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  • ogarcia-2492916 January 2020
    I'm a 48 year old man who still loves his cartoons. Kipo caught my attention just by the animation alone.

    Very well written, funny, emotional. Enjoyable for all.
  • Gaara-Kazekage16 January 2020
    I enjoy Anime and animated series/movies - when they are good. Delightedly, "Kipo" is one of them.

    The premise is interesting, the characters are nicely defined and ultimately very interesting, and the story quite fascinating and fresh.

    The music used is also quite incredible and really helps to draw you into the world.
  • aliensensation16 January 2020
    This show is so good in it's own way and the musical aspects of it are undeniably incredible, every single song is catchy and wonderful. I love the characters and especially the main character Kipo :) I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys their animated shows and wants to have a good time.
  • The animation style is pleasing! Story wise I would say that it is something people Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and She-ra fans would enjoy. I believe that the show has a lot of potential to be loved. You all should give it a chance before judging, otherwise you'll never know.
  • Kipo and The Age of Wonderbeasts is one of the best shows ever made from DreamWorks Television Anination and Netflix. I does remind me a lot like Avatar: The Last Airbender, in fact, the animation reminds me a lot like not only Avatar, but also great shows like Voltron: Legendary Defender, She-Ra: Princess of Power (2018), and The Legend of Korra. Also, both the story and the characters are really nice too. I think it's best for me to recommend this show to anyone. I give it a 9.5/10
  • Kris-p-16 January 2020
    I like the animation, it reminds me of the 90's while still appearing fresh.

    The plot is unique, even if the premise isn't. The premise of living in a world after devastation that is.
  • This show went absolutely above and beyond my expectations. While I went in thinking it might be an enjoyable watch when I've got nothing better to do, I've now seen the whole first season and am on the edge of my seat waiting for more! The animation is pleasing to watch, the voice acting is perfect, the characters are diverse and have well-written and intriguing backstories, and the overall feel is exciting and fun, but with darker undertones that really ramp-up the experience for older viewers. On top of all that being enough to keep me engaged, the music is exceptionally well-chosen and clearly had a lot of thought put into it, giving me a mixed vibe of Steven Universe's Rebecca Sugar songs, and oddly enough, the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack. Overall I'd say this is a great family show for tween/teenaged kids and any adult looking for a playful escape that isn't mindless like many cartoons made nowadays.
  • Everything about this show is fantastic. The animation, art style, music, plot, world building - all top notch.

    Some people complain about 'politics' in the show, but they're referring to a single moment where one character tells another that they are gay, which is apparently 'too political' for the commenters.

    This show is a true gem. If you liked Dreamworks' prior Netflix cartoons, you will love this.

    Get into it before the Reddit crowd ruins the ratings with a mass protest against it.
  • quixote-8565416 January 2020
    My young son and I are watching this together. We both absolutely adore it.
  • ganielpeep19 January 2020
    Fun take on the post apocalyptic world. Beautifully drawn. Tackles some issues you'd never expect a show like this to address, like what happens to the rest of the characters if our lead gets fhe happy ending she wants. My family tore through the first season in two days. Well worth a watch. I'd give it 8.5 if that was an option. Not sure how long the show can run but I'll enjoy the ride at least for this early portion. Looking forward t ok season 2. My nine year old daughter loved this! The 5 yrs old couldn't really follow the whole story but still enjoyed watching
  • luck-kiba18 January 2020
    Goodness Kipo is such a well animated show with a beautiful story! I had to binge EVERY episode as soon as I seen the trailer I was kinda interested but let me tell ya guys and gals this series is worth the watch. Kipo will reels you into this fantasy world that has some comedic and tragic events. Music:10/10 Story:9/10 Animation:10/10
  • benltfc7718 January 2020
    Thank you for making this show, we all loved it! Best cartoon we've watched in a long while. Ten out of ten from both my son and daughter!
  • lukeredfern-1681217 January 2020
    Surprised how fun this series was can't wait for the next 1
  • This cartoon is on my top 10 best tv shows so far! First of all, I love the art style because of the use of straight edges and the colors palettes. I also feel like the characters fit really well in the aesthetic. I don't think I've seen this art style in any other tv show. 2nd, Diversity?!? I think yes!! I love that most of the main characters are black and all different types races are also shown. 3rd, one of the characters are gay! The creators didn't use being gay as a personality and they didn't make it a big deal which is the most respectful thing you can possibly do! Normalizing things like being gay should be done more often so people can understand its not "bad." 4th, the soundtrack for this tv show is amazing. I can't stop playing until the sun dies on repeat. It gives me a burst of nostalgia. Last but not least, the concept. Some people say that the tv show is kind of boring, but I disagree. I love the concept of post apocalyptic stories and the morals of the main character. Everything seems well fitted. Also, everything makes sense with the information the creators are given to us. One critique I have is the smoothness of the animation. I will give it to them, animation is really hard! But, some things felt a little stiff and I feel like if some minor things where tweaked i'd look even better. Overall. I would recommend it to anyone!!
  • Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts is definently worth a watch. It had a rough first few episodes, but when the story kicks in, things get serious. It's a really fun show for any age and has some great action scenes and animation.
  • messiamatthews18 January 2020
    I watched the whole season 1 in 3 days. I liked it a lot. It's like an end of the apocalypse type of movie but it is original in itself. I'm stoked for season 2. I feel like it will not be a letdown.
  • Do you like beautiful art? Do you like interesting world building? Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts creates an interesting post-apocalyptic world that it immediately dumps the viewer into without warning. You are made to feel as confused as Kipo at the beginning when she slides out of a pipe into a post-apocalyptic world filled with fantastical beasts and beautiful scenary.

    But then, Kipo opens her mouth. And, it never closes. It goes on and on and on. And then she meets a friend named Wolf. Wolf HATES Kipo. Or does she? Kipo is about to die. But then Wolf saves her. Kipo says something dumb. Wolf says, "I'm not going to save you." Wolf saves Kipo. Wolf's only going to help Kipo a little, she swears. Oh wait, she's going to do everything for Kipo. Wolf is the predictable character that hates everything and always predictably comes to Kipo's rescue. And then there's Benson and his bug buddy. They're the comic relief. They're buds, but they also steal. But they're so likeable! They're so likeable, you won't even remember that you didn't laugh at anything they ever did. And did we even mention the villains? They're frogs in suits. That's great? There's also a pig.

    Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts has a well thought out world that is filled with bland, uninspired characters and villains. Every character is so trite and predictable that it completely ruins any interest in the story as it is apparent where it is going. The humor is low quality and I cannot recall laughing a single time. Compare this to a show like Adventure Time or Gravity Falls, which are gold standards of what modern cartoons can be: In those, the humor is on-point, the characters are interesting and distinct, and the plots riveting and unpredictable (at least, when invoked in Adventure Time).

    Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts doesn't have that. The whole thing feels like a cacophony of influences ripped from popular shows in an attempt to gain some of their success, such as Avatar: The Last Air Bender and Spiderman: Enter the Multiverse. Except, where those shows were interesting and original, Kipo just feels like a trite, unnatural, and empty imitation. It has all the feeling, but none of the substance.

    Also, the frame rate is noticeably low. For all the beauty in the world, it's animated choppily.
  • leongerken21 January 2020
    A really good series from DreamWorks and Netflix the graphics also go perfectly with the series.
  • Definitely get adventure Time vibes and the characters are really likable. The aesthetic is really nice and overall is a pretty feel-good show for the most part. Following Kipo's story is really fun and action packed while allowing the characters to develop. Hoping for a season two.
  • The premise of the story was very original, the story itself was enjoyable, the main and side characters were likable (sometimes corny, but in a fun way), the music was thrilling, and the way said music was incorporated into the episodes was just genius in pacing and timing. I liked how emotional vulnerability was handled in the show, and also how they didn't shy away from making one of the main characters explicitly gay (which can be quite something for a children's show). I'm even tempted to say this show is almost as good as Avatar: The Last Airbender in terms of originality and general enjoyability, which is something I don't say often. I loved once again seeing a main character who tries to always be kind and do good, someone I can relate to, instead of the usual snarky "nice" main characters you so often see onscreen. For honesty's sake, what makes it not completely as good as ATLA though, is the story isn't *that* deep and sometimes Kipo was a little too perfect and nice. But that's not always a bad thing. Not every show has to be like Last Airbender, and sometimes you just want to watch a cute and innocent show about kindness and bravery, without going into the moral philosophy of it all.

    All in all, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts is an enjoyable and bingeable show which I can recommend to everyone.
  • The fact that the protagonist's voice actor also voices Glimmer in the new She-Ra series is the original reason I began watching this series. I was wowed by the visuals, the story, and the thrilling adventure this series brought me on. I'd highly recommend it to anyone. It has some LGBTQ representation, mainly through Benson, who is a gay character. Apart from that, this series has a well-developed story, characters, and everything else, like humor and a compelling narrative which will draw you in like a magnet. I love this show as much as Cleopatra in Space, it's just that the latter show has more world building, more characters, and can be more snappy. It's a hard decision to put this at its current rating, but it makes sense.
  • This show is funky fun. Teaming with lovable characters with awesome backstory and flare. Every episode the amaze the audience with unique situations, music and style. Can't wait for season 2.
  • The accompanying music to every scene, marking the caracters or the mod of the scene is fenomenal, there is rarely a quiet moment and the varied music glides seemeless into eachother Its quite a pleasure to view for tha reason alone
  • Incredibly creative-- visually, with fight scenes, and plot points. Ultimately it's a story of survival and profound relationships amidst the most badass sound track I've heard in animation. Bravo, dreamworks- Kipo is a huge winner!
  • stuartwhyte30027 January 2020
    Beatifully realised series. Exceptional backdrop artwork, good characters. Sympathetic scoring and entertaining original songs make the music integral to the storytelling. Very glad my youngest turned 7 just as this was released.
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