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  • bcbunting1 May 2009
    I absolutely loved Sold, it was very silly but I really enjoyed it and am very sad that it looks like there won't be a 2nd series which is a great shame as it was a great programme with a great new twist on life. Wish it would come out on DVD. The acting was great and the cast really brought their characters to life. I especially liked the main character and how we get to see why he is so sad and how he deals with this by helping others. To honest to be an estate agent that's for sure. Also he lives on a houseboat which is just brilliant, one of my dreams was to live on a houseboat so seeing this in the show was really nice. I hope that the producers will think about making another series so as to bring closure to the story so we can find out what happens to the main character. The guy from the BT ads is brilliant as is Anthony Head.