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  • This "Pure Taboo" compilation of two web episodes for DVD releases epitomizes several constants of the series: mean-spirited tone, drab/color drained visuals and extreme misogyny for the viewer to witness and perhaps decry. Or maybe endorse, though clearly producer Bree Mills is out to show the male of the species in the worst light.

    Title vignette is perfunctory, a young girl (Aubrey Sinclair) renting a room from ultra-creepy Tommy Pistol (he makes Norman Bates seem harmless by comparison). In a totally unconvincing series of events, Pistol hangs out in her room at night and convinces her to have sex with him, which she ends up doing enthusiastically, yet crying in anguish after the money shot. A stupid, downbeat ending is tagged on.

    Pistol's mannered acting style is horrendous, and poor Aubrey is directed to not stay in character or act believably at all, making for a lousy scene filled with mechanical sex.

    Supporting segment titled "Head of the House" saves the day, only through the yeoman efforts of the beautiful Lana Rhoades. Her father's will lets her live in the family home, but executor of the will is her stepbrother Brad Knight, who lords it over as evil master.

    Brad's character is detestable, but he plays it woodenly, robbing the vignette of any dramatic power. At first Lana meekly plays the submissive, yielding to his whims, until he demands sex from her and she takes over. Rhoades' athletic humping is quite a sight to see, leading to a stupid ending. Would that writer Bree Mills would have given her suitable material, and a better co-star.