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  • leprincess77715 December 2007
    I really enjoyed this movie. It's a cute and fun holiday movie with a great message...when you search for perfection you may get more than you bargain for and perfection in the end turns out flawed.

    Christina Milian shines in this movie and the entire cast is great. This is a holiday movie for the whole family. Great job Christina Milian!

    The movie is a fun, charismatic approach to exploring the perfect Christmas in the eyes of Angela played by Christina Milian. Angela is in search of a perfect Christmas but she is frustrated with current circumstances.

    This movie teaches you to appreciate what you have, cherish the family that you have (no matter how dysfunctional they may be) and make the best of your life.
  • aloneal28 December 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie made me fall in love with Christina Milian. It's a light, innocent and romantic Christmas movie, without being tastelessly sugar-sweet. The story situates itself sort of in two places; the too ideal dream-place of the snowglobe and the everyday challenging real world. Angela (Christina) gets tempted to lay the emphasize of her interest at the snowglobe, and the too naive and jolly person she meets there. Thus becoming blind for the real boy that lives down the hall and that gets invited by her family to meet her. After the two worlds start to mingle, she starts to realize the charm of the real world and starts to fall also for the real boy. The whole is however presented in a very light and easy to comprehend way. Yes, the family-interaction is not always worked out in the most believable way. But Christina's beauty and the sweetness of her lovely character in this movie compensates more than enough. For one lonely Christmas-evening she became my ideal snowglobe-girl.
  • Kranadon6527 November 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Angela is a single girl trying to live her life. Her family is full of jerks though who treat her badly. From her loud mouthed mother to her free loading kin. Her pregnant sister is especially a jerk as is her lazy good for nothing husband. Finally she finds some happiness in a magical snowglobe. Too bad in real life you cant get away from a bad family full of snotty jerks. In the end which is a cliché she ends up happy with a convenient boyfriend but her family are still jerks in my opinion.
  • When I read what this movie was about, it sounded silly, absurd and dishonest. Which of course it is, too! But then when I watched it, I was still seduced by it. Because it recaptured that Christmas magic that one could feel when one was a child, and still able to see a whole world in a snow-globe or a Christmas tree ball made of glass... A wonderful movie to help you get into the Christmas spirit! Also, the fact that Angela's real life is taking place in a big city in present times, and in a slightly dysfunctional modern family, makes it easier to identify with her.

    I loved the innocent and healthy snow-globe world..! There were so many perfect images of Christmas in there, that I had to stop the movie several times just to watch them closely! I got some ideas for Christmas decoration next year as well! :-) ...but of course I also understood the message about stop looking for the perfect things that do not exist, and that you probably would get bored with quickly even if you could find them. And to be happy with what you have got in reality instead. Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful! This is a wonderful Christmas movie to watch with your family. Both children, teenagers and adults will find something to love in it!
  • I found this movie absolutely delightful! -- who among us hasn't had a snowglobe with a wonderful Xmas scene that we wished we could walk into??

    I also loved the contrast of the simple, innocent snowglobe people ( some of the funniest moments was their trying to cope with the world outside their globe) with the depiction of a VERY REAL slice -of -life Brooklyn , NY family--not your "Leave it to Beaver" family, but the way people REALLY behave. Some may find them dysfunctional, but I found them VERY REAL! I also liked the unique idea of making it an interracial family of the interesting combo of African-American and Italian. --a film I'll pull out and watch for holidays again and again!
  • First of all, I loved this movie, second of all where on earth can I find a snow globe like this, i have searched every where, searched all the Christmas websites, but i cant find any like this one, please help :-)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Very upset that this scale doesn't exceed 10, because I would give it a 15 at worst. The fact that it was a snow globe within a snow globe...mind blowing! As a christmassy version of Inception, it challenges the capacity of both the mind and the heart. Through laughter and tears, smiles and frowns, and every other sensation along the rainbow spectrum of emotions, this movie will have you consistently on the edge of your seat. A scintillating performance by Christina Millian sparked a strongly worded letter to Barack Obama himself in regards to the obvious snub she suffered during the Emmys. In my humble opinion, she deserves a star on Hollywood Blvd for each scene she appeared in during this movie. Between the witty banter, topical jokes, and physical humor, this movie will create more seconds of laughter than flakes of artificial snow.
  • brookenichole-9805410 December 2020
    Snowglobe is a good movie! It's got such an intriguing storyline that takes many different turns. The acting is great and the Christmas aspect makes it all the more worth it. The love story is nice, not the best, but nice. But I will say, the leads family is awful. They put her through so much, it's literally ridiculous. Overall, it's a fun, different Christmas film to watch.
  • Gubby-Allen21 December 2017
    Really good Christmas film. For a free TV film, you will not get too much better. It keeps you interested, has good characters and the best thing is that a couple of times, the plot takes a turn that you may not be expecting.

    The snow globe world is adorable and a little underused. It is a brilliant idea and enjoyable and well portrayed.

    The gift of the globe did not seem to be fully explained and I didn't always feel that any of the relationships were well suited.

    But it is well worth a watch.

  • SanteeFats9 December 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    Hey ya'll this be a Christmas movie so just try and enjoy it!!! I did!! Any movie with Christina Milian in it is sure to be watchable just for her being in it. This film is a fantasy about a magic snow globe (hence the title) that is delivered to a girl in search of the perfect Christmas. She is transported to a quaint New England style olde thyme village. Here she gets her dream but she learns that getting what you wish for may not be all that good. She meets white bread America at the village, thinks one guy is perfect, goes home through the globe, he follows and is wowed by the big city, his real girlfriend comes looking for him, they learn about the globe and the guy wants to return but the girl doesn't, the globe gets dropped and broken and Christina gets returned to the village alone. This is when she learns that perfect is not what it is cracked up to be at times. She gets another globe and returns to her world, the two villagers return, and she hooks up with the latest guy her parents have rented a studio too. I enjoy these type of movies at this time of the year.
  • lordclaymore21 December 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    Christina Milan AGAIN? Jeez, did she lose a bet or something? Anyway, this ABC Family original gets bonus points for having significantly less booze flowing about than others I have seen. Milan plays Angela Moreno, who lives in an apartment owned by her family and working in her family's butcher shop. Her mom is Italian and her dad is black, and her sister doesn't look anything but white. Whatever. Angie's family is worse than the "Worst Family in England" sketch that Monty Python did. Her family wanders in and out of her apartment putting whatever they feel like in there without so much as a glance in her direction, they make plans regarding her life without consulting her, and they leave when they feel like it and keep the volume on the TV as loud as they can stand it. There is even a subplot about her pregnant sister being treated better because she is married-to a deadbeat who shows no desire to actually get a job and take care of his growing family. Angie is- horror of horrors!- SINGLE! And in an ABC Family Christmas movie no less! There is one apartment in their building that has a frequent turnover as Angie's mom puts up young single men there to marry Angie off.

    Okay, so there's this magic snowglobe. Angie shakes it and thinks about it and is transported inside to the pastoral village depicted therein. There just aren't any people who are more into Christmas than these folks...yet somehow they know nothing of Christ. This is a plot point. The people in the village are empty-headed, Pleasantville, Stepford Smiling, drones. Angie thinks this village is just TOPS. She spends more and more time there and time keeps on passing in the real world while she is there and finally when she isn't around to walk over, her family care, but just so they can guilt her about being inconsiderate. I'm serious here. She meets up with a guy there who shovels the snow and goes ice skating with a girl in town. Angie starts seeing him a bunch and makes the ice skater girl jealous. Angie also begins to build a relationship with the current "potential husband loft" resident who is an aspiring architect.

    In the third act the snowglobe guy somehow comes out of the globe and wants to spend time with Angie in the real world, which prompts her to ask if he's having some sort of existential crisis knowing that he lives in a snowglobe and he doesn't bat an eye. The girlfriend shows up too, and forced drama all around, and the snowglobe falls and gets damaged, and I feel asleep a few times watching this one. Luckily Cheffiepie was there to fill me in.

    They repair the snowglobe with pieces of other snowglobes and send everyone home, and she moves in with architect guy in the next apartment down the street and no one learns anything. God bless us, everyone! This movie is dull, annoying, and dull. I really hate this movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Angela (Christina Milian) receives an enchanted snowglobe from a mail carrier on her way home from the family business at Christmastime. The family is Cuban-American-Italian and owns an Italian market. Homemade lasagna is one of their specialties. Mama wants Angela to get married and keeps on renting out the studio apartment on her floor to eligible bachelors. After a noisy family dinner, she unwraps the snowglobe, places it next to her bed, and wakes up in "The Village" inside of it. She goes ice skating and has a Christmas dinner complete with a "magical oven" that makes roast goose in a jiffy. She wakes up in her own bed very tired. It's not a dream, as she has the red gloves given to her, and the snowman is knocked down. She spends more and more time inside the globe and becomes increasingly fond of "Douglas" in this place where it's always Christmastime. Douglas finds his way out through the evergreens, and she gives him a tour of Brooklyn and NYC. (Actually Canada.) Later his girlfriend "Marie" follows into the real world the same way. Like "The Purple Rose of Cairo" once they walk out of the globe, the two are dysfunctional and can't perform the simplest tasks. Douglas misses his job, shoveling snow. Where they are from, money does not exist. Not exactly "Whoville" and not exactly real. What are they? Inevitably, Angela gets trapped inside the globe as it crashes to the ground. She gets back with another mysterious snowglobe delivered to her inside the original one! Then they fix the globe to send Douglas and Marie back to "The Village" with the gifts of a clock radio for her and deli "hot dogs" for him. I am sure I could find several things wrong with the film if I tried. Christina is not "Waspy-looking" but quite gorgeous in her own right. A minor mention of The Christmas Story as the "Villagers" know nothing of it. It's predictable. Angela marries the nice guy down the hall and looks pregnant. She opens a "Christmas Store". The whole thing is a silly fantasy? Then why did my family enjoy it so much? (Do not confuse this with the bland 2013 sequel.)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This one was a surprise. I've been a fan of ABCFam's 25 Days of Christmas since I was a kid, so I'm always looking forward to their premieres. This one was quite a surprise. Probably one of their better ones in years. I don't think Christina Milian is much of an actress, but she carried this movie pretty well. Her performance in this made me give her 2010 movie Christmas Cupid a watch (that one was not good at all). Anways, the story is fantasy, so be prepared to have to suspend realistic thoughts. The guy Douglas made me laugh when he made it to the real world.

    It's worth a watch.
  • peter-alexandris29 December 2020
    This had a decent score and the preview made it look better but it says 90 mins and it felt like a 45 min movie. Weird and it was very bad.
  • A fun Christmas film, fillies with music, snow In a snow globe, love interests and lasagna!
  • I saw it when it came out and I bought it on DVD. Its not my typical kind of movie but I do like Christmas movies in the season. I give it 8 because its so unique in story. If you read my reviews you know I like unique plots. The lead does well in her role very likable. But the story of a magical snowglobe you can go inside is wild! Its a fantasy movie that's very lighthearted and uplifting.
  • I love it . For the idea, isles of humor, moral and Matt Keeslar as Douglas. For the fairy tale atmosphere slices and for the nice portrait of a chaotic relationship family.

    I hate it for the superficial, deeply bad use of this idea. For the interest to use Christmas as axis, entire story becoming insignificant. And, sure, for the feeling to be a not script film , out of a genre, coherence or real purpoise . But, sure, after a hard work day, when you are really exhausted, it works.

    Angela (Christina Milian) always wanted the perfect Christmas. But for her, anywhere is better than home for the holidays. When she receives an antique snow globe as a gift, it shakes up her life and transports her to a magical world where it s always Christmas. Now, she ll have to choose between the man of her dreams and the one she never imagined possible. It s a new kind of holiday romance!

    What is nice about this film is that what looks like a perfect little world is not so perfect. The story gets a little tiring however there is enough cleverness to hold most viewers attention
  • Where do I start? The stilted acting? The constant grouching and bickering? The inconsistent relationship between the family members?

    There were some really good/funny parts, but too many moments that weren't. I don't think the writers could decide if this movie was a fantasy or a comedy/drama.

    The only definite is the fact that it was released for Christmas- other than that, it seemed to bounce from dysfunctional family story, to romantic comedy to Christmas fantasy.

    I really wouldn't encourage anyone to watch it. There are plenty of other sound, well-written and enjoyable Holiday movies to watch.
  • Where do I begin to describe how truly dreadful this movie was? Can I rate it less than one star? The acting was subpar at best. I have seen Lorraine Bracco and Ron Canada in other movies and have thoroughly enjoyed them, but frankly they deserved better material to work with.

    In the movie Angela has an interferring family which I suppose is meant to supply the humor but only succeeds in being annoying. The entire family enters her apartment whenever they feel like it. The lazy good for nothing brother-in-law sprawls on her couch to watch TV, as far as I could tell his only redeeming quality is that he is the father of the long awaited grandchild. Mom invades her apartment to cook and host family meals there. Poor Ron Canada doesn't add much to the plot at all. As I said he deserves better material.

    I had hoped this would be an enjoyable Christmas movie, but alas I was destined to be disappointed.

    The essential idea of the Snow Globe could have been entertaining but the writers just dropped the ball.

    I would not recommend this movie to anyone who watches Christmas movies to be entertained. 90 minutes was just too long.