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  • There's a slow start. Then there is a bad start. A really bad start. I hate the failed-he's-going-to-propose especially when the guy isn't just lame, but cliche lame. (He doesn't even realize they broke up.) I think it was supposed to be funny. I'd just prefer they left that whole exchange out.

    The movie also starts with a whole need-a-column-by-Christmas premise. The unsigned letter/love-letter angle isn't new either, although it is a little less trampled as a premise. Combined with search-for-secret-admirer and it's a little more common, but still not obscenely overused.

    There's a lot more lame and way too many more cliches and a lot of the acting isn't great in a lot of cases. Oddly, there's some funny dialogue in with the lame, so the movie isn't a total loss, especially if you like that type of humor that leans toward exaggerated rather than subtle..

    Despite all the lame, overused , and totally predictable elements, I'm glad I hung on to the end. There were some sweet, interesting, and not so predictable moments. And it was put together well.

    I also like Ashley Newbrough although I have a hard time putting my finger on what about her. Maybe it's the fact that she isn't 40 or older like so many of Hallmark's regulars (yes I know this movie is Lifetime). Maybe it's that she seems to connect easily with her opposites consistently.

    Movies often thrown in "cute" kids as an extra hook. This one is a little above average on that front. Izzy Herbert doesn't do a great acting job, but she does enough to make her role count.
  • Are there two movies with this title? I have to wonder as if I had taken notice of the earlier reviews I wouldn't have watched this movie and that would have been a shame. Ok it's the usual formula, we know that before we start and yes the children can be a little over the top BUT all in all this is a bright, happy movie with a lot of laughs along the way. I thought all the actors did a great job. I have watched worse this season and a couple I didn't get past the first 15 minutes. This one was no effort at all. I'm sure others will enjoy as I did.
  • Amelie breaks up with her boyfriend after he "kind of" proposes to her. She also receives a letter, unsigned, from someone from her hometown, so she decides to pack up a few things and go home to find out who sent it and to write an article for her "Love note" column.

    I had a few problems with this: 1) I get it, the boyfriend was not a good one to her: she gave him to much and he gave her nothing. She did good in dumping his pathetic face. And I understand she was eager to find out who sent that letter, I would be too, but the fact that she was willing to move on so fast from the guy she "wanted" to spend her life with...

    2) Amelie and Ian did not have enough scenes. They were best friends before and I love that trope "best friend to lover". He had feelings before and that's great but I would have liked to have more of him showing her how he felt and her developin an attraction for him, like any other movie out there. The chemistry between the characters, from my POV was not good, again, I wish I had seen more scenes between the leads.

    3) She just stood up from her desk, totally ignored her boss and decided to do her work from her hometown. That does not happen in the real world.

    4) The "robot-dog" was kind of funny. The child was not good, she kind of reminded me to the girl from "Charlie and the chocolate factory" and I did not mean that as a compliment.

    Ok, now to the things I liked: I was REALLY upset about Amelie "changing" her personality for the sake of love, until I figured it out it was part of the plot. And I'm glad it was Ian who pointed out to her. Secondly, Amelie asking her ex if he had a "parner or girlfriend". Nice one, Lifetime.

    I had more negative things to say than positive, but I actually enjoyed it. The plot was a very good idea, but that it was not well executed while being written.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Christmas Love Letter" is a 2019 Hallmark Holiday film featuring Ashley Newbrough and Tlky Jones as high school friends who reconnect later in life. Jones has a daughter who has helped him invent a therapeutic robot puppy named Holly. I can say with a high degree of certainty that I have never seen a Christmas movie featuring a robot dog. The dog is really cute and lifelike. If you have seen "Master of None" featuring the real-life robot seal PARO, Holly functions similarly. Too bad the rest of the movie isn't that interesting.

    The actual movie is nothing impressive. Newbrough is unappealing here. She's attractive but her character is arrogant and off-putting. A random love letter arrives at her employer's office so she leaves work to find out who wrote it. She flippantly disregards her editor who asks when she will finish her Christmas article and casually interrupts an ex during a volunteer chess game he is playing with a troubled teenager. She even aggressively flirts with said ex! How are we supposed to root for someone like her? Why would anyone want to be with someone like her? Yes, she is attractive but we need something more for a film to work.

    The boyfriends or their significant others are portrayed as buffoons or jerks. Not good movie jerks, mind you. The kind of jerk who lies about writing a romantic letter to an ex just to get back with her and lie to cover it up. One boyfriend has a laugh that is intentionally annoying while he laughs at his own jokes. It's unbearable.

    At least Jones has an alright character. I enjoyed watching him work on Holly and interact with his daughter. Other reviewers have criticized her as annoying or bratty. I think she is clever but not too clever. She loves her father and wants him to be happy. I choose to believe that a child would want her father to be with an undesirable girlfriend just because he likes her. If she were older, she would see that Newbrough's character is lacking in many ways. Newbrough was in two bad films this year. At least this one is better than "A Merry Christmas Match." I'll try "Small Town Christmas" to see if she is better there.
  • A writer returns to her home town to see which of her past boyfriends might have written an unsigned love letter to her. Could have been some funny moments but they were few and far between. The guy who loves her is obvious from the start and it's just tedious to see how they end up together. The cast is okay. Ashley has a big smile and winning personality. Tilky looks a bit sleepy.
  • Trade movies are barely tolerable as it is But hey tuning into a Christmas movie is what you do at Christmas right?

    So the girl is pretty the guy is handsome but why oh why are the little kids in the movies so annoying

    Don't the producers the editors the directors or whoever see how annoying the little brat is with the wide-eyed look in that oh my gosh I'm so cute attitude

    It really is worth skipping this one just to avoid seeing the little brat