Julie: You don't want to die. You just wanted that drama. What you did was serious, and it affects people. It affects me. I wish I could help you 'cause you need it. But I'm not going overboard for you. I got my own shit, I'm doing my own thing.

Greta: She must have been pretty.

Julie: Who?

Greta: R.S.

Julie: R.S. was a he.

[awkward silence, then Julie laughs]

Julie: No, not like that. He was a good friend of mine.

Greta: Does he have your initials tattooed on his wrist?

Julie: No.

Greta: Why not?

Julie: 'Cause I'm not dead.

Greta: That DMV guy was emotionally unstable, okay? It was not my driving that made him cry.

Joseph: She's your family, Katherine. She's your flesh and blood. She's not some enemy you have to defeat.

Greta: Julie! Julie, wait.

Julie: That was bullshit, you know that? How you put my business out there, just so you could scare her.

Greta: It was a joke.

Julie: Okay you know what, I don't like being the punchline of your joke.

Julie: What's with you anyway? Why, why are you like this?

Julie: You didn't think twice about leaving me out to dry just so you could screw her.

Julie: You know what bothers me even more than you playing me right now is, you staring at me with those big sexy eyes and...

Greta: You wanna kiss me.

Julie: Hell yeah I wanna kiss you.

Greta: How do you survive without cable?

Katherine: Oh yeah, it's really tough, Greta. Sometimes we cry ourselves to sleep at night.

Lou: Sit down Greta. I'm not trying to pick on you, but you have to treat customers like what they are.

Greta: Thumbtacks in my ass?

Katherine: Course, you could've told us it was your day off.

Greta: Well you could've let me know it was your day to get off.

Julie: You know, you can't control every damn thing that happens in your life.