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  • I seriously expected this movie to be worse than it was... The acting was great and so was the dancing... Some people are criticizing this film because of the age gap between Selena Gomez and Drew Seeley but the two of them played their parts well... The main thing is that they managed to get into their roles and were amazing... Some may find it a little fake or something but i seriously enjoyed it... Of course, that's just me... Different people have different opinions... Ovreall, i'd give it a 7/10... Like i said before, Selena Gomez had acted well in this movie just like how she's been acting well in WOWP... Drew Seeley was amazing and there was chemistry between the two characters that made this movie enjoyable to watch...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Cinderella has been retold far too many times to even count, what made this version stand out is the way it was delivered, how the events are arranged and the inclusion of an aftermath after prince charming found his one true love.

    The movie was directed with great attention to character development. The story kept the balance between realism and fantasy. We all know Mary in the story is just studying due to school privileges and doesn't have the money to go to dance school so what does she do? She sneaks in and through the mirror emulates the dances of the more privileged kids, we always see in movies the line: "Try your best" but in this story, Cinderella finds a way to make her dreams come true, she is strong-willed and kind at the same time. When her sisters show her video as a kid dancing, she fought back with getting the tango tape and letting prince charming know she is the one. A very different approach to the meek and kind Cinderella we all know.

    With regards to Joey, the prince of the movie, very well played by Andrew Seeley. Makes you wonder why he didn't land the role in High School Musical, his dance moves are not the best out there but very far from average. His acting is subtle but at the same time very convincing. His expression when he touched the mirror during the dance rehearsal was spot on and very indicative that he felt that the person of his dreams are on the other side of it. The chemistry of their characters is undeniable.

    The evil stepmother has a lot of dialogue that pokes at pop icons, wash out artists and teenyboppers, if you can keep an open mind, it is hilarious. Jane Lynch really got into character, you want to hate her but you can't help but love her in the movie.

    The choreography is great especially the mirror scene which I reckon will be happily remembered and Andrew Seeley's final stage performance was very professional, it looked like a real concert of a pop icon. Whoever thought of those deserves a pat in the back.

    Overall, do not look for depth in this movie. It is meant to entertain us, not make us think nor try to be smarter than it really is. It is a fresh take on an old classic and does so beautifully.
  • In Beverly Hills, the teenager Mary (Selena Gomez) is the stepdaughter, actually the maid, of the egocentric and decadent pop star Dominique Blatt (Jane Lynch) and is frequently humiliated by her two sisters Bree (Katharine Isabelle) and Britt (Emily Perkins). Mary's mother was a dancer of Dominique and when she died, Mary stayed with Dominique. When the pop-star Joey Parker (Andrew Seeley) returns to Los Angeles to select a pair for his next video-clip in a dance competition, he becomes the sensation and all the girls in town expect to win. However, Mary sneaks to a masquerade party with her best friend Tami (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and Joey dances a tango with Mary, who is wearing mask and he does not recognize her, and he has a crush on her. Near midnight, Mary leaves the party in a hurry, but she drops her mp3 player on the floor. Without any other clue of her partner in the dance, Joey Parker uses the device to seek out the girl. But Dominique, Bree and Mary will do anything to keep Mary apart from her prince charming.

    "Another Cinderella Story" is silly, predictable and there is a great gap of age between Selena Gomez and Andrew Seeley. However the update of the Cinderella fairytale is also delightful, with enjoyable dances and choreographies and the chemistry between Selena Gomez and Andrew Seeley is amazing. Selena Gomez really impresses with her beauty and charm and it is a pleasure to see her dancing. The "sisters" Katharine Isabelle and Emily Perkins perform a totally different role from the cult "Ginger Snaps" franchise. My vote is six.

    Title (Brazil): "Outro Conto da Nova Cinderela" ("Another Tale of the New Cinderella")
  • This movie is a wonderful retelling of the original Disney animated version of Cinderella. We have our Cinderella, Mary who played by the delightful Selena Gomez. Then we have the prince, Joey played by the talented Andrew Seeley. The stepmother Domonique was brilliantly played by Jane Lynch. The rest of this ensemble cast which included the stepsisters (Katherine Isabelle and Emily Perkins) Tami (Jessica Parker) Dustin (Marcus Paulk) and Natalia (Nicole La Placa) all injected their characters with a bid of an edge. This movie was aimed at the 9-13 age range and hit it's target. Was it predictable, yes but the cast was brilliant and brought an old tale into today's world. The characters were lovable,except the obvious Britt Bree and Natalia, who balanced the fairytale with their nasty attitudes and antics. I loved the dance theme and the dancing was amazing. It won't win an academy award, but that was not it's goal. The goal was entertainment pure and simple.
  • teake_0116 September 2008
    Although completely cheesy and predictable, this is actually a decent movie. It's funny, and Selena Gomez is absolutely amazing. She is such a talented actress and watching the movie is worth it just to see her steal all the scenes she is in. Katharine Isabelle and Emily Perkins are great as the awkward step-sisters. They do a great job at portraying a very strange take on the evil step-sister role. I definitely prefer this version to the one with Hilary Duff. Selena is a much better actress, and comes across as being a more real, and relatable character. She really seems like a girl that you would know and not like someone acting as the outcast. Her comedic timing is wonderful. Another Cinderella Story is an amusing, entertaining movie.
  • I admit that an 8/10 might be a little too high for this movie but I thought that, compared to all other movies similar to this, it belonged in the upper level and thus deserved the 8/10. Overall it was a pretty good movie, a modern day Cinderella story. They replaced the Prince with a Celebrity (Drew Seeley), they replaced the servant with a maid (Selena Gomez) and replaced the slipper with an MP3 player.

    At first I thought it would be like all other movies similar to this, the entire movie leads up to the buildup where the boy will find out who the girl is and they will fall in love, but this one is different. I thought it was a great idea that they finished that in the first half with him finding his girl and filled the second half with modern day drama. This movie was more than just a Cinderella story, it wasn't just the "prince" finding his "princess" and an endless love, it dealt with insecurity and different social rankings and everything. They had a premise built around dance and stuck with that premise throughout the movie which was another big positive.

    Overall i thought it was a very enjoyable movie, compared to all movies it probably would not be higher than 6 because it wasn't anything close to the "best thing ever" but compared to many Disney Movies, I'd rank this as the 2nd best movie right behind High School Musical 1.

    It is a good movie, very enjoyable, and very satisfying. The main concern many people have would be the romantic interest between a 26 year old guy and a 16 year old girl, but in the movie they sort of build off the same vibe with an older guy and a younger girl. It is said that they are not the same age in the movie, as she was admiring him and "loving him" when she was only 10. Disney did not ignore the age gap and i think that it just made the film more powerful as it was yet another obstacle that they had to overcome, in addition to everything else.
  • ysic215 May 2009
    Okay, I was expecting it to be Another Cinderella Story spin off like the first one, and usually when they redo it, it is bad! Not this one, I liked it. Okay, it did have the same story line as the first one, but we are talking about A Cinderella Story here. That is why it is called "Cinderella", and yes she will have a mean stepmother and two silly stepsisters so you can't really change on that. The dancing was great. It was fun, light entertainment and definitely better than I expected. It might not be a show stopper movie and it is made with young teenagers in mind but if you liked the first one as well as movies like the Princess Diaries, etc, give this one a go too.
  • This was a wonderful modern twist on the typical Cinderella story. This story was more about a girl striving to accomplish her dreams with the Cinderella aspect thrown in. Although most people think this is a sequel to A Cinderella Story, it is not. It really is just Another Cinderella Story.

    The dances moves or scenes were great and I have to say that I loved the performance of New Classic at the end. It is definitely one of my favorite scenes. It was also refreshing that the main characters (Selena Gomez and Drew Seeley) really had a great chemistry on screen.

    Jane Lynch adds the comical relief to the movie. Her character has her serious moments, but most of the time you are let wondering "what" or at least I was left thinking that during some of her lines or comments, because they were just so far out there. I did enjoy the Baby Got Back Commerical though, that was very funny. It still makes me laugh every time. They couldn't have cast anyone better to play the role of the step mother, in a sense she was the step mother.
  • What? I saw another Cinderella story at television. It's directed by Damon Santostefano. Some actors are Selena Gomez, Drew Seeley and Jane Lynch. It is a romantic comedy based on the fairytale of Cinderella.

    The story of Cinderella The story of another Cinderella story is that Mary must work for her stepmother Dominique who thinks that she is a popular diva. What Dominique didn't know was that Mary loves to dance. After school Mary follows dance lessons at the other side of the mirror. The pop star Joey Parker wants to go back to school and finish his last year. At the ball he danced with a girl but she ran away a bit for midnight and left her IPod. With her IPod he wants to find that girl. That girl is Mary. Mary is trying to tell him but he won't listen. At the birthday of Mary's twin sisters he found his mystery girl. The twins are very angry at Mary and are going to ruin their love. Joey is trying to get Mary back on a dance contest for his next video clip. What happened? Check out the film!

    Why did I like this film? I liked the film because there is a lot of music and dance in it. Also the actors are great. They are funny, pretty and young. I liked the way they compare this film and the fairytale. If you like funny comedies I would recommend it. Also if you like music and dance than this is a perfect film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    i think this movie was really enjoyable, funny, sexy, not waste of my time, cute, romantic, and really worth watching. i like how the director took the normal Cinderella Story into something that you want to be apart of. it feels like you are a part of the crowd that is watching people audition and dance.

    also, i think the actors were really wonderful. i think that they should make more movies like this one. you will get the feeling that you would want to watch this movie over and over again. i think it is one of the greatest movie that you can watch with a boyfriend or girlfriend. for me, it was one of the best movies i have seen since 2007. maybe you might be able to learn some dancing moves too :).
  • I watched this movie recently with my family and it really wasn't that great, though it wasn't totally awful. Not one I would recommend if you think. with Many convenient plot twists and completely unbelievable scenes the story was likely written by a 9 year old. The cast couldn't have been much worse, either, with a 50 year old pop diva. Jane Lynch plays some great characters, but this wasn't one of them. This take offers nothing new on the all too familiar tale of Cinderella and, in fact, is a very poorly done rendition of that classic tale. On top of that there are some scenes which are simply not believable and pointless, such as the masquerade ball where nobody could tell who anybody was, even though they wore masks over only the tops of their faces. The only two blacks in the entire movie didn't even recognize each other, moronically. Yet for some reason when Selena Gomez entered in a rather poofed out, concealing dress all eyes were on here as if everyone thought she looked beautiful even though her body was completely covered, her outfit was not form fitting and they supposedly could not see enough of her face for even her step sisters to recognize her. This movie is entirely forgettable. Absolutely nothing about it stood out even slightly. It is probably the worst take on Cinderella I have ever seen.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I must warn you this review is heavy with spoilers, but not really that much about the ending or anything that'll ruin your watching it.

    Let's begin with the good points so that I'm not eaten alive by close-minded teenybopper fans. The choreography is pretty good (especially the tango), and Selena Gomez is a surprisingly impressive dancer. Some moments are cute enough, and a few jokes I laughed at. This is a nice enough movie to watch and enjoy with girl friends, where you can try and figure out with character represents which element from the actual Cinderella story.

    However, there's a lot more that I think the movie could've improved on. Not only was it the most predictable thing on earth (a talented young underdog rises to the top, blah blah) and I could figure out the rest of the plot from the first ten minutes, but it was also pretty much exactly the same as "A Cinderella Story" with different actors/characters. Some rich conceited stepmother and her two dimwitted daughters with some white-knight, goodhearted heroine who has to cook and clean while she sighs and waits for her celebrity-status Prince Charming to rescue her. You might say that its being predictable is expected, but this isn't Disney. With some of its jokes and slightly suggestive dance moves, Disney wouldn't lay a finger on such things for the screen. The movie should've at least tried to be a little more original.

    I'm a little sad that they didn't elaborate on Mary's past with her mother. All we hear is a quick passing comment from her stepmother about how she used to be her backup dancer. But I guess that wasn't the point of the movie, so I won't complain too much.

    Finally, Miss Gomez needs some work on her acting. I really appreciate her taking two months of dance class for this film, and it shows and entertains, but all she can do is stick to her preppy, girly "version" of acting she acquired from Wizards of Waverly Place. In fact (spoiler), there is a part where she supposedly runs home crying. Her stepmother says something along the lines of, "You look like you've been crying, or are your eyes naturally puffy?" She is met by a blank, non-expressive stare, without any tear stains on her face or at least some ACTUALLY PUFFY EYES. I guess that the age target of this movie wouldn't mind that much, though. But it could've been so much better while still entertaining its audience.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The writing was flawed at times but the more I watch the more I like. I actually watched it the first time for two reasons, 1) the trailer looked good, 2) there were too many extremes in the iTunes reviews. Everyone either thought it was the best movie made and gave it 5/5 stars or hated it beyond description and gave it 1/5 stars. So I didn't feel either end was a correct perception given that apparently only Lovers loved it and Haters hated it. Thought I wonder if these people hate Selena Gomez or Drew Seeley so much, why they even bothered watching it? Anyway, I took a chance and actually liked it. It wasn't perfect but it has a certain charm and it grew on me so I like it more now than I did originally. The music is fun, the dancing amazing and Drew Seeley and Selena Gomez have real chemistry. Yes, there's an age gap in real life but I think it shows more on SG's side. DS may be 26 but he looks 17. And SG is 16- ish but can passably play a jr. in high school. And I remind everyone, that they're actors. Rarely anyone on TV (especially in High School roles) plays their real age. As to predictability, if you want a mind bender to see a Shamalamalan (or however you say/spell his name) movie. This was not meant to be anything totally surprising. It was supposed to be a cute, fun, little escape from everyday life story where boy and girl meet, dance and fall in love. Thuh. End. However, that said, there were a few surprises in this one. For one thing, Joey found out her real identity about half way through the flick - quite a bit sooner than these movies usually do, saving that big reveal for closer to the end. For another, Joey didn't care about her real status, he still liked her and had no qualms saying or showing it. There are other moments but I don't think I need to go on, however it was these choices by the makers that made me give it an 8/10. I think they at least tried to move away from some of the same old, same old cookie cutter moments in movies like this. I thought it could have been well enough for a theater release but at least this way I got to buy my copy and not have to pay 8 bucks every time to see it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I thought this movie was really good seeing as they have made way too many versions of Cinderella. I think this version was better than the first version maybe because this plot was something believable and more likely to occur. Also, instead of the guy and the girl hooking up all the way at the end of the story, they do it in the middle of the story, which gave it a twist. Besides that, i think that Selena Gomez is a fantastic actress and she was the main reason I wanted to see this movie because she does a fantastic job on Wizards of Waverly Place. The only bad thing about it was the ten year age difference between Drew Seeley and Selena Gomez. However, besides that, it was truly an amazing movie. You can watch it with your friends, with your kids, or with who ever you want to watch it with.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really liked the film. The dancing and the songs were both impressive and fun to watch / listen to and the acting was alright not the best in the world but fine for a straight-to-DVD release. The film is kinda predictable but that's to be expected when it's based upon Cinderella. Poor girl finds love at a party drops or loses something and in the end everything turns out to be a happy ever after. Although there is some twists and unexpected moments. Another thing people need to remember is that although it does star Selena Gomez and Drew Seeley it's not a Disney movie. And yes there is a 10 year age gap but the characters age gap would be maximum a year difference, but the chemistry between them is believable and convincing.
  • Wow. Just wow. For the first five minutes of the film I thought, "Oh, okay, another cheesy Disney-like movie." Boy was I proved wrong! I've finally discovered something: there are three kinds of people in the world. First, the people (mostly preteens, really) who are absolutely obsessed with anything Disney-channel or "Disneyfied" related, and therefore are oblivious to the talent of the actors. Second are the people who always put down Disney-channel or "Disneyfied" related items simply because of this generation's obsessiveness, and therefore also are oblivious to the talent of the actors. Then there is a small minority of people who treat these movies like any other and evaluate them without any prejudice or affinity toward the Disney-channel or "Disneyfied" film franchise. And if you belong to the third group, you'll truly appreciate this film. Selena Gomez is simply divine -- she has mastered all the dancing in this movie in just three weeks! And these are no simple moves. She has added her own personal and signature style to the movie, perfecting each and every dance routine to the point of brilliancy. And Drew is likewise staggering -- not only is he smooth on the dance floor, but he stays in character perfectly throughout the entire film. It's true this movie has the same "follow your dream" formula, but this is revealed through a sumptuous blend of beautiful characters (especially the protagonists, who spark some beautiful cinematic chemistry), stunning dance sequences, dazzling songs, and unpredictable twists in the Cinderella storyline. Now I've noticed that many people have problems with regards to the age differences in the two lead actors. However, one has to keep in mind that some of the most timeless classical romances -- Jane Eyre, Memoirs of a Geisha, Emma, to name a few -- have characters who don't allow their ages to stand in the way of their love, and who try to teach that love exists without any barriers. It's also important to keep in mind that, in the actual film, the characters' ages are not supposed to be that far apart; Mary may look very young, but Selena does have a childlike face . . . but a beautiful, sweet face. I know I said I wouldn't judge according to the Disney franchise, but it's safe to say that, compared to all the other Disney Channel movies I've seen (including High School Musical, Jump in! and Camp Rock), this is the absolute best! It's passionate and endearing, and nothing short of amazing!
  • I could and will criticize this film, but for the life of me I cannot understand why someone would criticize the film as predictable. The Cinderella story is a universal one so of course the film is going to follow along certain lines.

    Poor Selena Gomez is more like the match girl than Cinderella in this film, little more than a slave to former pop star Jane Lynch in one unreal and outrageous performance. Lynch has two daughters as well whom she encourages to dump all over poor Selena. Gomez was the daughter of one of Lynch's backup dancers who died and whom Lynch took in.

    Nevertheless Selena has two dreams, a career in the business and a relationship with former boy band pop star, Justin Timberlake like Drew Seeley. So if at some point in your life you've heard the story of Cinderella at any time from the age of two on up, you know exactly how this film will turn out.

    Too make up for a most idiotic plot there is some really nice singing and dancing with Gomez and Seeley. Drew Seeley was the touring company stand-in for Zac Efron when the Magic Kingdom sent its High School Musical stars on the road. The young man has a lot of good notes in his voice and Selena Gomez is a very pretty and talented young lady.

    Would they had got a film more worthy.
  • This movie was better than expected. Everyone says, "OH! It was SO predictable." If it's so predictable, then I expect they knew EXACTLY how soon Joey would know the girl was Mary. They knew EXACTLY how the girls would sabotage Mary after she got close to Joey. They knew EXACTLY how she was gonna sneak to go to the ball. The movie was WAAAYYY better than the first one and I love the fact that this one is based around dancing! So please stop slamming this movie so hard, it's really better than you make it sound. That's all I have to say.

    Oh and P.S., it's fun to dance along. HAHA! I memorized the dance moves.
  • I am a man who doesn't watch this kind of movies. I watched the first version of this which is "A Cinderella Story" starring Hilary Duff. I honestly didn't like that because it's just not my type, I guess.

    I didn't know this movie exist until I saw a poster from one of my favorite websites. I was attracted because of Selena (by the way, she's my crush) so I borrowed a DVD from my classmate. I didn't notice Seeley at first but when I looked at the poster closer, I was like, "Oh my gosh! He's kind of old for Selena!" The movie focused on the life of our Cinderella here, which is Mary (Gomez). She totally fits her character. Her mom is a dancer and so is she. She lives in the house of her pop star step-mom with her two weird step-sisters.

    During their prom night, where everyone is supposed to wear mask, Mary danced with Joey. Her step sisters and Natalia, Joey's ex-girlfriend, got so jealous so they got rid of Mary.

    One of my favorite parts of this movie is the search. There is one girl... and emo girl who tried to show Joey herself. She is so funny.

    Anyway, I don't want to tell the plot anymore. You better watch it. It's worth it. It is totally not a waste of time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    With so many takes on Cinderella, it's amazing that the film industry thinks that they can do yet ANOTHER one. And this one is SO close to A Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff, it's mind boggling! Everything from the old-but-thinks-she's-young step-mother to the bumbling, stupid step- sisters, this movie wreaks of a poorly made re-make that was painful to watch, and had me fast forwarding over large sections of the movie to get to the predictable end. Someday, I would REALLY like to see a movie where the girl DOESN'T get the guy, and she realizes that he is just not that cool. There must be a reason why the film industry puts these movies straight to video, and I ask myself why I bothered watching the film. I guess I was just curious/hoping that they did something new with the classic fairytale. Sadly, they didn't and I was left disappointed.
  • It's a Selena Gomez vehicle trying to pump up the young budding star. She's fine with a certain amount of charm that gives the movie a chance. Like the title says, it's another Cinderella story. There's nothing special in the story here. Certainly, there's nothing here that's different from dozens of other Cinderella teen films. While Cinderella is played admirably, the prince Charming role is a stiff wooden block. Drew Seeley doesn't have the charisma. He definitely can't match the importance of the role. Jane Lynch is the evil guardian and an aging pop star. It doesn't fit her. She has the comedic chops but they need to fit the role for her better. She looks nothing like the expected Madonna figure. It makes no sense. The stepsisters are played by the reunited costars from 'Ginger Snaps', Katharine Isabelle and Emily Perkins. There are some good crazy comedic turns from Jane Lynch and Emily Perkins. And Selena Gomez has that sweet charisma. It makes for a watchable wacky teen comedy but nothing more.
  • By the title we can say its based on modern cinderella tale, A famous idol coming back to school in search of a mysterious girl!! Cute romantic movie
  • When I watched this film, I'm glad that I didn't check out it's rating. If I did, I think I might not watch this one and so, I might miss such a great film.

    Although people are giving low rates and saying negative about this film, it is one of the best films I've ever watched. I have watched this film a thousand times and whenever I watch, I always love it. So, whenever I feel bored to watch other films or to do something, I always watch this film because I totally love it.

    The main thing I love about this film is the songs. Those songs are so good and it makes me happy. Whenever I listen them, I always feel refreshing and happy. That's one of the reasons why I love this film.

    Selena Gomez is very cute in this film. Although her acting is at normal and acceptable level, but when she performs, this film seems to be perfect. That's why I still love this film even though it's 11 years old.

    All in all, it's a great film. Don't believe review and rating. Even if it's not your taste, it's worth watching at least once.
  • ......................................................................................................................................................Yep thats all i had to say
  • It was actually much more than I expected. I thought it was another of those typical teen-themed movies where there's bad acting and overly predictable plots that just frustrate you! And most especially since a Disney-channel star-let was playing the lead (which made me expect it to be a disaster like the movie "Picture This" starring Ashley Tisdale)... but, this movie went past that! The acting was great and there was chemistry between the two main characters. The dancing was great actually. I didn't know she could dance... The humor was definitely there and it kept me entertained all through out.

    I'm giving it a 7 out of 10 because -- well, the movie does deserve it.
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