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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Werewolf: The Devil's Hound revolves around a small family run special effects company, one day they take delivery of some crates. After checking they find out that they have one more crate than they should. Nobody particularly cares. That night a Werewolf breaks out of the crate & scratches employee Kevin (Michael Dionne), he starts to turn into a Werewolf too. Can his family save him? Can they cure him or is Kevin forever cursed to walk the Earth as a Wereworl & change every night? Who cares.

    Also known under the title Lycan this low budget horror flick was edited, written & directed by Christian Pindar & Gregory C. Parker, one has to say right off the bat that I thought it was terrible. Having a quick browse through the other 'User Comments' here on the IMDb to date it is pretty clear that just about everyone who has ever seen Werewolf: The Devil's Hound has had a pretty lousy time doing so & trust me if you decide to spend ninety odd minutes of your life watching it your going to feel the same way. I did. Like a lot of low budget films what happens in the script is almost totally decided by the lack of funds, it's almost a given that while writing this Pindar & Parker were saying to themselves 'can we afford this' & 'could we achieve that'. The film has boring locations, it has a distinct lack of logic or action & some truly awful comedy relief character's & moments at the end that seemingly come from nowhere. There's also something about U.F.O.'s but by the time they show up I had pretty much lost all interest & was on autopilot. The character's are awful, the dialogue is awful, the story is awful, the beginning, middle & end are awful & generally speaking the film as a whole is awful. Sorry but that's the way it is.

    The film is pretty amateurish, it looks like it was shot on a camcorder by two film students using all sorts of annoying editing techniques, shaky camera moves & blink & you'll miss it editing. There are one or two gore scenes, someone is cut in half, an arm & a leg are ripped off, someones head is crushed & there's some fake blood. The special effects are poor, the Werewolf looks more like some sort of hairy albino Ape. It's not scary & it's not funny & it's incredibly hard to sit through in one go.

    According to the IMDb this had a budget of about $1,200,000 which is actually a fair amount of money which makes what ended up on screen even worse, it looks a lot more low budget than it actually was. Filmed in Connecticut apparently. The acting is no better than anything else to do with this film.

    Werewolf: The Devil's Hound is a poor, poor film that I often found painful to sit & watch. Definitely not recommended, one to avoid & most people will be very glad that they did.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    That's the only conclusion I can draw.

    The movie makes sense if it's a Special Effects company saying, "Hey, guys, look what we can do for your cheap movie if you pay us, because we did all these effects for the cost of some bottle deposits."

    The plot, such as it is, is that a German family captures a werewolf, and UPS accidentally ships her to a little special effects studio somewhere in Conneticutt. The Werewolf escapes, bites and infects the son of the owner, who she plans to mate with. After some cheap FX sequences, a goofy paranormal investigator and the she-wolf's family show up, more extras are killed off in gross ways, and the whole thing is resolved when it turns out that the FX kid's mom was really a competent werewolf hunter.

    Other than that, the movie is pretty much unwatchable.
  • I should have become immediate suspicious when I didn't recognize anyone in this film. The second thing that should have been a clue was the presence of a lot of actors in this film in another film out on video the same year. Hey, we have a bunch of actors here, so let's just shoot two movies at once.

    There was a good amount of gore in the film towards the end. It was just painful to get to that point.

    If it wasn't for Christy O. Cianci, it would be a total wash.

    The ending was just plain weird.

    Warning: Anyone affect by flashing lights should not watch this film as they love this effect.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Werewolf: The Devil's Hound" is a pretty enjoyable and entertaining B-Movie.


    Receiving a fireworks shipment, FX artist Phil Madden, (Phil Gauvin) and his team, Kevin Madden, (Michael Dionne) Char Madden, (Tamara Malawitz) Elizabeth, (Jennifer Marsella) Michael, (Adam Loewenbaum) and Krystal, (Kristen Babich) manage to go about their business and get their display set-up for a preview. While they sort out the affair, they quickly notice the behavior of one of their members is drastically different, and despite insistence to-the-contrary, they know something's wrong. As their situation coincides with a series of violent animal attacks, it soon dawns on them that a bloodthirsty werewolf, Christine Hofferman, (Christy Cianci) who escaped from a team of German scientists intent on studying her condition, has attacked the member and appears intent on starting a clan, forcing them to try to work together to get the situation handled.

    The Good News: This one had some really good parts that manage to really make it fun at times. One of the main parts to that is the films' wonderful sense of humor and the comedy it showcases. From the bumbling nature of the scientist-heroes and their constantly trying to keep things under-control to the constant jokes and one-liners that are bandied about, and the whole battling nature of what goes on during the finale, this one manages to make itself a B-movie that can still be somewhat suspenseful as well as keeping it's tongue-in-cheek nature that provides some fun. That ending, which is one of the biggest pluses here, has a lot going for it. From the discovery of the werewolf and the battle that ensues as they try to engage in the reversal-ritual needed to end the curse is one of the best parts to this. Mixing action and comedy in good does, it stays that way until the film brings in the battle-armor, which is where the film really goes into high-cheese mode. The brawl is a lot of fun, gets in some laughs, and provides the necessary ending to the film, and is the main highlight. Other main highlights to this one include the big attack on the warehouse, which manages to incorporate suspense from its wonderful stalking through the twisting corridors and the beginning noises heard that features the creature rampaging into the building are a lot of fun, the blockades placed are pretty entertaining and then the true camp-nature of the film begins with there being a remote-controlled robot battling a werewolf inside a completely-blackened special-effects-filled room. This is just way too much good stuff, and is by-far the film's highlight. The opening assault is pretty good as well, with the night-vision lens allowing for some really creepy moments to come about, the stalking is nice and the results are bloody enough to satisfy, and since the werewolf isn't the focal-point, the brief glimpses make for a nice effort here. When it is shown, the look is really good, with the vicious dog-face, huge claws and fangs and long hair so it can appear as a true werewolf, which is really nice. The other big suspense moment in here is an early stalking scene where a loud-banging-and-crashing noise off-screen gives way to a loner wandering around investigating, and it manages to score better-than-expected during the course of the scene. There's also a lot of good stuff to be had with the slow-build in here, from the everyday activities to the sudden-accomplishments of extraordinary feats, and by stretching it out, it works really well. The last plus in here is the bloody kills, which are nice. From limbs ripped off, a head removed, intestines spilled, tons of scratch marks and oozing non-fatal wounds, this one is pretty bloody, and are the film's good stuff.

    The Bad News: There were some problems with this one, but not that many are detrimental. One of the biggest ones perhaps the film's most repeated offender, the utterly-atrocious editing that goes on. More than once, the film shows its sequences so haphazardly and disorienting that it's impossible-to-determine what happened during the scene. Through the odd angles to the rapid-fire editing that cuts several different views together into the same sequence and the shaking camera as well, the attack in the alley-way, which should've showcased some nice gore and been somewhat suspenseful, is instead a massive disappointment due to the technical areas focused on in here. The first roof-top attack is done in much the same manner, as is a potentially-chilling attack a bit later that would've been a real blast to witness had it not decided on making it impossible to see the action. Another technical area to overcome is the cheapness of everything, which is on-display quite frequently. From the shagging-looking werewolf constructed of carpet-threads to the simplistic gore and ultra-cramped and confined sets, there's not a lot of hiding the cheapness factor and some might not be forgiving with it due to its easily-been-found. There's a lot wrong with a sequence in a nightclub that it's a wonder why it was included. Besides the disorienting nature of nightclubs to begin with, due to the atrocious music on the dance-floor and the desire to continue on with the editing mishaps already-mentioned, but also because the dark lighting while they're in the bathroom which compounds problems and just makes the entire segment a total waste. The last flaw is the cheesy and inherently goofy ending with the aliens. It just ends the film on a note that shouldn't have been played and just makes the viewer engage in eye-rolling instead of a shock. These here are the film's flaws.

    The Final Verdict: It's definitely cheesy enough for those to have problems with it, but this one is undoubtedly pure camp for those that enjoy those kinds of films. Highly recommended for those that are pure cheese fanatics, camp appreciators or die-hard werewolf completists, while those that aren't should heed extreme caution.

    Rated R: Graphic Violence, Nudity and Graphic Language
  • SanteeFats27 September 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    The first scene was interesting and then it went to the "devil" after that. Since when Do werewolves have vampire fangs? The whole plot after the initial scene is just not good. The writing is bad to say the least, the acting follows the writing, and the vampire, excuse me, the first werewolf are not good. What is with the male werewolf throwing up blood all over the place? The surrealistic camera work reminds of the drug days of the psychedelic movements of Timothy Leary and the hash heads in San Francisco but at least they were tripping and not watching this garbage. When the wife of the male sees him screwing the wolf, in human form of course, she kicks him out and the killings escalate from there. Then some guy named Kwan shows up to set things right. He is a caricature of a serious (?) hunter. The lame-o werewolf attacks Kwan after killing another ex-friend. When the bitch werewolf attacks Kwan the turned one goes after his wife, he has flashbacks of his marriage, and goes after the bitch wolf. Then some gal shows up, shoots the bitch wolf with fireworks and she dies thus freeing whats his name from his curse. Very, very trite and stupid.
  • Any film that thinks we would rather see a montage of a girl preparing breakfast rather than seeing her making sweet love with her husband has got a LOT of problems. But that's the least you have the worry about in this dismal 'horror' effort, which also boasts inappropriate comical music throughout and has a monster so realistic you can almost see the strings attached. I don't need to tell you how bad the acting is and boring the proceedings are until a few non-shocking gore scenes at the end.. but I will anyway.It's dire in every aspect, a completely worthless piece of trash that's wasted the lives of everybody involved with it, and will waste yours too if you let it. So a perfect candidate for prime-time showing on the high class (Yeah, right) Horror Channel here in the UK!! 0/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Every part of this movie was intended to be funny, and it had some goofy humor in it that had us laughing most of the time. Sure, I saw it on Chiller, and didn't pay a cent for it, and maybe I would've been annoyed if I had to pay for it. But it was a lot more entertaining than watching another group of 19 year-olds stranded on a camping trip and being killed in some way, or watching some scientist having to get back together with his ex-wife to save the world from some insect/bird/dragon/creature/earthquake/storm/dinosaur/etc...

    And it actually had some characters that weren't teens or college students in it(!). The goofy assistant with a "hot internet date" waiting for him probably was too close to home for most of the reviewers here. The humor was not emo-teen oriented like Ginger Snaps, and had fast, surprising editing that proved that his director could come up with something like "Smokin' Aces" if he had even half of the money that director had in production values. The humor also wasn't the typical dope/sex stuff that i've also had enough of in these horrible mainstream teen comedies, although the "rectal probe" ending was one of the few jokes that fell flat...
  • You know it's a pity they don't make very many werewolf films and the real good ones are rare. Compared to all the zombie and vampire flicks lycanthrope movies are a scare minority. We've all seen the great ones like "An American Werewolf in London", "The Howling" (1st one only) and "Dog Soldiers". Basically we're always hoping for another gem like the three aforementioned mentioned classics. Werewolf: The Devil's Hound" is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of these. It FAILS in every conceivable way possible. There's no horror or drama, and the comedy is nauseating. The costumes are pitiful and the special effects are special ed. A ten year-old could have come up with a better plot. The actors looked like they were hired off the street. The directors should be ashamed to have any connection to this production. And the producers shouldn't ever be allowed to "produce" anything EVER again! This was as bad a FARCE of a werewolf movie ever made by mankind. I'd give it a NEGATIVE TEN stars if possible. Avoid this eye rot like the plague.
  • I got the DVD of WEREWOLF, THE DEVIL'S DOG, and I was quite looking forward to seeing it, but let me tell you - this is one of the worst films you are going to see. I noticed on the Vote History that nearly 40% of the votes were 10 out of 10, all I can assume is that those votes were inserted by members of the cast and crew! Lets start with the acting, it borders from bad to absolutely atrocious, almost embarrassing to watch!. Put it this way you won't be seeing any of these people in the next Spielberg/Scorsese production!

    The film itself, well I was going to turn it off after 10 minutes, boy I wish I did. - I started writing this review an hour and ten minutes in, it's an pain-inducing 89 minutes!

    I know its a DTV film, but it just has that badly made feel to it, fast shaky camera work on all the kills, so you don't get to see much - don't let this film put you off DTV films, there are plenty of good ones out there.

    The gore, well there is gore but mostly just red paint thrown over walls, and awful dummy props for limbs torn off but it's just not effective or creative. Trust me you will be seeing this on the Sci-Fi channel or Zone Horror in the near future - DO NOT SPEND A PENNY ON THIS FILM....It's Shite.

    The reason for 2 stars and not 1 is for the Very Good Cover Art - Don't fool for it!

    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The first three-fourths of this movie are a complete bore. The pace is so slow it's extremely difficult to maintain interest. There is no action, horror, drama or comedy here just stale static figures going through the motions. Some might call this plot development, but they'd be wrong.

    If you stick with the movie what you get in the last one-fourth is an over-the-top goofy mix of everything from robot warriors and the emergence of a silly and incompetent comic-book style action hero to an alien abduction and a fireworks finale.

    This is misclassified as a horror movie. Red paint splashed on a white wall is not scary. The 'werewolf' looks like a sheepdog with an ugly face that needs grooming; of course, that could just be the actor's real face --- it's difficult to tell because the camera work is so shaky. This is a movie to avoid.
  • When watching a movie with a title as dubious as Werewolf: The Devil's Hand, you have to be willing to take certain things with a grain of salt. You can generally expect poor camera-work, weak characters, and lackluster special effects. However, looking past all that, there's generally a good time to be found. W:tDH is no different... provided you can survive about the first half hour, which starts with what looks like a Nerf fight in the dark and jumps scenes, characters, etc, in what has to be among the worst set-ups I've seen in recent history. Despite that, the film is endowed with a certain amount of charm between the moderately talented leading actress, leading actor (whose performance improves midway into the film), and a cast of comical supporting characters. And the dialogue and campy nature of the film more than make up any slack, including a brief animated short you'd only find in a movie of this caliber.

    Most impressive are the transformation sequences, which look considerably better than those found in films with actual budgets. It varies between cool eye-light effects and sequences involving blood vomiting. Considerably less impressive are the werewolf costumes which are lampooned even by the characters themselves who at first confuse one monster for a yeti.

    Judging by the film quality, the production was probably shot on a digital camcorder. The movie feels like it must have had multiple directors, given the occasional weird tangents and how the characters are used. Also, I could swear that parts of the final action sequence were clearly dubbed, just by the sound of some of the actors... There are also a few potential plot holes that weren't adequately addressed, including the identity of the so-called vandals (which I believed to be addressed earlier on?) and why the Germans would choose to ship a werewolf by wooden crate in the first place. But again, those are minor complaints. The only major problem with the film is the infuriatingly bad set-up and annoying hokey effects used early on which, oddly enough, aren't really seen in the rest of the film, as well as how tacked on the Germans feel. If they reworked a few portions of the movie, W:tDH would easily pass for a good made4tv movie.
  • I've seen porn with higher production values, a better plot and better special effects!!

    In a world where American Werewolf In London, Dog Soldiers and The Wolfman exist, why does anyone need to make a film like this? Oh yeah because it's a purely cynical exercise by soulless, trashy film makers with less ideas than their already pitiful budget to make loads of straight to DVD crap movies, stock them on shelves in Blockbuster and trick unsuspecting suckers into renting or buying what on the cover seems like a big budget Hollywood production.

    You'll know how bad this is the second you see the Yeti like werewolf, it has to be the least scary thing I've ever seen. I don't really know if I have enough will left to finish the review but if yourrrgghhhbllluuuurrrghhhbbbllaaaaahhhhgabbbagabbahey
  • I think the producers of this film handed an old mini DV camera to two schizophrenics and told them to go make a movie. The film is shot almost all in close up so the audience has no idea where they are or what's going on. The frame is plagued by interlacing issues, the cinematography is amateurish, and a complete lack of filmmaking knowledge. The story is boring and uninspired.

    Sample dialogue:

    M-"Want to have some sex?" F-"Do I want to have some sex?" M-"Yeah." F-"I don't know."

    … I can't even go on.

    Pure garbage. I understand how these things get made, but how do they get released?
  • What can I say that hasn't already been said. This movie sucked! The acting was terrible, the special effects were everything but special, the story was campy and pointless, the humor was pure cheese...the list goes on. Yet another crappy Lion's Gate film.

    This film starts out somewhere in Germany...but I'm not sure what part of Germany. Apparently, it's the part where people talk like pirates, because no one had a German accent. There are military-type people; only they're wearing khakis instead of cameo. It's really just one big mess from the get-go...not a good sign. At the first werewolf sighting...which looked more like a man in a Yeti costume...I knew I was in trouble. But I persevered and continued watching.

    Then came the part where the fire marshall was smoking outside the fireworks shop...which is bad humor in itself. And as any good fire marshall would do, he throws his cigarette into the dumpster. Of course, there is gunpowder in the dumpster...why wouldn't there be? As any good fireworks manufacturer knows, you always throw your leftover gunpowder in the dumpster. In truth, I turned it off at this point. I just couldn't take it. It was that bad. Do not waste your money on this garbage. And if you know anyone that thinks this movie is great...slap them HARD!!! 0.25 / 10
  • Werewolf: The Devil's Hound is a very low budget, wacky, shot on video comedy/horror (three parts comedy, one part horror) film about a man and his family/coworkers dealing with the result of him being bitten by an escaped werewolf. It never takes itself too seriously and provides a lot of entertainment despite regularly trying too hard to be funny.

    Kevin works for his father's pyrotechnic/special effects company. A crate containing a female werewolf is accidentally delivered to their shop, and soon people are being torn to bits right and left, and Kevin is bitten as the shewolf tries to make him her mate. The only problem is that he's already married.

    The camera is always moving and generally the movie never gets dull, though its low budget is readily apparent, especially when it comes to the werewolf effects. The acting is a mixed bag. No one is horrible, but no one is great either, with the possible exception of the actor who plays Kevin's father.

    6 stars purely for the entertainment value. When Werewolf: The Devil's Hound is funny, it's really funny. There are a few laugh out loud moments. When it's trying too hard to be wacky, it's just embarrassing. If you're looking for cool werewolf special effects or transformations, or even just cool-looking werewolves in general, this isn't the movie for you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I had to skip through this movie because the acting was just so bad it was bellow porn movie standard. You had all of the cheesy effects like illuminating by spotlights so it it is like daylight then having people running around with nightvision **safety goggles** who cant see or hear the werewolf when it grunts about 5 ft away from them... Extended sequences which involve people getting mauled and they just drip and drip and drip and drip until your actually falling asleep from the lack of shot change. This movie reeks of some fool sponsoring it and getting everyone from their family to act in it. The movie was shot at a warehouse which looked like it was a film studio. Hey lets scrub locations... lets just film it in a film studio and set the storyline to be in a film studio. Wow... what a way to save $70 of the films budget of $2000. There were scenes where the main heart throb (who actually looks like a geek) wanders down a corridor (1 minute of boredom) to another corridor (1 minute of boredom) to a doorway. Then he goes outside and there's more boredom as he realises a door is open.... more boredom as he goes and shuts the door. I realise now I'm actually really totally spoiling the plot for you here. Without these key scenes the movie would just fall apart, cant you tell ;-) Grrrrrr! Yeah there's this as so much more pointless junk in this movie that you really will be able to put it down and go make some food and not come back. Can anyone explain to me why when the main character heard a dog howl in the distance he freaks out and runs inside the building. Nobody from this main section of the movie had even been killed by any form of werewolf at this point, nor even been scared by one. A dog howling... please come on....why did this guy start running. Did he know something that wasn't included in the script. Doh! There's loads of pointless romance and chatting and time fillers. Yes its a movie where they overdo the special effects to hide the bad makeup on the werewolf so don't be expecting too much. I bothered to pause the movie on the more closeup scenes of the werewolf and it really is latex and you can almost see where the different paint was used on the nose and the face of werewolf. Probably household emulsion paint. There should be laws which stop people hiring movie camera equipment and making this kind of crap. How do they get it released. Some great movies get made every year and cant get releases and then rubbish like this gets released in their place.... whats wrong with the movie industry.
  • JasonsLists3 December 2007
    This is a straight to video release that should be sent straight to the trash. It's not even good in an ironic way. I must admit however, I only watched about 20 minutes of this "movie" then gave up. The quick choppy editing early on in the film was enough for me to make my decision. I watch a lot of movies and trust my opinion.

    I skipped ahead a few chapters to see if anything of value happens, still the same garbage. I tried the audio commentary. It seems they were going for a bit of action, some comedy, an 80's feel and of course horror. The result is a far, far, distant cry from anything like American Werewolf in London, Silver Bullet, or Ginger Snaps.

    Those horror and action films of the 80's that the creators of this flick were modeling weren't attempting to be classics, they just happened to be good movies that remain timeless.

    Better luck next time creators of Werewolf: Devils Hound.
  • It is a plague to watch a movie like this!! Wait a second, did I call it a movie? It is what a camera lying on the ground in a trash yard would capture! Well even that would at least have reality. How pathetic acting have you seen? I bet it can't get any worse than this. There I go again, I called it acting. There is no emotion, no appropriate expression, no fear, no anything. Story would get a 1/2, the poster would get a 2. The photography would get a -1/2 and direction would get a -1. Hence the lone star. Shame on the director and also the rest of the crew. It is a crime considering the amount of money that goes into making a movie. It could have been put to better use by feeding the poor. Oh, I forgot to tell you, the werewolf make-up is shite and not even remotely close to what the poster suggests! It's a trick, a very sad one. Please, believe me and don't watch it. I have. God forgive me.
  • I watched the first few minutes of it and just knew I would be in for a world of boredom. I didn't even bother to watch it. I could tell it was going to be something horrible just from the poor filming quality and bad acting. If you an make it further than that, you are glutton for punishment. I guess I cannot write an honest review, but you just know when something is going to be bad. I guess I should have found a trailer for the movie before watching it. I usually know from the trailers whether or not it will be worth watching. So the first few minutes were enough for me to tell it just wasn't going to happen. If you decide to watch this despite all the warnings, you must really like less than B-movie quality.
  • I have worked on some films and TV and would be terribly upset if my name was associated with an end product like this. The producers(who also wrote and directed) obviously had means to some cool equipment and space but chose to do a mediocre production. One positive is that editing and cuts were not that bad but general film-work, lighting, and settings were inconsistent and looked cheap. This movie reminded me of cheap porno. I was waiting for someone to get naked the entire time. Even though the actors and actresses were somewhat good looking the delivery of emotion, lines and HORRIBLE accents was terribly distracting and annoying. Once more before I finish trashing this movie, the EDITING was well done.
  • I feel ashamed actually having bought this garbage. Its one of the worst movies I've ever seen - and I thought that was "Ice Spiders" up until I got this one. Sometimes up-and-comers get it right but this is not one of those times. This movie is simply put one of the worst movies made in the entire history of mankind. Besides the horrible acting, shoddy camera-work and a script that could be written by a blind, half-mad grandmother, the special effects that usually define a werewolf movie are non-existent. The sad attempts at humor in the movie makes me cringe. There is ONE good scene in the entire movie - and it lasts for about 4 seconds - its the one in a mens room and the leading man is sitting on the floor in what, in that light, actually passes for a good werewolf half-transformation. But alas - no. That one scene does not a movie make.
  • kyomania21 January 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    I give this a 3 because I was expecting much more then it gave.

    I work at Blockbuster and I got to see this movie for free. Thank goodness for that because I wouldn't want anyone to waste money seeing this movie. The opening scene looks like a semi-high-tech version of paint ball or air-soft. The monster looks like the yeti. The blood looks like ketchup. The acting is horrible. When the main character is bitten it looks as if the monster scratched his hand. This may be my imagination, but after the guy who is turning into a werewolf gets bitten, his eyesight gets better and he throws away his glasses, but after this it looks as if it is another person and not the original actor.

    The original werewolf *coughYETIcough8 and the man turning into a werewolf communicate using dog/wolf-like whines.

    I would have given the movie a 1 but there was a rave in it. Also, there are some certain 30 second segments where it looks alright.

    All in all, this is obviously an independent film, and poorly done. I won't even go into the ending because it almost seems as if they tried to turn it into a parody at the end.

    The last few minutes are the most disappointing moments of the entire movie. The werewolf-to-be is shot with a tranquilizer by his mother and wakes up 30 seconds later completely healed.

    Spare yourself money and make your friends rent it for you.
  • the-tinman26 February 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    I've watched a lot of low budget films and I mean A lot, but this is the worst. it had a orange county cycles feel between the main guy and his dad. But the acting was so bad it was sad. I have nothing good to say about this movie, the plot was bad, the acting was terrible and the "werewolf" costume was beyond bad. I've seen more believable werewolf costumes on my neighborhood kids during trick or treat.

    I watched the whole movie hoping it would have one redeeming quality, but sadly it didn't. I feel sorry for the actors in the movie for having to work so hard on such a bad movie

    If one had to rate this film, I would give it an F. The late 90s Shannon Tweed movies would be bad Bs and Cs to give a source of reference.