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  • This Penthouse release is presented under its Forum banner, but departs entirely from that "letters to Forum magazine" format used in the past. It's merely a set of four cliched vignettes set at a resort hotel.

    But director Don Won Demarco, whose Penthouse output over the past couple of years has varied widely in terms of quality, doesn't provide any exterior scenes to make this play like a real movie, and one vignette of the bags delivered to a room is obviously a motel not a hotel.

    The scenes are corny in the extreme: Beautiful and lanky Alexa Grace has sex with a considerably shorter bellhop played by Nathan Bronson, or masseur Romeo Price services resident Sloan Harper in a standard Oiler segment.

    Cover girl Gianna Dior is fetching as an after-hours hump in the lounge for bartender Tyler Nixon, while ethereal blonde Emma Hix is a new hire as a maid (we never get to see her in costume, a potential fetish opportunity wasted), who immediately humps her new boss Ryan Driller.