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  • NpMoviez15 August 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    I skipped the two women's title matches as there was no good story or believability in them. Also skipped the entire pointless preshow. So score for them would be 0/10. I am sure had I watched them, it would've been 0/10 or an absolute 0/10.

    Trish came back. She shouldn't have. Charlotte .... RIC FLAIR'S DAUGHTER is one of the most uncharismatic women on the roster. Trish returned to job to her because being a 8 or 9x women's world champion wasn't enough for Charlotte to surmount her legacy. What can you expect? She had no character or any amount of legitimacy at all. It was because of Trish I watched the match. You can argue that women were objectified during Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era. I fully agree. But the top women like Trish and Lita were legit badasses and had a characterization. They looked as if they could kill you. If they had the women wrestling booked in the way they do now, that would've been insanely good. The booking is okay, make characters interesting. And why do you bring back legends like Angle, Foley and now Trish to ruin them like this? They already ruined Shawn Michaels by giving jobbers like Ziggler among many his Sweet Chin Music. I give this match 5/10, all because I was stratusfied to see her again.

    Goldberg, well deservedly, squashed Ziggler. For the smarks out there, that's how Goldberg got popular. It's his gimmick, it's a part of his character. That's what makes Goldberg, Goldberg. But you won't understand as the ones you idolize neither have character nor a gimmick. This was a 10/10 segment. Wish it was longer. Goldberg speared him in an extremely intense manner. Wow!

    Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon. News flash. Giving him a stunner doesn't make him Stone Cold Steve Austin. You need a character like Austin. Owens is just a fat indy jobber. Thanks to Shane it was somewhat watchable. There are many things to Stone Cold, Owens doesn't and can never have. The intensity, the loud mouthedness, the badassery, middle fingers, beer, the list goes on. I give this match 4/10. All due to Shane though.

    AJ Styles vs. Ricochet. Awful, awful and awful! AJ Styles is one of the worst wrestlers ever. He is a perfect example of a smark idol. No charisma, an indy jobber, some athleticism and that's it. Replace him by any of Balor, Ziggler, Zayn or Owens. The match would still feel the same because none of them have a distinct characteristic of their own and have all the qualities of a smarky wrestler. Ricochet has some athleticism and that's it. Based on athleticism, they booked this match with no interesting story to please the smarks. Ridiculous!! I give it absolute 0/10.

    Edge is a GOAT. Him returning just to spear the cringe inducing Elias was awesome. This segment was a pleasant surprise. Alter Bridge is one of the coolest themes, btw. I give it absolute 10/10.

    The Fiend vs Balor. I didn't expect it to be as good as it was. It seems like they are actually trying something with The Fiend character. He has creepiness. Loved to see Balor getting squashed. I doubt they are gonna use him well, but if they do, I might be interested. Good debut. It might work as some sort of a reboot to the Bray Wyatt character, which I never liked in the first place, and stopped caring about after superman Cena buried him. Good debut for the character. I give it 7.5/10.

    Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton. This should've been in 2009. The best Randy Orton (though not my favorite) was during 2007 - 09. Kofi was at his best during 2009 when he was in the feud with Randy Orton. That ended abruptly. And nothing happened after it ended. Around 10 years later, they pretend as if it was a Shawn Michaels - Triple H feud or may be some Rock - Austin feud that didn't see the proper end and they are doing it again. Who cares? It should've been back then. Kingston and Orton fighting for WWE championship, with Kofi winning at WrestleMania. Now it all feels absolutely lame. I don't know what was the final decision to end the match, it happened absolutely ridiculously. The match was barely okay. Randy is stale. Kofi is cheesy. I give it 5.3/10.

    Brock vs. Seth. It was a pretty decent match. And surprisingly not a typical Lesnar match. The finish was okay. Brock is always a pleasure to see. He doesn't show up, else he'd be the most interesting guy on the roster. It didn't have a main event worthy build, but was quite decent compared to today's standards. I give it 6.5/10.

    This show felt like an extended episode of an average Raw of 2010. If it was Raw, it would've got 6.4/10 on the whole. But it was SummerSlam. Second biggest event of the year. It was a complete lackluster. No hype, no build and absolutely no intensity.


    Score : 2.3/10

    Grade : D-
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I knew by looking at the card for SummerSlam 2019 that it was very poor or weak shall I say and just thought maybe the matches were going to deliver something extraordinary. As it turns out I was wrong but right this event was/is totally useless and everything WWE did on the show could have been on any Raw or Smackdown Live. I was truly displeased that I gave myself three and a half hours to watch this crap where not a single match blew me away. Well let's take that back AJ Styles vs Ricochet(whom was dressed sweet) for US Title was great until Ricochet injured himself and AJ took advantage and won. I wanted Ricochet to win but even though he performed well the match ended out of nowhere with Styles Clash. Bayley vs Ember Moon for Smackdown Woman's Title had a smooth flow until it again ended too soon with a Bayley to Belly from the top turnbuckle, Ember did not get to hit the Eclipse which was definitely upsetting. Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon was just lazy if it was a street fight or no dq match more interesting but just a boring performance by two guys that wanted to do the match and finish fast and they did at 10 minutes. Let me say I was not thrilled at all by this repeat feud from fall 2017 until early 2018 and since WWE booked the match Guys and Girls in the locker room Aleister Black Sami Zayn Mustafa Ali Shinsuke Nakumara Drew McIntyre Mandy Rose Asuka and Braun Strowman plus many more did not get on the show. Horrible Terrible!! Anyway Owens keeps his job with Stunner(that I hate he does) Charlotte defeats Trish Stratus by Figure Eight in a superb match that could have been three minutes longer plus there was not a video package for this fight in which shows WWE was rushing through the entire card for the event. Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton surprisingly was amazing until it once again ended unexpected and stupidly. I must say I just was not to big on this match but both men performed good it just should have been Kofi with Trouble in Paradise for the win not a silly double countout. Next we finally see The Fiend Bray Wyatt whom by the way entire entrance was more entertaining than most or all of SummerSlam in Toronto Canada choke out his nemesis Finn Balor in three minutes. I can only say that I am maddened by the fact the company chose to go with Finn Balor whom was undefeated at the last three SS events as the Demon be best by the returning Bray Wyatt it really should have been someone else. Finally Seth Rollins wins back the Universal Title from Brock Lesnar what must I say? He should not have lost it at Extreme Rules to Brock anyway. All the rest of the card to me was dull being the opener Becky/Natalya for Raw Woman's Title should have been a bar fight with submissions as these two are awesome technical wrestlers get what I am saying?! It was not just a quick do this to past by- why start SS like that? Also you knew Goldberg and Dolph Ziggler was going to be over before it began by the predictable. No matter how hard I try to make great this be for the history of SummerSlam the last few years have had spectacular SS ppv cards this one was shocking and all the wrestlers performed as if they in line to take a driving test for it to be over not a single thing rocked me for the show. That is say because so many talents could have been used but they decided to just go with single matches for this which might have been bad if they were something special and not what we seen before!! WWE I believe just has ppvs they choose to be lousy so as to compare to other marvelous ones of the year and past so trust if you missed this you were very fortunate cause you saved your time and mostly your money feel sorry for those that attended this crap in person! Thank God I didn't since I wanted to go to Toronto Canada for the first time! The best match was Trish vs Charlotte but it needed a build and match promo then Kofi vs Randy Orton except the conclusion also AJ Styles vs Ricochet but the wrong winner and needed more time finally just The Fiend's entrance which was better than what we got in the night everything else is a skip because it is cheap!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    We had some good matches Like: AJ Styles Vs Ricochet, Finn Bálor Vs The Fiend And Trish Stratus Vs Charlotte Match and IMO it was match of the night! Kofi Vs Orton should've main evented the PPV and Orton getting the win instead of the stupid ending we've got! And am disappointed that Seth won the universal title! I was so bored at his reign like seriously!! I think it's kinda a dumb to make an injured 218 Pounds man beat Brock Lesnar! What was the point of making Brock winning the MITB! Brock Lesnar should not lose like that! He destroyed giants, Legends and ended Undertaker WM Streak!