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  • I think the producers of this pathetic excuse of a movie just chose the best rated Scooby Doo movie and really tried to ruin it, otherwise I cannot explain what this movie was.

    Scooby Doo - Zombie Island from 1998 is the best Scooby Doo movie, and then this sequel comes and has absolutely nothing in common with the first one, the vibe, the story, the music everything is much much worse in the sequel.
  • 4/10 - an uninspired and rather bland mystery is a disappointment to the beloved franchise
  • Story is very bland and uninspired. Sure they mention quite a lot from the first movie, but NEVER took it back to the things that made the first one unique. A complete waste of time, and a VERY disrespectful sequel to Zombie Island.
  • angelg-8589918 November 2019
    There was no continuity to the original Zombie Island. It felt cheap. Plus, the original plot was completely disregarded which made no sense. It makes no sense! I was just disappointed.
  • Going into the movie, I had hopes that it would be equally as good to the first one, or maybe at least good enough for me to say I enjoyed watching it.

    -Reading some of the other reviews, I'm genuinely surprised that someone would even present the idea that this sequel is "better" than the original; you can get some laughs out of it from the main characters being their overall lovable selves, but anything you enjoyed from the first one, you aren't going to experience them in this (unless you count the expedition dump of flashbacks).

    -There's not a single shred of atmosphere throughout the movie, not to mention the choice of chase-scene music that had no correlation to the scenario.

    -Personally, I prefer the animation style of the original style; to me, it made everything more enticing and interesting to look at, generally making the movie flow better as well. This doesn't mean that I detest the current style, however with growing up with the cartoon and loving the 90's Zombie Island, it's just another part of the film that didn't appeal to me; an example being that the faces of the werecats made me think of the faces of Gremlins, with the squashed features and massive ears..

    This movie, overall, is as if the writers presented an idea of: What if we just took the first movie, but instead of everything being real for a change, we just present the same scenario except everything isn't real.

    My opinion- Don't touch something that's already good enough. This sequel wasn't better, it wasn't on par, and to me barely reached a level of mediocre.
  • In certain corners of the internet there's an Orthodoxy around media and cartoons in specific. Especially with Scooby-Doo.

    Someone will declare a thing to be good or bad, and those are the only choices, and those who follow the orthodoxy will mindlessly repeat the declaration w/o really being able to explain why they feel this way about the thing.

    According to the Scooby-Doo orthodoxy, the first 4 Scooby-Doo movies, Zombie Island to Cyber Chase, are the best movies ever, and the new ones are trash.

    The orthodoxy could not be more wrong. The early movies are fine, but the current stuff has the creative teams firing on cylinders. The recent Kiss and Batman films (as well as Tom and Jerry Spy Quest) are some of the best, most exciting and most imaginative animated films ever. And all of the fun.

    And Return To Zombie Island is no slouch either. We more or less start with Elvira taking on Vincent Van Ghoul's role in the Mystery Incorporated series, and Boris Kreepoff in the final episode of The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo, as host of a TV show that shows horror movies. And she sends the gang off on their vacation where the three have promised Shaggy and Scooby that they won't find a mystery.

    This movie doesn't have any of the "Gritty Reboot" flexing of the original movie. This movie doesn't think there is anything wrong with Scooby-Doo that needs to be fixed with a "Gritty Reboot".

    This movie isn't as scary as the gator people or the zombie kids in the first season of Mystery Incorporated, but parents should probably watch it with young kids the first time to reassure them it is all fake.

    2 characters spend a lot of time with the gang and both of their names are references to things. One refers to a character played by Lee Majors and the other is a whole very interesting thing that went from 1968-2000 and even had a movie about it and named after it in 1998. (No Spoilers)

    One of the insults that the orthodoxy likes to hurl at projects they don't like, especially this one, is "Lazy". Hanna Barbera is known for their cost cutting measures. Characters have collars or other neck lines to avoid having the animators redraw the whole body every time when they can just redraw the head. Often crashes and fights happen off screen and you see the aftermath. And movement is usually in 2D left to right, or occasionally right to left, but pretty much never in any direction. So I was shocked when in an early scene the gang runs right at the camera. And there are several occasions when they were showing off their not cutting of corners.

    This movie was an utter delight from beginning to end which was great after seeing people endlessly bash the film online before most people could even see it.
  • As a direct sequel to Scooby Doo On Zombie Island, it doesn't work. As a Scooby movie on its own, it's amazing. There's a lot of callbacks to various Scooby projects, and it's just plain fun to watch. I would've made a different commemoration for Scooby Doo's 50th anniversary, but I still think it does the job.
  • ijeyavudeen6 October 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    It was an amazing movie but the one thing they shouldve done is explain the who is the black cat
  • ijeyavudeen6 October 2019
    Amazing with alot of funny moment i just don't get why people don't like this film overall its an amazing movies
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I feel like this is a fair score to give this movie. While it's fun and entertaining, it wasn't a story that needed to be told using the island from Zombie Island. Take the general plot points and a decent movie could've been made without trying to use a familiar movie name just to double down on the nostalgia.

    Lure the gang to a tropical island to make a movie. The island was famous for a pirate who landed there to bury his treasure. The island was cursed with some kind of monster. The director found a fancy pendant on site and has been wearing it the whole time. The monsters are after the pendant since it helps lead to the treasure. Most of the same shenanigans happen. And there you go. A decent, stand-alone, scooby doo movie is made.

    I also want to point out that zombies literally have nothing to do with anything in this movie. Might as well have called it "Return to Cat Island"... Just please leave the other older movies alone.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Now it's understandable that they wouldn't rehash the plot, by making more Zombies or Cat Creatures, save for the mysterious fourth one that's been prowling the Island. However what made the original much more interesting was that it forgo the usual formula of monsters being men/women in masks in favor of showing what it would be like if Mystery Inc. stumbled upon a real supernatural mystery. One that almost got them killed no less, in comparison to the usual formula where even the monsters go out of their way to help them in a running gag. Instead, not only do they rehash the usual formula, by making the Zombies and Cat Creatures the usual masked crooks after gold, not only do they not stick to the continuity of the first movie, where the Gang are all adults whom on top of solving mysteries had their own respective jobs (Save for Shaggy who got fired.), but much of the movie tip toes around whether or not they truly believed what happened to them the first time around actually happened. In essence, they, specifically Fred and Velma whom were the skeptics the first time around dismissed the original events as masked crooks at best and hallucinations at worst. The movie was nothing more than a cash grab designed to cash in on fans of Zombie Island and they didn't even do it right. What would have been a better plot if they insisted on the Scooby Formula would be this: The Gang is invited back to the Island, like before. Only it's now a tourist attraction. They would initially suspect Snakebite responsible for the scares, since he himself hates tourists. So naturally the keep an extra eye on him, same way they suspected Beau in the first movie. Only to find him once again, being a red herring. Then they suspect that somehow Simone, Lena and maybe Jacques have come back from the dead. Which was why the Zombies attacked in the first place, to warn the living away from them. Of course that would also be a red herring because they'd check the secret passage way and find the dust and pendant where the cat creature trio used to be. Then here's where the Scooby formula would kick in. The Zombies and fake cat creatures would turn out to be part of a cult, whom heard the story from both Daphne's News and Beau's testimony. They sought the island in hopes to get the same immortality, that the trio got only for them to not get it, because the secrets died with Simone and Lena. So they lured Mystery Inc, in hopes they had some knowledge at best or at worst they'd sacrifice them to avenge the trio. Just as they were about to do so, the real Zombies show up along with Simone's cats (Whom made peace with Scooby in the first movie.) and subdue them until Mystery Inc can have them tied up.

    That would have been a better plot, but nope. Men and Women in Masks and the slight hint of a real cat creature.
  • MoodyCracker20 May 2020
    It sucked so bad that I didn't even finish watching it.
  • I am 26 years old and a HUGE Scooby Doo fan, but this was an utter disgrace! Zombie Island is all my time favorite Scooby Doo Movie, I even named my daughter Lena after the character. Watching this made me want to cry and it was so lame and cheesy. If you are going to do a sequeal you need to make it tie into with the first one. This movie was all over the place.
  • Scooby Doo on Zombie Island was the best Scooby Doo movie so be made, well ever. This sorry excuse for a direct sequel takes everything good about the original and does it best to dsstory it in favor of crappy animation, dated character design, and a story so absurd and shoddy it makes every episode of the original series look like they were written by Agatha Christie. Even for little kids, this movie is trash and a waste of time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I actually cannot imagine thinking this is a good sequel to the first Zombie Island movie, the greatest animated Scooby-Doo movie of all time. They absolutely disregarded what made the first one so great, the fact that it was real and insanely creative and actually interesting. This movie was corny and poor by completely copying the looks of the bad guys in the first one, and just the whole plot and ending was boring and not good at all. What made the first one so good was the fact that the zombies and the history of the confederate soldiers and the pirates and the tourists who got their souls taken by the immortal cat humans was real and was actually super cool. Then in the second one, everything is fake and not interesting. What happened to the curse and all the unexplained things Velma mentioned. And also, why was there an actual cat human who made appearances in the second movie a couple times? But had no explanation and nothing happen with him. He had no role in the movie when he was the only potentially cool and interesting part, being an actual cat human who wanted to get revenge for simone and Lena? Just disguising and a waste of my time and hopes. So disappointed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just don't watch this movie it doesnt exist in the realm trust us reviewing this bs. Ive watched all the scooby movies ever since they decided to deviate from real monsters after cyber chase. Even tho the quality may have dropped to some they each have their charm and quirks. This one does absolutely nothing. The ending was horse poop and leaves u with more questions than answers. plus the gang is really annoying and not like themselves like daphne in this it made no sense like when did she become hypocrite shag and scooby alone have met a school of monsters and this is supposed to take place right after curs of the 13th ghost movie but that one supposedly takes place before they started dealing with real monsters on the original zombie island. also hated how they drew scoob in this u could tell during scenes how etched out he was. All in all if u have boomerang like me give it a peek but don't expect much. watch any other one, and dont get me started on the 13th ghost movie its like they really don't care anymore story lines make no sense anymore thank god for some of the comics.
  • makisv23 May 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    First of all, i am a HUGE scooby-doo fan. Since i was a kid, i remember myself sitting in front of the tv on saturdays and sundays watching cartoons. Scooby-doo was one of my favorite cartoons and apart from watching the tv show, I was buying all the scooby-doo movies in VHS tapes. To this very day, my favorite top 3 scooby doo movies are Zombie Island, Alien Invaders and Witch's Ghost. All three, had real monsters in them and i still rember getting spooked by them as a kid. The animation style in all those three movies was EXCELLENT, the stories where amazing and to this day you can still remember all those characters (the hex girls, the witch, the aliens, the cat-people etc.). When the sequel to the zombie island announced, I was really excited to revisit the spooky island and the horrifying story of the zombies and cat-people, but when I finished this movie I felt only one thing, HORRIFYIED. This movie is disgustingly bad, the story is atrocious and in general this ''sequel'' is an abomination, it's not even a good standalone scooby-doo movie. DO NOT WATCH IT, for me, the original Zombie Island has no sequel and ended where it should have, in the first movie! If you haven't watched the Scooby-doo original trilogy where the monsters are real, do yourself a favor and go watch it, those three movies are MARVELOUS and EXTRAORDINARY in every aspect.
  • ksxgjdk18 October 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    The general plot wasn't awful. In the first movie, a lack of inspiration and thrill brings the gang to Zombie Island. The magic of ZI is that it finally lets viewers have an unhinged imagination again. It's a chance for everyone to be afraid and enjoy the thriller component of the show again, even if you're an adult. Even Cyber Chase broke free of the literal mask in favor of more cleverly shrouded mysteries, making it more enjoyable than the WWE movies. You can see this success in the ratings. Zombie Island symbolized a potential reinvention to the franchise past 6-9 year old pandering. The presence of real monsters allows the characters to actually involve themselves in serious plots, and for viewers to enjoy the show from the perspective of the characters. Starting out with Fred selling the Mystery Machine had me optimistic for a hopeful lack of kid gloves (since the movie was made for millennials, and being a sequel, it has the assumption that you can handle some emotions after seeing ZI1). Had a similar start to ZL1 in that they were swearing off mystery. This was the perfect mechanism to ensnare them back into Zombie Island unsuspectingly.

    Unfortunately, whoever directed this had clear disdain with the opportunity given. The presence of Alan Smithee (Wikipedia this name; it's a pseudonym used by directors who don't like the movies they make) is a blunt insult to the viewers who understand the point given. This character spends the whole time making snarky comments of how all he cares about is the cash and doesn't give two ****s about the place. Comic relief is one thing, but he straight discredits the legend. All he cares about is the grab of cash despite being in Zombie Island, finds Morgan Moonscar's treasure, stuffs his pockets, and runs out saying he's retiring and doesn't care about the art of directing. He's rich off of the stolen legacy of ZI, so he doesn't care. It's a literal insult to the franchise and the original movie. It's symbolic for the director saying that he doesn't care about this movie. It's his cash cow and he wants to **** on the name on the way out. He clearly had the chance to tap into one of the most nostalgic parts of our minds, but decided to personify corporate greed desecrating the island.

    The worst part is the lack of accuracy. Zombie Island is riddled with real zombies and creatures, something that no other place in the history of the franchise has. He threw in one werecat for good measure who knocked over one tree. He even points out in the movie that that's all the cat does. Outside of that, it was an 80 minute insult about how he doesn't care about the place and wants to get paid. He felt so strongly about it that he had to personify it into a character and tell you to your face.

    Trash. 3 stars go to keeping the current lineup of voices and the minimal references to Moonscar.
  • It's trash. Don't waste you're time watching this garbage. My kids wouldn't even watch it and they like caillou.
  • I thought this would be a cool sequel to the best Scooby Doo movie ever. I was wrong. Just don't bother with it. Just watch Zombie Island
  • So Ive been a major scooby doo fan since i was a kid and The original 1998 Zombie island has been one of my favourite scooby movies since the first time i watched and when i found the sequel while searching for a movie to rent i was super excited to watch it and decided to watch the Original film before watching the sequel... BIG Mistake not only did a handful of things not add up in the sequel i was just left disappointed and constantly comparing it to the original (although i did enjoy the credits) one of my favourite things from the original was the music and the sequel was just kind of generic on the part but after all my negatives on the film the sequels animation has definitely improved and while this is definitely not the best scooby doo movie i did enjoy parts and i am always glad to see the movies still being made

    Tldr: dont watch directly after the original zombie island or you may find your self comparing the two movies constantly rather watching the movie itself
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was "Scooby-Doo" done right. It was a great, self referential sequel which still paid a lot of homage to the original series (including some great 60s music for the soundtrack).

    The plot revolves around a director who's trying to make a cash grab film - something Hollywood higher ups are building their careers on - in hopes of a franchise. To make things even better, the director is named Alan Smithee, a name used for years by filmmakers who disowned their own projects.

    It's a fantastic "Scooby-Doo" movie, the best I've seen in years. There's a great cameo by Cassandra Peterson as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, but it's not an overdone cameo like has been done in many recent "Scooby-Doo" films.
  • As a stand alone, this movie would have been fine. Even equal compared to the others. However as a sequel to easily the best Scooby Doo Movie and Tv to Film adaptation the writers and directors of this POS can live out the rest of their days alone, hungry and in a 300-sqaure foot studio apartment with a broken Air conditioner. They took something good and managed to take a giant dump on it. It wouldn't have been hard to create a script that followed the original story line, instead they did what Hollywood does best and "attempt" to surprise us for profit. nostalgia is a powerful wallet motivator imagined if YOU (Hollywood) actually created something good, instead of this hot garbage.
  • n-solis199610 July 2020
    Talk about ruining my childhood fan favorite Scooby-Doo Zombie Island!
  • Am a big Scooby Doo fan and have been for goodness knows how long. Like to love most of the franchise's shows, especially 'Scooby Doo Where are You?' and 'The Scooby Doo Show', and also like to love most of the animated Scooby Doo films (including the newer ones). When hearing that there was a sequel to 'Scooby Doo on Zombie Island', the best Scooby Doo film with 'Witch's Ghost' close behind, part of me was very intrigued but another part of me questioned its point.

    'Scooby Doo Return to Zombie Island' ended up not being of high quality and struck me as unnecessary. Really do have to agree with everything negative that has been said and am saying this with regret and a want to like it. It is a disgrace as a sequel and is not a good Scooby Doo film on its own terms, the worst since 'Monster of Mexico' (except worse than that) and one of the worst films of the franchise overall. As heavily flawed 'Curse of the 13th Ghost' (though didn't hate it as much as others did) was this made me appreciate that film.

    Having said that, 'Scooby Doo Return to Zombie Island' didn't strike as that awful. It did have good things. The animation is very colourful and atmospheric, the attention to detail in the backgrounds is beautifully done. Did like that some of the music did pay homage to the 60s that had a very nostalgic quality.

    The film actually started off very well, with a great opening that paid homage to familiar ghosts from earlier incarnations (including rarely seen since Spooky Space Kook). Elvira is a fun kooky character and makes a cameo that makes one nostalgic for the macabre. The black cat creature was an interesting idea.

    Which is why it was so sad that 'Scooby Doo Return to Zombie Island' went drastically downhill halfway through and got worse with each minute. It gets too hectically paced and tries to cram in too much content, all of which veering on ridiculously silly and muddled. Managing to do so without generating any tension or suspense (the zombies looking more goofy than creepy) and the truth wasn't even that much of a surprise, as well as feeling over-stretched. What started off so promising is practically discarded halfway through as well, with near-non-existent continuity and the one that showed the most potential is inexplicably left as a loose end.

    Dialogue is often cheesy, too much of the music jars (especially the very outdated chase scene music) and most of the characters are either dull or annoying. The film nails Shaggy and Scooby and also liked Daphne and Elvira, but the supporting characters are either too cartoonish or have too little to do and Fred is far too sappily written. Worst of all is Velma, who practically feels like the main character and is incredibly over the top annoying. Lets not get started on that theory she had, which did not any sense, very contradictory for her character and was like raising the middle finger to continuity (which it pretty much denounces just like that).

    Really cannot agree with the ignorant review that said the voice acting is better here. Other than Matthew Lillard (spot on as Shaggy), Grey Griffin and Cassandra Peterson's wonderfully mysterious cameo, to me the voice acting was not very good here (a rare occurance for the animated Scooby Doo films) and nothing in the delivery is on par with Adrienne Barbeau's beautiful delivery of the Simone and Lena backstory flashback in the original. Frank Welker sounds tired and borderline depressed while John Michael Higgins and Kate Micucci overdo it horribly. Nobody else stands out with their limited material.

    Concluding, not awful but disappointing and the worst Scooby Doo film in a long time. 4/10
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