Angela: Mmmm... it's like a Christmas tree, on fire.

Eddie: Egg nog and cinnamon schnapps, I'd figure it'd be right up your alley.

Angela: Feeling merrier already.

Eddie: You like Christmas.

Angela: Haha, love it.

Eddie: To me, it's just stress. Looking for the perfect tree, perfect presents. Trying for some ideal you can never reach.

Angela: There is a perfect Christmas. I've seen it.

Eddie: I hope not.

Angela: Why?

Eddie: Cause then what? End of the road, no more struggle.

Angela: You like to struggle?

Eddie: I'm good at it.

Angela: You're good at egg nog, I'll give you that.

Eddie: Try this variation on a theme.

Angela: What'd you change your recipe? Why? It was...

Eddie: ...perfect? I know. This one is perfect too.

Angela: Impossible.

[Tastes it]

Angela: Hmmm... oh my God, what is that?

Eddie: Cherry brandy.

Angela: Cherry. Brandy.

Eddie: Perfection, Angela, comes in many flavors.