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  • No director credit, as usual, on this Girlfriends feature, one of the dumbest in the series. Clearly, all that's in mind here is sex footage, with improvised nonsense included as boring set-ups to each scene.

    Opening has amateurish wobbly camerawork, zeroing in on a window for peeping tom action as we watch a busty woman having sex with an unidentifiable female partner. Next scene reveals this as video recorded by a drone's camera, as youngsters Prinzzess, Tara Morgan and Alice March find the drone and identify the lesbian woman as the mother of Alice's boyfriend Billy, namely Mindi Mink. Prinzess is aghast, reacting to lesbian sex: "That's a sin!". It's clear that credibility will be zero in this 3-hour-plus show.

    Alice tells her mom Kirsten Price (the Wicked Pictures star) about the drone video and reveals her own lesbian tendencies, with mom sympathizing with her kid. All four femmes gather to discuss the video and with very poor continuity we suddenly see Prinzzess seduce Price in her bedroom, contradicting the earlier scene. This is followed by a very corny scene, used dozens of times for Girlfriends Films vignettes, in which Price acts as mentor, convincing the two kids to have sex under her tutelage and with Prinzzess also on the bed having vicarious thrills, before leaving Alice & Tara to go XXX after they are left alone together.

    Locations are overly familiar, with several dialog scenes shot at the set for the famous Lamoyne Hotel bar (of the Twisted Passions series) and a main home with its tall wooden doors used over and over (especially for Alexis Fawx scenes).

    Next Prinzzess meets with Luna Star (at the Lamoyne Hotel bar) and tells her about the drone footage wherein Luna's mom Mindi Mink is revealed having lesbian sex. They visit Mindi who is entertaining her visiting Italian cousin (Valentina Nappi in an irrelevant and unbilled cameo role) and confront MM with the lesbian story.

    Movie becomes really ludicrous at this point, as daughter Luna visits mama MM in her bedroom and comforts the tearful MILF by seducing her incestuously. Luna's thick accent and murmured dialog delivery renders this scene unintelligible (did she reveal they're not really blood relatives perhaps?), just another hot Sapphic scene with 4 big breasts. Luna with black hairdo doesn't look much like her later, more famous blonde incarnation.

    Final vignette introduces two new characters, with Veruca James reciting a recap of the drone saga to her host Hayden Night (she's been staying at her house for several months), with Veruca revealing that she was the mystery woman humped by Mindi in the drone video. Hayden is shocked and grills Veruca about all sorts of kinky matters (amusing and silly content for us fans to listen to): "Do you have a vagina and a penis? So, you're just a lesbian." Discussion goes on to include questions about BDSM, incest, pedophilia, masturbation and sodomy, just thrown in for the fun of it in this idiotic screenplay.

    Veruca goes to bed, praying to God for help in conquering her perversion (i.e., lesbianism). So Hayden, out of nowhere, wanders at night into Veruca's bedroom to seduce V., wrapping up the show with a mutual-masturbation climax.

    Sort of porno stream-of-consciousness, it's a whole lot duller than my description implies. And both confusing and stupid: Prinzzess says she's Alice's sister but later on Veruca says Prinzzess is Tara's sister. So it's ambiguous whether the Prinzzess/Kirsten scene is incest or just P lying about everything, especially since P is constantly playing the troublemaker in these movies.