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18 September 2011 | dpfacialfan
| A mixed bag...
There is things I really like about this porno movie and things that I don't like at all. Lets go through the positive first. I really liked the fact that we get to see some really sexy girls in this movie. All in all we get to see 9 lovely ladies in action and they all look spectacular. Even if I don't normally find her face all that attractive, I must say that Tiffany Rousso's face looks really good in this one. That being said, I must also thank the people who did the girls makeup. It certainly helped make the movie hotter. It is very rare to find a story driven porno movie with all female performers of such high class.

We get to see 7 different scenes in this movie and I must say that I somewhat enjoyed all of them. Some more than others of course. This is very rare in a porno with 7 different scenes. It sure helps to cast beautiful women to be in the movie.

Out of the seven scenes I liked the first one the most. This scene is a group sex scene, and it blows all the other scenes out of the water. We get to see three lovely blonds( Tiffany Rousso, Alexis and Lisa Rose) take on two guys with big cocks. We get to see these ladies take turn sucking and riding the big cocks. The ladies gladly take the cocks in all their three holes. Unfortunately we only get to see Lisa Rose get double penetrated by the fellows. I would've wanted to see Alexis and Tiffany Rousso get DP:ed as well.

On to the negative. The story takes up way to much of the running time. At one point we get a 24 minute "story" part between sex scenes. I have never seen anything like it in a porno movie before. Because of this many of the scenes where kind of short. I also didn't like the fact that out of the 7 scenes, 4 were boy girl scenes. 2 would've been fine. Because the film tells a story about a female soccer team, I expected there to be some hot lesbian sex, maybe even a big girl bang. But knowing Private I wasn't surprised because they rarely have lesbian scenes in their movies. Orgies however, they do have in their movies. But to my surprise there wasn't any orgy with a group of guys getting to bang the "shit" out of the entire female soccer team.

I also didn't like the fact that the two guys banging Tera Joy never DP:ed her. Having seen Tera Joy being DP:ed in other movies, I know for a fact that this girl enjoys having one cock in her pussy and one cock in her ass at the same time sliding in and out. It just felt like they robbed Tera and the audience of that moment.

All in all this is a hard movie to rate but I give it a "weak" 8.

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