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  • The title provides truth in advertising for the porn fan: a Dorcel orgy with lovely girls and beautiful photography. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Tiffany Doll is the center of attention, perhaps this being some sort of party in her honor, given the fact that she is blindfolded and taken to the moored raft by a lake where the festivities unfold.

    Director Franck Vicomte has matched up nine ladies with six Euro studs for the nonstop hump-fest, with interesting configurations including at one point the 6 dudes lined up with all nine ladies applying blow-jobs, artfully framed asses up in the air for the camera on a long couch in front of the boys.

    It's lovely to look at, though mindless as are all cinematic orgies. The setting and the girls are attractive, so one can forgive the absence of a set-up or context to the wall-to-wall action.