• I Wanna Die
    Written and Performed by Jolie Holland
    Courtesy of Anti-
  • Wonder Wonder
    Written and Performed by Edith Frost
    Courtesy of Drag City Records
    By arrangement with
    Bank Robber Music
  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
    Written by Russell Faith
    Performed by Frankie Avalon
  • Trouble
    Written by Cat Stevens (as Yusuf Islam)
    Performed by Kristin Hersh
    Courtesy of 4AD Recording Ltd.
  • Pink Deville
    Courtesy of Extreme Music
  • Toss It Up
    Written By David Hilker, John Costello,
    Marcus Scott, Ricardo Gonzales
    Performed by
    Goldie Feat. Young Phoenix
    Courtesy of Fervor Records,
    a division of Wild Whirled Music
  • Riviera Romantique
  • She's Mine
    Written by Brett Dennen
    Performed by Brett Dennen
  • Spy Guy
  • This and That
    Written by J. Angergard, N. Angergard, J. Odllund
    Performed by Acid House Kings
  • Maraschino Moon
    Courtesy of Extreme Music
  • Wooden Heart
    Written by Olly Betts, Toby Butler, Luke Ford, Dan Higgins (as Daniel Higgins), Liela Moss (as Liela Rosemary Sadie Louis Moss)
    Performed by The Duke Spirit
    Courtesy of You are Here and Shangri-La Music
  • Breathe Like Your Dancing
    Written and Performed by Sybris
  • Walk in the Park
    Written by Gregory Thomas Barkley, Christopher Joel Calvin, Daniel Stephen Hoxmeier
    Performed by Oh No Oh My (as Oh No! Oh My!)
    Courtesy of Oh No! Oh My!
  • When I Was Five
    Written by Clare Bowditch
    Performed by Clare Bowditch and the Feeding Set (as Clare Bowditch and The Feeding Set)
    Courtesy of Story Baker
  • Bright
    Written by Christopher Faizi
    Performed by Christopher Faizi