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  • Usually these "Mommy's Girl" DVD compilations from Stills & Mills are arousing lesbian sessions involving big MILFs and petite actresses playing their stepdaughters, but this bargain-basement edition fails miserably.

    It's occasionally amusing to see the talented Mona Wales as the mom, but she overstays her welcome. First vignette with her has daughter Nina North ready to come out as a lesbian to mom, and introduce her to her lover Aspen Rae, but the scene stretches out the set-up interminably as dense Mona assumes her kid is dating some rotten guy, and even when lovely Aspen shows up in butch attire, she still thinks she's a guy. Mills as scripter topically uses all the neutral pronouns like they and them when Nina should be saying she to help confuse matters, and the resulting threesome (leaving Mona sexually satisfied) is absurd.

    Mona returns in a different stepmom persona to help her kid AJ Applegate in the bathroom deal with her sudden squirting propensity. It's also a dumb scene, about as farfetched as the other one. All these scenes were "inspired" by members, which only leads me to reiterate that Bree desperately needs to hire a professional screenwriter instead.

    The other two scenes both star a miscast Sarah Jessie as the stepmother. With her big fake breasts, botox lips and multi-tattoos Jessie is hardly the motherly type, and her being groped by horny but beautiful daughter Alexa Grace or later by naughty kid Zoey Taylor (trendily caught vaping and needing to be punished) is all phony.

    I was glad to see the "Immoral Proposal" interior upstairs used as a shooting location, but that's about it.