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  • Jim Powers has an amusing take on several types of porn in this set of four vignettes about having sex with a TS stepsister. Indicative of the humor is when a guy played by Jonah Marx is afraid of coming out as gay, for fear of retribution and humiliation by his church's pastor, who happens to be named Pence.

    Jonah is comically set "straight" by his busty and well-hung sis (not cis mind you) Tori Mayes, who agrees to attend to church with him as his girlfriend, looking very much female to the rest of the congregation, thus allaying any rumors as to bro's sexual orientation. However, first she treats him to some pegging after he's through giving her a blow-job.

    Pegging is also the domain of beautiful star Chanel Santini, about to become the step-sister of Chad Diamond when their parents get married. They are at a dance club, and he's surprised to learn it is frequented by T-girls. The slow-witted Chad gradually discovers that his new sister is transsexual too, just in time for her to put her dick where the sun doesn't shine.

    Superstar Aubrey Kate delivers more pegging with the wimpy Rick Fantana her victim, and rounding out the show the familiar Gay Porn star Jaxton Wheeler services the very frail looking and overly tattooed TS ingenue Freya Wynn, a mere slip of a T-girl.

    Each situation has its humorous overtones, thanks to Powers, a master of black humor dating back to his hit "Perverted Stories" series of two decades back.