If you look carefully, distant UFOs can be seen following the character Michael Madden throughout the movie.

Directors Gregory C. Parker and Christian Pindar make a brief cameo on the beach.

The actual werewolf suit was difficult to move in, so the the sequence with the werewolf running across the roof was shot entirely against a green screen with 'Keith Palmer (III)', creator of the suit, playing the werewolf and running in place.

The robots in the robot fight sequence are actually the creatures from Predator Island (2005) and Blood Descendants (2007), Synthetic Cinema's two previous movies.

The end of the film included a number of cartoony effects that were later removed in editing, including colorful birds that flew around Kwan's head.

The character of Kwan was changed to be comic on-set.

Digital Effects Artist Colin Theys did all of his work in Softimge XSI on a three year old 1.3ghz Acer Travelmate 800.

Producer Andrew Gernhard makes a cameo as the repair man at the studio after the werewolf has broken out of the box.