this film. Yet, I still enjoyed it. I guess you could say that this Tyler Perry effort seemed just a tad bit amateurish. But then again, this was one of his earlier efforts. I'll squeeze out a 6 here because several of the characters were quite appealing and the film had a good moral behind it.
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