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25 November 2017 | lor_
Botched attempt at XXX horror
Taking the director's chair, Dyanna Lauren stubs her toe with his failed horror film recalling the "Friday the 13th" boom of the '80s. It was merely another vehicle for Vivid contract star Jenteal to feed her fans and video stores' New Releases section 20 years back.

Jenteal and her boyfriend Tony Tedeschi meet with 7 other campers at a remote spot with cabin that was owned by Tony's grandpa, and the site of a murder massacre 40 years back. He tells them the horror story while everyone's sitting around the campfire, and Jenteal suffers as she deals with a maniac on the loose in the present day.

Zero violence and ridiculous scenes attempting to generate suspense sabotage the movie, which emerges as just a clumsy set of sex scenes. Worst one for me was Chloe's sex scene with Tedeschi, so poorly edited it looks as if the various sexual positions were randomly strung together out of sequence and with no continuity whatsoever. That ruined the show for me, as Chloe is my favorite actress of this period and stuck without a character to play, just tossed into the mix for XXX content and her patented anal action.

Director Lauren plays a small NonSex role and in one stupid scene goes crazy and falls to her death off a cliff. Also NonSex for a change is Steven St. Croix, embarrassingly eccentric as a guy who thinks he's in the military and does unpredictable things including announcing his plans for necrophilia with Lauren's corpse (thankfully not shown).

Jenteal suffers through bondage, running around in fear and generally searching for her role when not humping, hardly befitting a star under the spotlight. False ending (of the "it's all a dream variety) and actual ending are both lousy.

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