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  • marpsi14 January 2020
    Just really captivating. You could experience all the feelings along with the actors and the main character "eftyhia" was portrayed magnificently. A great film for the Greek music.
  • A great film that everyone must see, It's a big lesson to appreciate the life and the beloved people...!!!!
  • theomisti2 January 2020
    It's an amazing and touching movie about a woman that has written history in the greek music industry and for a human that had a really difficult life but at the same time was absolutely free.
  • jimi_215 February 2020
    Deeply inspired by her loneliness, wrote some of the most iconic Greek songs of the 50s-70s. Heart breaking, depressing, yet still charismatic.
  • pantazieleonora27 December 2019
    It was an amazing film ! you must have to watch the movie!
  • marianna5625 January 2020
    Such a great movie. All the actors were magnificent as well was the direction. The plot made us feel every moment like as if we were there. I truely believe that everyone must see this movie
  • Biopics are a double edged sword.If you see beneath the facts and the events and want to make a film about the essence and the timeless message of a character you have a great film in your hands.Sadly this film desires to get the laughs and the cries from the Wikipedia page of the main character with nonstop time jumps and supporting characters that you can't really see their development except from the make up.I think that corporate demands shorten the film's runtime (A whole life in 2 hours??!?!??!?) which has something to say but runs out of time (in every period of the writer's life)
  • First of all Karabeti was awful. Goulioni was perfect. Goulioni's Eftixia was a strong woman with a strong opinion. Karabeti was the exact opposite. It was like they were 2 different people.They should continue with Goulioni. I felt that a lot of her story was missing and at the end I felt that the movie was incomplete. I was expecting more.
  • This movie has it all; nice photography, adequate directing, good acting and nice soundtrack, except from the script. If you are not familiar either with the protagonist or with her songs, this movie doesn't concern you. In an effort to portray the main character and her life as close to reality as possible, it would have been better to make a docu-style mini series. If you want to have the audience's interest you have to make them sympathize with the hero of the story. This film doesn't get there. Instead of approaching the story from an anthropocentric point of view, it does so from a reporting one. It gathers all the main events of the hero's life and links them uncohesively. The end result is pleasant aesthetically but uninteresting story-wise.
  • kostantinosgontouras4 December 2020
    This movie is just ..... i don't have words you have to see it BRAVO to us BREAVO to hellas .
  • bs_pantazi27 July 2020
    The acting the feeling everything.... Pure perfection. Please don't miss it.
  • It's a good movie (my initial rating was 6 but I believe I was wrong) but does not deserve the hype it gets. Most actings are bad, with some bright exceptions. I really liked the costumes, make up and the whole "vibe" of the movie.
  • dikeroc11 April 2021
    Mediocre and at times cringeworthy this movie has alot of editing and pacing issues. The performances are overall decent but some scenes are extremely overacted. The songs are excellent ofcourse but it's a shame they couldn't implement them in the story and they made up the 'award' section. It's worth a watch on tv but nothing more.
  • "Eftyhia" is a Biography - Drama movie in which we follow the life of Eftyhia Papagianopoulou, an important and one of the best songwriters of Greece. We follow her from her early life to her big success and also her social life during the same period.

    I liked this movie very much because it is based on the life of one of the greatest songwriters of Greece. It has also a very interesting plot and story that is easy to follow and also presents some big truths about Greece. The direction which was made by Angelos Frantzis is simply exceptional and he presented very well the life story of Eftyhia Papagianopoulou with the ups and downs of her. Regarding the interpretations of both Karyofyllia Karabeti who played as Eftyhia Papagianopoulou (Older) and Katia Goulioni who played as Eftyhia Papagianopoulou (Younger), I have to say that they were both simply amazing. Other interpretations that have to be mentioned were Thanos Tokakis' who played as Loukas, Pigmalion Dadakaridis' who played as Giorgos Papagiannopoulos and Dina Mihailidou's who played as Marioga. In conclusion, I have to say that "Eftyhia" is an amazing movie and I believe that it's one of the best greek movies therefor, I highly recommend everyone to watch it.
  • As I was watching the movie I was really thriller by the the young Eutixia,the way she talks and moves is so captivating!!Apart from her nothing is bad nothing is exciting either.Is just another mediocre Greek movie.As I love Greek cinema and know the story I was hoping in something better!!is pity such a good story went wasted!!
  • pdoukaras18 December 2020
    Really nice movie. Especially if you know the history of Greek music.
  • gtzamas17 January 2020
    Awful plot. Bad movie! Don't spend your time! There are much better greek movies. only the beginning is satisfactory. Please don't watch it!!!