Jessica: When we first met you seemed so elusive and brooding and intense, an enigmatic poet. But what I took to be deep and mysterious has just turned out to be really sad and unhappy.

Mother: Why are you smiling?

Art: I got a surprise for you and dad.

Mother: Don't say that dear.

Ronny: Therapy was invented in the sixties, do you know what invented means? It means it doesn't exist.

Art: Mum, Dad, This is Dr. Ellington. He's going to make me be more normal. He's very, very famous. Very, very successful.

Art: I've moved back in. For a while. Back home.

Mother: Well, it was just a matter of time. Look, I really got to go. Please try to not make a mess of things.

Jeremy: You know, they do anything to be in a position at your age.

Art: I know. That's why I am volunteering. Giving my time, to help the community.

Ronny: I have a balance of self already.

Nikki: Tell me really. Do you actually like your self?

Ronny: Yeah.

Nikki: Really?

Ronny: No.

Art: I want my personal therapist here during any formal discussion.

Jeremy: You have a personal therapist?

Art: Shut up in yo' face.