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  • The awful Brit pornographer Paul Chaplin, who hit paydirt soon after with a series of big-budget porn parodies including "Batf*ks" and "Bonny & Clide" dipped his toe into that ripoff genre with this truly awful takeoff on the Robin Williams hit tv show of yore. To make matters worse, this collection of orgies (Chaplin's specialty) concludes with one involving the cast indulging in cosplay, dressed up in "Star Wars" costumes, and even featuring light sabers.

    The fabulous current big-bust (and big-rump/botox lips) star Amy Anderssen portrays Mork, styled as a blonde a decade back in her less successful career arc. She's the North American (from Canada) ringer in the Brit & Continental cast identifiable by her accent, and given stupid dialog, for which Chaplin has added a laugh track just to ensure that this DVD is most difficult to sit through.

    Joining the starring lineup from a different part of the British Empire (the Indian subcontinent) is Anaya Leon aka Kaia Kane, the best thing in the picture as Mandy, Both she and Amy do a lot of humping, but are upstaged by the endless array of beauties in the orgy scenes, including breast in show brunette Hannah Callow. The many studs involved also get lost in the shuffle, and I could easily identify Steve Hooper and Olivier Sanchez among the uncredited ones giving their all for queen and country.

    To add insult to injury, Chaplin inserts himself into the cast in several roles, including playing Romeo in a performance (presumably at one of Paul Raymond's London show palaces) of Shakespeare, where he seems to be serious, and later pops up as a doctor in a typical burlesque routine featuring explicit sex.

    I wasn't all that surprised to discover after viewing that this title was missing entirely from IMDb a decade after it was shot, an omission I have just rectified.