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  • Just when you thought that India Summer and Avy Scott were indispensible to this series, for Part 10 the honchos at Girlfriends Films opted for a total reboot. O sacrilege! But I really enjoyed it, despite my misgivings.

    We're introduced to a new pair of lawyers, Reagan Foxx and Mercedes Carrera, dealing with an unusual and amusing case of warring siblings. Elsa Jean and Harley Jade have inherited a big house from their late mother, but hate each other, to the extent that a blue tape line has been affixed down the middle of the place, demarcating which half belongs to which sister. For example, Elsa gets the kitchen while Harley inhabits the master bedroom.

    Our legal eagles are called in to settle the dispute, with the logical conclusion that the place be put up for sale, the proceeds to be split 50/50. But Harley is completely unreasonable, contending that "mom liked me best" (right out of the Smothers Brothers comedy routine) and that the whole place must belong to her.

    Foxx and Carrera hump one girl each to wear them down, and for the second half of the picture we're introduced to the new tenants after a sale is arranged. But comically the next two ladies, Jenna Sativa and Darcie Dolce, end up in similar straits.

    Darcie is a hit vocalist, with Jenna her life coach, so when her career suddenly goes in the dumps after a flop album, she's ready to jettison Jenna, rather than go through with assigning the new home in Sativa's name. We get to see J & DD have sex before the split, and when the lady lawyers fix things up the show ends with a very hot Sapphic celebration starring Reagan & Mercedes' four massive tits.

    Ultimately the duo go into partnership, with the disputed house under their ownership, to be remodeled into the headquarters of Lesbian Legal -their new firm which not surprisingly bears the exact same logo as previously displayed for the partnership of India, Avy, etc.