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  • I will not go into the plot of the movie too much as I believe you can look elsewhere for that information.

    I will start by telling you that if you are expecting the typical Hilary Duff flick, you will be either very disappointed or pleasantly surprised. This is her most serious role to date and excludes the fluffy elements and leaves you with a Character who most viewers can empathise with as a lot of us have at one point in our lives held an extremely cynical and fearful view on life and growing older, even if we haven't come from dysfunctional families and experienced such difficulties as the character 'Greta'.

    Hilary Duff narrates the movie in a way, through talking to the viewer and writing in her diary. I have always favoured films that are narrated by a character as you become more involved with the story and without Greta telling us what she is thinking and how she feels we could not empathise with her half as much.

    The soundtrack is amazing and captures every moment perfectly. My advice is to watch this film at night when you're feeling mellow and reflective, it will in no doubt drift you off into a bittersweet melancholy. It is artistic, gripping and is free of dull time-filling moments that have no relevance to the story or characters that are being portrayed.

    I have not been able to stop thinking about the characters, the quotes, the music, the meaning behind everything Greta is saying. A truly amazing piece of work. 9 out of 10, for its genre in my opinion, this comes close to perfection.
  • This movie really gives a wide range of different thoughts, feelings, actions and things you might bump into in life. With excellent acting, brilliant filming and music that calms your mind, it's a home run. Hilary Duff goes beyond any movie you have ever seen her in, and delivers a performance worthy an Acadamy award, and with help from fantastic actors such as Evan Ross, Micheal Murphy, Melissa Leo and the always wonderful Ellen Burstyn, there is no doubt this movie is going to become dear to many people.

    This movie suits for everybody who has ever been young and confused, and offers a lot for the audience. Everyone will find something they like about this movie, or else they just won't admit it. Get yourself some fuel for thought, and watch this movie, you won't regret it.
  • This movie has potential. Hilary Duff is convincing as a teen who is struggling. The problem is this movie isn't really about suicide. It's really just about a teen who is disrespectful to other people and abusive to older adults (this is not okay).

    I stopped watching in the middle because it was boring and cringeworthy to watch.

    The actors were fine. The storyline has potential. But this is not an accurate portrayal of a suicidal teen. The problem with these types of movies is they stigmatize the problem even more. People are going to watch this and think all suicidal teens are disrespectful and rude when this is not true.

    I'll probably get "not helpful" votes for posting this. It's also the truth.
  • Xarabe13 December 2009
    This small independent movie was probably the least hyped movie Hilary Duff has had and it's ironically also her best (imo of course). Greta is sarcastic but not over the top witty that it becomes annoying (alas Juno - sorry Juno fans, I disliked that character). I feel a part of this can be attributed to Hilary's girl-next-door look turned brat delivery. I can imagine other actresses of Hilary's ilk trying out this role and not succeeding as well as she has. The character's narcissistic flaws are shown but a part of you likes her because of it. Her selfishness juxtaposed with her tolerant grandparents is fun to watch but also kind of sad and sorrowful when you realize why Greta misses her father and acts the way she does. The tension is nicely subtle and with modestly effective emphasis on supporting characters. Although the title itself features the main character's name, I liked the fact each supporting character is also appointed their own personal back story and just how this all comes into play with Greta's decision.

    The performances were delicately fine. Hilary, well what can I say, she has won me over! Although I liked some of her earlier teen work, I don't think I took her for someone who could carry this film - and she did so well. Hilary definitely soars this time around! Ellen, Michael, Melissa and Evan are all strong support.

    Props to Michael Gilvary for writing a simply funny and touching but not annoyingly sardonic and sappy film.

    This is indeed, Hilary's best!
  • muzzbo8 January 2015
    This may not be a very long review but I think it is one worth reading. Everyone is saying how it is good acting but I am insulted! Overall it is a good film but as a teenager myself who is suffering from depression and suicidal thought myself, I feel that this film has portrayed this type of person completely wrong! I am in almost the same situation as Greta but I am disgusted by the way that chose to act out her role! If she really was suicidal she would not be telling everyone like that! She would be hiding it inside and killing herself quietly! She would show more signs of depression like food disorders, or even just depression! I cannot bring myself to understand how someone who was suffering from such a severe illness would then be able to throw it all away at the end and just be 'fine'!
  • Finally! I have been waiting for this film for two years. I remember it being filmed in early 2008, or might've been earlier than that. The delay has made me think the film was terrible and no movie studio wanted to release it. But I was wrong, the film isn't terrible at all. It's better than I thought it would be.

    'Greta' is a quirky comedic drama that shocks, makes you laugh, and makes you go "awe" at the diverse relationship that Greta forms with her co-worker, Julie. Whenever the film started off, I was reminded of such films as 'Juno' and 'Georgia Rule', but this film is much darker than that.

    The film is only 88 minutes, but it's entertaining all through-out and Greta takes you on a ride that'll keep you watching. Hilary Duff's acting has improved over the years, and it really shows in this specific film.

    I could see why this film didn't go to theatres. But I also want to know why it didn't? 'Greta' definitely lands itself in my favourite movies of 2009. Great straight-to-DVD films are hard to find, and while finding this film in the recent straight-to-DVD films in the past years, it's like I've found gold.

    The only problem I had with the film is that the beautiful relationship between Greta and Julie is left teasingly unresolved.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    In the movie Greta Hilary Duff has definitely step up from her usual squeaky clean teen movie. She plays Greta a sixteen year old who is a trip without the luggage. Her mother is on her third marriage and decides its time for Greta to spend some time with her grandparents much to her dismay. She is confident and smart but you can tell through the movie that she is searching for something. That something that she gets is with is first love with Julie(Evan Ross) she seems to be into it but her grandparents seem to have a problem with his skin color and criminal past. This bothers them when Greta is trying to find ways to kill herself and she has disrupted their lives in the first place. Her grandparents after awhile realize she needs love from them, but also her mother who is too busy with her marriage at the beginning of the movie. This movies show problems that can occur from interracial relationships.

    This movie shows how parents can be neglectful and not see that their children are asking for help without really saying it. And how a little change in the environment can make a whole lot of difference. It tells a story about how color shouldn't matter when it comes to love. This is in my opinion Hilary Duff's best movie so far she actually shows real emotions and has problems that all teens can relate to in one way or another.
  • Briefly, this is a surprising little movie. When I first started playing my little illegal download, I thought I would be deleting it right away--the beginning reminded me of Juno, and when I saw Hilary Duff''s name I reached for the mouse, but something made me keep watching after I saw Ellen Burstyn's name. I ended up watching the entire thing, and loved it. A shame fine little film's like this one don't get the recognition they deserve. It's quirky and well written, and well acted by all involved. Duff is quite good but for me the actor playing Julie really deserves special praise---he captured the reformed and formerly troubled teen perfectly, winning over not only me but Great's grandparents as well. I agree with one of the other reviewers in that there is one resolved situation Only gripe: what happened between Julie and Greta???
  • elivbg112 March 2010
    This movie left me pleasantly surprised. I was not expecting much but it delivered. It does not seem like a high budget movie; the plot is not terribly interesting but there is a human story that really touched me. There is definitely a bright ray of hope in the movie. By the way, I was also very surprised by the performance of Hilary Duff, it was actually quite good. This is a great example of a movie with a cast that is not famous but who work together well to portray the characters. It is one of those movies that I may not remember all the details of but I will remember that it had some good meaning... Watch it, you won't regret it.
  • First, this film is not for very young children. Hilary Duff does both producing and starring in this dark comedy about a 17 year old teenager, Greta, from New York City whose sent to exile for the summer with her grandparents played by Ellen Burstyn and Michael Murphy who are divine in their roles. Melissa Leo plays Greta's mother but she's not on long enough and it's a shame because Duff, Leo, and Burstyn have some of their finest scenes together. Anyway, Greta is sent to live in Ocean Grove, New Jersey which is a seaside community and not far from the infamous Asbury Park which was crime ridden and left in ashes. Anyway, Greta gets a job at a restaurant. She is determined to end her life by 18 but things might change her point of view and it might be the best summer she ever had.
  • After about 45 minutes I found myself apologising to my partner for having suggested this film. Our "viewing experience" was one of annoyance, endurance and waiting. Waiting for it to get better, but it didn't.

    Greta is this annoying teenage brat that has been sent to her "grams" (as she calls both her grandparents), so her mother can patch up her third marriage. This and the fact that her father is dead is v. unsurprisingly revealed as the source of her "teenage angsty" pain.

    She is so rude and awful to everyone that one waits for her to fall flat on her stupid face. However, since by minute 45 she hasn't yet, but rather has found a guy, who was nice to her despite and threatened to turn this annoying waste of time film into a sappy waste of time romance, we aborted MISSION ENDURANCE! We simply didn't want to risk possibly NOT seeing her fall flat on her face and wasting another 45 minutes.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is, without question, the best movie that Hilary Duff has ever starred in. She was brilliant in this film and I have waited 2 years for this movie to come out! I watched it online and I plan on buying it when it is released on DVD & Blu-ray. Hilary Duff really expanded her ability towards acting. I love how the director put Evan Ross as her love interest for the film because these two went perfect together! I especially loved the mature make-out scenes that was shown, especially the bedroom one. Hilary Duff is a fantastic actress and the cast for this movie was put together wonderfully. I simply cannot wait for the DVD to come out and I wished that I could have saw this movie in theaters but I do not think it is going to be released (since producers are always changing the release date). I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!

  • Greta is a movie about a typical rebellious 17 year old girl with a unusual goal in life, to end it before the fun is over. When I first heard about the plot of this movie, I thought it was going to be just a typical Hilary Duff movie; I dint expect anything good of it. My girlfriend decided to go and get a movie one night out of the Redbox, and came home with According to Greta. I began watching and was instantly reminded of Lizzie Maguire(Hilary's voice is still exactly the same) and I was already under the assumption that it was going to be a long night. After I got over her light 12 year old voice, I realized that Hilary did a wonderful job.

    I can't find anything bad to say about her acting or the movie. Actually the ending could have had a little more depth to it but that happens in a lot of movies. The script was great(accept for the ending) every actor did a terrific job, and it made a lasting impression, and completely changed my negative views of Hilary Duff; she is a great actress and grew into a very beautiful young woman.
  • This is a profile of an 'outta control' teenaged girl who is such a nightmare that nobody can stand her. She is called Greta, hence the title of the film (which in America has been released both as GRETA and as ACCORDING TO GRETA), but in Britain the film was released as SURVIVING SUMMER. Greta is meant to be 17, but she is played by Hilary Duff aged 22 at the time, and although Duff manages all the mannerisms, self-pitying voice-whine, and body language OK, her face just looks too old for 17. Never mind, it's a movie. Nightmarish teenagers have been portrayed on the screen before, but rarely has such a total nightmare as Greta been seen. We eventually learn some background, and discover that her father died in Viet Nam when she was six (it seems therefore that the action of this film is meant to be set in about 1980), and because her mother is such a narcissistic nutter, she has never even been shown a photo of him. So one of her many problems is that 'she needs to be loved' and is searching for a father but is too proud to admit it. (Meanwhile the mother is trying to work out her relationship with the man whom Greta calls 'husband number nine'.) However, the world is full of girls who need to be loved, have lost their fathers and have crazy mothers, but they aren't all as wild and impossible as Greta. While the mother sorts herself out (an impossible task in itself), Greta is dumped for the summer with her maternal grandparents, played to perfection by Ellen Burstyn and Michael Murphy. They live in one of the only two decent resort towns on the New Jersey shore, namely the northern one, Ocean Grove (the southern one being Cape May of course). They live a very tranquil summer existence in one of those genteel, rambling Victorian chocolate box houses. Suddenly dynamite blows up in their faces, by way of the granddaughter Greta's unwelcome arrival. She strides in, sulking and rude, sprawls on the sofa with a remote in her hand and whines that they do not have cable TV so that she cannot watch her reality shows. It gets worse and worse and worse. At first we think no one will survive summer, and indeed Ellen Burstyn does have a heart attack from the stress caused. Greta is so obnoxious, revolting, and horrible that it is impossible to feel any sympathy for her, and countless viewers must have wished she could be humanely put down. However, the story is of the progressive taming of the wild kid. The film is very well made, and I guess Greta, the poor thing, is worth a bit of sympathy at the end because she is not really a bad person, she is just a crazy mixed-up kid who is more extreme in her disorders than most. To her credit, she refuses to take the tranquilizers which have been prescribed for her. (Never take one of those!) As a human tornado, wreaking damage on all sides, Hilary Duff is entirely convincing, so much so in fact that I would hate to run into her in a dark alley anywhere. I suppose the film is all about learning compassion. There is a very sensitive and excellent performance by the young actor Evan Ross of a boy who tries to understand Greta and is fond of her. As the saying goes, he 'has his work cut out for him'. The film is directed by Nancy Bardawil and is her only feature so far. She shows not only considerable directorial ability but a great deal of courage in taking on a project as challenging as this. Michael Gilvary wrote a very convincing screenplay. But anybody thinking of spending the summer at Ocean Grove had better watch out, and above all avoid any sulky young girls, as they might be the terrifying Greta!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Oh how this movie had me hooked. It was dark, some slight humour and some fantastic acting (especially a highly under rated performance from Michael Murphy)and instead of a finish that should have been highly praised and talked about, we get the sappy Hollywood ending cop-out that brings this movie down. It had so much going for it, Hilary Duff rising to the performance of 'Greta' , basically someone who doesn't see the point of reaching her twenties and is figuring out the best way to make sure that happens. Her mom farms her out to her grandparents where of course Greta learns as much from them as they do from her. As well she falls in love and start throwing in all the clichés and you get the picture, no need to watch the ending. The huge impact of Greta almost drowning is actually more comical then serious and this is where the movie starts to go down. Fast forward to Greta's mother arriving and you can basically write the happy ending on your own. In this case, I think they should have diverted from the source material and went to a darker ending instead of the usual crap and this movie might have been one for the ages, instead its an enjoyable view for about 70-minutes. Then turn the DVD off and make your own ending!!
  • I watched this movie with my daughter last night. Do yourself a favor and skip this one. Watch Georgia Rule instead if you like movies about growing up daughters. The character Greta is such an unsympathetic character (Is she playing herself?) that we both (young and old!) found it painful to watch. The whole story/dialog is not credible. We just kept going so we felt entitled to write this review. Painful also because we could not understand why a girl of 17 (also not credible, sorry Hillary) would consistently behave like she did and then all of a sudden turn soft on a random person. We did like the performance of the grandparents specially Ellen Burnstyn's performance. Can you imagine that you send a daughter who is like Greta to your elderly parents. That could be considered cruel, in fact it is just not credible again. We both do like serious/confronting movies but this is not one in that category.
  • I just watched the movie. It was good till the time comes to wrap up. I didn't like the ending of a very-well made up Drama. A suicidal teen, caring Grams, Over-Sensitive guy and a hate-able mother. But, I think this movie could have made it to the theaters if it were in good hands. The movie seemed to be a soap opera. But, that doesn't matter. It was an original movie for the rising actress Hilary Duff with some real issue and a massage. I wish Hilary Duff gets noticed for her work. It seems to me that she has a better future in acting. It's a very well written movie and an entertaining one if you just like Hilary you should give it a try. She's awesome. Even though she was a suicidal, I didn't see how much? It's a director's fault, not Hilary's. Wrapping it off with good-luck to Ms. Duff.
  • This movie was, simply put, amazing.

    The things that the producers were able to do with very basic plot was incredible. It's basically "Georgia Rule", but much better.

    Greta is a sarcastic, pessimistic, rebellious teenager that has been sent to live with her grandparents over the summer. During her trip, she learns more about herself and the people around her. As I said, basic plot.

    But the acting was amazing, the humor was solid, and the compassion in this film was heartwarming. I can't stop watching this movie; I don't understand why something like this isn't in the theaters, but a movie like "The Last Song", which I didn't particularly enjoy at all, managed to gain a wider range of viewers.

    This movie is deep. And it's funny. And it's really well-done. I don't know what else I can say. It's a definite ten for me.
  • "Greta" is a girlish movie which has to do with a young suicidal and rebellious teen girl who move in with her grandparents during summer. There she will found out some new things about life which will make her think more about it and how she will get on with it.

    I believe that the interpretation of Hilary Duff who obviously played as Greta it was not her best such as Evan Ross who played as Julie. Although this movie tried to combine drama with fun but it did not succeed on it.

    To sum up I have to say that "Greta" it is not the best movie of Hilary Duff and I believe that her fans will be let down if they watch it, so I do not recommend it to you. Now if you want these kind of staff then you will have different opinion about all of that.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The funniest just garbage i think i have ever seen its SO bad The only way you could enjoy this is drunk or drugged <3

    Hilary duff may be a queen but this made me want to throw up
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'll keep this short. The acting wasnt good at all from any of the cast really. the cinematography was just a D- all around. The plot wasnt really interesting in any way either. Also i thought it was really weird how in the last ten minutes of the movie greta's mom arrives at her parents house to send her to a bootcamp and they get into a big fight and the grandfather and her boyfriend agree that Greta WONT be going to this camp and she will stay at their house and that her mom will be joining them so that "the family can get to know each other..." better. This seemed like the only conflict that could have been interesting in the context of this movie but right after the fight and they leave the mom there, the next cut is Greta, her mom, and Grandma looking at old pictures and laughing together and then the movie ends. like what? you didnt explore this at all? like That should have been the movie instead of all the uninteresting, disengaging, and honestly, extremely dull things that they did turn into this terrible movie. I wouldnt recommend this movie to anyone. 0/10 stars.
  • 6/2/18. Greta (Duff) is the nightmare 17 year-old you wouldn't want to ever know. Feel sorry for the grandparents (Burnstyn and Murphy) who have been recruited by a errant daughter (Leo) who has her own issues to babysit their obnoxious granddaughter for the summer. Total drama all day, all night, all the time, Duff's character was extremely annoying throughout. Burnstyn and Murphy stole the movie, along with Evan Ross from Duff. Ross plays a young teen trying to get back on track with his life and can see right through Duff's drama and calls her out on it. Even though there was a happy ending for everyone, Duff's character was truly one who gives Adolescence a bad name.
  • photojess121930 April 2018
    I love Hilary Duff. Her music and a couple of her movies I have, but I did not like this movie at all. Hilary Duff is a sweet, nice and happy person from what we see in real life. This movie to me made her look annoying and so not Hilary Duff role. No thanks...
  • According to Greta is surprisingly a good movie.

    It reminded me of Juno at the beginning with some witty sarcastic lines by Hilary Duff, made up for the dark theme, which let's face it no parents ever want to talk about...Sucidial teens.

    I thought all the cast did a wonderful job and the plot was well written. My only issue with According to Greta was i felt the movie towards the end was rushed and the ending was a little disappointing.

    Is it worth buying the DVD? Lets face it, if Hilary name is on the front of a DVD cover it may be a bit awkward to get it past the counter if your a guy like me. However the movie is worth buying even if it's embarrassing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When i picked up this DVD from the stand I thought since it was cheap I'd check it out, I didn't expect much, it being a Hilary Fluff film and all. The girl at the register said it wasn't much chop either, so when i got home and we put it on, I was surprised.

    Most reviews say the movie focuses on the blossoming and forbidden relationship between Greta and Julie. I don't believe this is totally true. It's about a suicidal girl who is shipped to her grandparents because her mother can't handle her. Romance plays a secondary role but does admittedly help in her ridding her suicidal tendencies, though it isn't the main focus of the movie.

    Something no-one has mentioned yet, it did remind me quite a bit of Miley Cyrus's The Last Song, a rebel daughter going to a relatives for summer, builds better relationships with family, and develops relationship with local boy, all of which makes her a better happier person. Agreement with others on the Juno and Georgia Rule similarities too.

    I also(even though i don't think the film focuses on their romance)want to know what happens between Greta and Julie. The ending lets it down, it could have been an extremely amazing movie but they bombed the ending.

    Props to Hilary for a mature movie that shows she can do more.
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