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  • First of all I have to say that I'm from Costa Rica so my view in this movie is clearly different than others.

    The movie has a great photography and management of movement. The idea is crude, and realistic. it really contrast a problematic of Costa Rica. but I thought it was sort of a Cliché... (the foreign that goes to another country). I found very interesting that I could spot the places where the movie was being shot because I've been there (although most of the movie actually runs in Nicaragua).

    I do believe it is a pride for Costa Rica and Ishtar Yasin to present this movie internationally in so many festivals. Just let's hope the audiovisuals art in Costa Rica continues to grow.
  • kosmasp3 August 2008
    I watched this movie (it does feel more like a documentary) at the Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale), where it did hit a mark with the viewers. Of course it did, with an open confrontation of a "real" problem (children without parents or in this case in the search for them).

    The performances are really great and even if I hadn't read about it, I'd knew that the children weren't actors, but casted because they had a similar "problem" and could relate to the movie's theme. So the drama part works really good and shows us a dark side of our planet, if we dare to look and/or acknowledge it, is a completely different topic ...
  • carolina38329 September 2008
    I really don't get it about this movie, I had high hopes for this movie and I hated it. My boyfriend and I drove a little over an hour to view this movie during the Latin American Film Festival in the DC area and honestly I was a bit disgusted by it. I was born in Costa Rican but my mother is Nicaraguen and it's no secret how bad Nicargua has been in the last years. I know all too well the the necessity to seek a better life no matter what you had to go through to get there. The movie touched on so many topics that were better left out of the movie, one in particular that in my opinion was only added for shock value which is what really disgusted me about it. I wish , or I should say, I hoped going to see it that this movie was going to shed more light on the actual arrival to Costa Rica. The ending... well you'll see what I mean. On a lighter note I found that the children's performance was awesome and the scenes in the movie are quite astounding.