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  • What a brilliant movie man! What a movie! I generally do not watch the modern Bengali films much. But this truly is one of my favourite Bengali films ever!!!

    I can definitely say Subhasree has outrun Ritwick in terms of acting. What a magnificent film by Raj Chakraborty! He is definitely back in his form after a long long time. But for the best. Starting from the beautiful storytelling, to the amazing music, this movie is truly a MUST WATCH!

  • Humour mixed with tragedy perfectly defines the film. A must watch.
  • Watched a good bengali movie after a long time.. Really great.. Everyone's work was good.. But I have to mention Subhashree's name specially.. She has done her best till date.. It was so natural.. And Raj Chakraborty is in his form after a long time.. Hope to see more good movies like this from him in the future..The songs were great.. You have to have patience while watching it.. Everything will be clear at the end.. Just go for it..
  • Quite good . Don't think that it will be like the same old story. There is a sweet love story between a teacher and his student. And a tragedy. You will also get some surprises. Go for it.
  • bivashdn29 December 2019
    Thanks to the team for giving us a very good movie!
  • The Story much good! Acting of Subsree is highly professional! Babai-Da looking awesome in this type of character! And Raj Chakraborty add a new talent in this industry that little guy!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Storyline is okay.....

    But the acting by Subhashree is just beyond excellence..... transition of her character from a girl to an adult women.....she has just nailed every bit of her will fall in love with her.

    Rwitick Chakraborty is as usually brilliant....and all the actors have done great job.

    Direction is also good.....but the story could have been better to push the rating to 8 or 8.5 or 9 was great till the interval then in the second half the story turned into stereotypical bengali/hindi movie plot.....

    But still is a much better film than many other Bengali commercial films.
  • I cried in hall...Subhashree has outrunned rittik in acting...yes! u heard right...wont talk much...just go for this movie..its a must watch!
  • Honestly, I hardly watch any Bengali movie ever but this one's trailer got me big time! The movie will bring an instant smile on your face and in the same breath it will make you cry...bad. Such amazing performance is very rarely seen these days. Subhashree has done such a great job and Raj Chakraborty's 'Babai Da' will bring tears to your eyes everytime you see him in the other half... Amazing of the greatest movies ever.
  • at-6531522 December 2019
    Brilliant content and real too. Subhashree's performance was realky good and ritwick is my favorite actor so,that says it all.Keep up the good work.
  • This movie has a very strong story. The acting power of Shuvasree is the main pillar of this film
  • rockr-madmax8 December 2019
    Though it doesn't deliver anything grand, but the movie has its heart in the right place. The length and pacing is also justified, it doesn't lose its track from the main story. Another great thing is its music, which consists of only three songs, and all of them fit right in the movie plot.
  • oleezone999 September 2020
    Full of stupidity and garbage. Totally time waste Movie Don't waste your valuable time.
  • The story of this movie is just amazing. After you see the last scene of this movie e you can clear the story and all suspense over, if you are a Bengali you have to watch this movie
  • A simple dialogue forced me to witness this masterpiece. #Suvasree, she just blew away each and every exhibition. Regarding story, Raj chak produced something that will live for ages. The blending of romance with a genuine social phenomenon; ufffffff!

    A true masterpiece. #Suvasree deserves a billion heart for her mindboggling acting. She was really came like a Goddess in this movie.

    Ekbare lokkhi Thakur
  • goutamkolay16 May 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    A very, very different Bengali commercial cinema. All actors and actresses had done their job prominently. Specially Ritwick Chakraborty, Subhashree Ganguly and Laboni Sarkar. A one sided love by a teenage girl Mehul(Bose) to her neighbour usually called 'Babai da', a honest, geeky, kind hearted boy, who used to help her in studies. But the story takes a topsy turvy turn when Babaida commits suicide. This one incident changes Mehul's life. Here comes the twist in d tale.Mehul finally got the job in a corporate where her babai da wrked but she has to take revenge. The journey starts now. Subhashree made justice to character.Moreover the story is brilliant.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is the first time that I recognise who is actually Shubhosree Ganguly...her acting as school girl it's just fabulous ...this film is the landmark film of her career...director Raj also tells the story in a mature and realistic approach.Rittwik is as usual great, enchanted everyone by his smile...overall this is a must watch for all bengali cinema lover ....and one thing tears will surely roll down your the time of watching...specially when banai daa's mother passes away...the mental dilemma through which mehul was passing....everything...I fall in love with this film.. Great work...
  • A very, very different movie from your run of the mill Bengali commercial cinema. Subhasree and Ritwick bring to life the old Bengali para, and the unsaid, but heartfelt romances of school. While the ending is convenient, and slightly filmy, the rest of the film warms your heart. It is the journey of Mehul, a happy-go-lucky school girl, madly in love with her Babai dada.. who, during the course of the film, metamorphoses into a calm young woman, shouldering responsibilities of not only her own family, but the family that she loves deeply. If this film was made by Raj Chakraborty to showcase Subhasree's many talents, then he succeeds wonderfully. Subhasree shoulders the entire film, playing the carefree school girl and the poised working woman with elan.

    The film is not perfect in parts, but it has a lot of heart. It deals with adolescence, crushed hopes, mismatches and missed matches, and the journeys of life. It deals with memories, with the true meaning of love and commitment, tragedies and the meaning of being married. A film which sheds the trappings of the modern world to look deeply into human feelings, and the need to hold on to something and someone that you love.

    Watch Parineeta, if only to remember your own crushes, your first love, and to understand what love could mean to some.
  • Well, I love the whole concept, presentation of the movie and the acting of the two lead characters. The actress, she played two role. First one is when she was younger and the second one when she become matured and seeking rage. Both of the life stage was perfectly picturized by her. And the actor who played Babai-Da was magnificent. I really loved it.
  • Watch the movie at list for her acting! to good a performance from a bengali actress after a long time!
  • The movie started really amazingly. The plot, direction, acting all went very smoothly. You will be directly hooked with the movie from the beginning. From around 60+ minutes it goes downhill a bit. Few times I thought what the *u*k has happened suddenly.

    Give it a try. Overall a watchable movie.

    P. S. Whatever time Ritwick Chakraborty was on the screen, along with Subhasree, was pure gold.
  • paragm31 December 2019
    Excellent work by Shubhasree Ganguly & Raj Chakraborty. I've enjoyed very much.
  • titonsahashuvo29 December 2019
    Impressing come back from Shuvoshree. Specailly the teenage part, Amazing! Ritwick performed as usal. Final twist makes the film more interesting. A soft story to watch with your family & specially with your partner. A must watch for quality bangla film lover. The song "Pran Dite Chai (Tomake)" suits perfectly with the film which created a temptation to watch the film. Keep it up Raj Chakraborty. 🙂
  • maruf_drmc27 December 2019
    Getting review in facebook. It was almost irresistable for me to see this movie. and this movie overcome my expectation. what a piece of mastery from shuvosree. And i wish indian bangla movie industry will go long way with this artist. And the song of shreya ghosal. what a lyric and beautiful sweet voice of her. just loved it.
  • With great expectations from the trailer the movie has fallen flat on its face. Acting of subhashree is good. The script is awful with illogical climax. Had a great chance of portraying kolkata which is missing thoroughly. Many characters are out of focus. First time writtik has done a bad scripted movie..

    N.B : if u watch only bengali and hindi movies u might enjoy this illogical drama.

    But if u watch rigorous Hollywood u will waste ur 1.56 hours