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  • We have witnessed so many engaging village stories with reality. Director Pandiraj is one of the few directors who handles family scripts perfectly. After the blockbuster hit "Kadaikutti Singam" pandiraj has come with a less engaging and too dramatic film Namma veettu Pillai. Screenplay is so predictable and not interesting. Most of the sceens in NVP makes us feel bore. Although Sivakarthikeyan himself is an entertainer film failed to entertain us. Only few comedy scenes worked well in this family drama.
  • anjali-0217429 September 2019
    A normal Tamil movie story line. Full of emotion and sentiment dialogues
  • Very dramatic movie.The movie is just taken as a serial and there is some difference is that they have put songs in some gaps.After a good movie like Kadaikutty singam, this is just a worst i have evere watched in recent times.I will not reccommend this type of crap sentimental dramatic movies to anyone and if you are going to watch this please avoid this one.
  • ananthanb29 September 2019
    Worst acting, no story line and bad songs! The movie overall is boring 👎🏽
  • To be frank nvp is just another kadaikutty singam, but pandiraj this added more emotions and better comedy. After two disasters, Sivakarthikeyan is back in form. His acting is good after Remo. I think pandiraj forced him to act good in this film.
  • This pathetic I am.lost for words... Weak storyline Terrible dialogues
  • Sivakarthikeyan come back 🔥 2019 best family entertainer viswasam & NVP 💥👌
  • harish-6390727 September 2019
    Decent comeback after some failures ... Good family movie..
  • Even the story is too old for a several decades. SK had shown a powerful and energetic performance in this film, Especially in the last scenes. At least one time you will cry. Even thought iam a thalapathy fan I wondered by the acting of SK. Probably he is the next thalapathy I guess Final verdict : A Pool of tears in the hall of theatre. Watch it for SK alone
  • Worst Movie. Nobody acted well in the movie mainly the heroine character was totally out of the story and not needed. Songs and BGM in the movie were excellent that is the main highlight in the movie. The movie was like a serial. The movie was so boring. The movie had no story in 1st half. The movie was so boring on 2nd half as it had a serial story. This is one of the Worst Movie of Sivakarthikeyan, first Worst Movie of Pandiraj and one of the Worst Tamil Movie of 2019. Worst Movie.
  • Nvp is a good film but the romantic scenes which was done by anu emmanuel is too boring.But somehow it moved the movie with us.After velaikkaran SK had shown a special effort to this film hatsoff to SK , Surely you will cry in the climax scenes congaratulations for the entire team special wishes to SUNPICTURES
  • A decent family entertainer packed with emotions and comedy SK showed his effort well
  • Pandiraj done a good job in this movie.nobody overacting in this movie especially soori and other is a one time watchable and timepass category...
  • The real family story will pull you into the pool of tears & emotions like this movie did. Atleast 10 scenes of the movie syncs with your life that's what this movie's biggest gain. So they're connected to the audience. In my perspective, this movie is not for someone who sits and watches every film that releases. It's for some random movie watcher like me. That's why it got 9/10 from me.
  • shaeshatriashwin27 September 2019
    To be honest im not an SK fan im suriya fan but a decent film Good comeback from SK after Some failures Aishwariya done good job some comedy more emotion One time watchable treat for SK fans
  • avmsarav2 October 2019
    Brother and Sister Love with so much emotional touch. Last 20 mins atleast one time you will cry. Relationship is how much important everybody should understand. I cried so many times. Must watch Emotional movie...
  • Such a awesome movie .. In my entire life time, this is the 1st time I''m like really felt and wanted to give the rating for a movie .. seriously it deserves the 10 stars.. maybe for others, might not felt the same as me because everyone have their own personal perceptions .. but for myself, it's a such a lovely and touching movie to my heart..The real unmeasured and undescribable love in between a brother and a sister..
  • A nicely packed family drama with good twists/turns, festival like theming throughout the movie made it feel fresh. Action & Emotional scenes were a bit hyped but seems like it worked well.
  • A good decent packaged village sentiment emotional family entertainer.some of the scenesof heroine are boring.sivakarthikeyan's come back film from some failures,he changed his usual acting in films to worked good.sivakarthikeyan holds the total movie too.overall good family entertainer
  • IMDb pls give original review as people said ok the good review rate of nvp is 8 ok pls give it don't cheat everyone ok you only giving good rating for dhanush simbu and ajith movies only but you don't consider this kind of family entaimenent movie frist you go and see how was the theater response full of houseful shows all family and general audience ladies kids all like the flim so pls give valuable rating ok
  • This film started of with the funniest comedy treat given by soori, siva and soori's son. The way the film continued into sister sentiment turned the crowd very emotional. The second half also talks about the importance of family and the way SK's parent and sister feels left out in that family. SK shows his classy acting skills in this film very well to make this a big blockbuster film.