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  • Just when you think it can't get better, Gujarati movies keep surprising you!

    Story, screenplay, acting, direction - Dhunki scores a perfect 10 🙌 across!!

    It's a story of aspiring entrepreneurs, played by Pratik Gandhi and Deeksha Joshi, who are tired of their thankless and unfulfilling IT jobs and want to aspire big. It's a story about their struggles to make their venture successful and how it has been affecting their personal life and family goals.

    I particularly liked the work of the dialog writers. The conversations sound very real - just like how normal people talk. The writers have taken liberty to have contemporary vocabulary - Gujlish if one may say.

    The performances have been brilliant, especially by Pratik Gandhi. The chemistry between Pratik Gandhi and Kaushambi Bhatt was probably one of the most underrated strong point of the movie. The character of Vishal Shah would remind you of Rahul Bose in Dil Dhadakne Do, but with a much better performance.

    Music is minimal but very much relevant to the story and melodious.

    Definitely watch it!!
  • samabc-3195217 October 2020
    Entrepreneurship is following one's passion, taking risks and showing guts., a very refreshing and delightful Gujarati movie...
  • doshi-niravh15 September 2019
    Dunno why the film makers decided to rob the audience of a happily ever after ending. Otherwise its a documentary not a movie.
  • Ek vaar Chokaspane jojo aa movie & that too with full family...Natural story line ane Acting pan jordar che boss...Gujarati cinema Foreseeing Success..👌👏
  • Awesome movie.. A must watch for young people who want to do something out of the box The story is great and amazing work done by Anish Shah and his team.. . Loved it !!! Must watch...
  • Nice Movie about two friends starting a food delivery business after quitting their well-paying IT jobs.. Great storyline and both Pratik Gandhi and Deeksha Joshi have done a great job...
  • It's a new storyline to the Gujarati film industry and both the lead actors have done a great job!

    Only con is the movie is slow but it will manage to make you hold on
  • nirmitoza1 January 2021
    Very slow and long and not at all engaging. First half too boring and very bad ending. It bad direction and writing acting is good. If I say it in this movies' language the the starter is too long good engaging short main course and poor desert.
  • hardik-imdb15 December 2020
    Each minute my inner soul was shaking up. (or breaking up?) Disturbing movie in a good way. Movie was continuously making me nurveous while watching. But in short story is very insightful but definitely not for entertainment.
  • saqlainahmed-9943717 October 2020
    It teaches you about managing professional life and personal life very well... It's my fav
  • I saw the trailer of Dhunki last year and instantly got connected to story as it was so authentic and fresh. Gujarati cinema has never seen something like this. In the past many creators has tried doing something like this and kudos to all of them but very few actually made it through the audience's heart and this movie surely was one of them. Creators has took big risk by not going with the typical storyline which is actually earning them great returns nowadays and it is really praiseworthy. Story is beautiful, it keeps you hooked up till the end. Dialogues are very well written and all feels very realistic and authentic. Direction is also very nice. Saw many creative shots and was really impressed by the sense of direction. The last but not the least, The Music.Woah, i mean according to me it has beautiful music. All the songs are spot on, exactly where they need to be. They enhances the sceneplay and takes the experience to whole another level. Especially the background score, i personally loved it. Overall it was very nicely done and i totally loved it. Last time if i can remember such similar venture is BAS EK CHANCE, which is also great movie. Great work guys, and thank you for inspiring us and entertaining us with such a beautifully crafted piece of art. Cheers
  • paraskela2 September 2020
    Must watch novie. Nice storyline, amazing acting. Perfect star cast.
  • A story comprising of two friends who are working into IT industry gets a turn and starts their business of food delivery. They get a chance to start the business by putting everything they have at stake. It's so nice to see a change form the typical love story where this one quotes the issues they face during the business run and how it takes progressed and all. For sure it's a worth watching.
  • vikaspp6 January 2020
    Unique story, very good performance of all artist.
  • music, lyrics, screen play, acting, dialogue, and story....must watch
  • srivardhanms11 October 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this movie in Amazon Prime with Subtitles. I am not a Gujurathi, and I don't understand Gujarathi. Dhunki is a collection of excellent story, screenplay, acting and direction. The story is real and not something fantasy. You can relate to the characters. There is no exaggeration in the protagonists. They are just simple as anyone else. I loved the climax. It is not typical happily ever after! By not showing us the result the director has left the way the story should end to the viewer. Just watch the movie. It is an awesome family watch.
  • dhavalpithwa26 September 2019
    Movie Bahu Mast Movie Che Super Slow Movie Che pan Nice .
  • mitalitrivedi14 September 2019
    Wow,what a movie! Opps sorry what a Gujarati movie. I m proud. This is my first gujarati movie which have not a dramatic story. Purely realistic movie it is. Its bit slow but i loved it's plot. I m glad i have watched it. It made my night.thanks to all team. So what?!😆😆
  • Close to real story of Amazing IT engineers life who struggles with their weekly routine and challenges. Pratik, Deeksha and Kasushambhui works hard and perform with their best capacity. Ahmedabad society culture, Office situation, Start up cgallenges and family Pressure were shown close to real life
  • A decent movie, watchable once for sure. The good part is the story and the open ended ending which makes you interprete rather than tell you khadhu pidhu ne mauj kari.

    Songs are ok and add to the narrative value of the movie. I wish if it had more lighter moments.
  • After new age of Gujarati movies started, suddenly lot of directors have jumped into and started making same old cliche content in the modern way. So it is high time that someone goes beyond those topic and make something which is bit different and relevant at the same time. As far as the acting is concerned the leads have done fantastic work. But other than that everyone sucks. Like you need to get some good actors on the table. Pratik Gandhi has somewhat nailed his part & deeksha joshi has also done her part. Overall it is a good film. Execution could've been better.
  • Very nice movie... The way it is presented and struggle for running a startup its fact... Best part is there nothing like romance... Only perfect way of showing a movie...
  • Its a very nice family movie..nIt is very fresh and real, like Juhi Chaturvedi and Zoya Akhtar films.nAnybody who has ever did a startup or small business will relate to it.
  • Gujju cinema growing..Be Yaar, Chhelow Divas, Chal Jivi Laiye and Now Dhunki
  • kimberrllymack27 July 2019
    Movie ma vacche vacche english no use chhe..but that is part of script i think
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