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  • hyph-n1 March 2020
    It isn't gritty, it is colourful. It ambles along in an engaging way, that pulls you through to the end. Clever plot, with interesting characters. A great antidote to all the dark gritty stuff that is on TV. A real delight to watch.
  • haywire-960832 March 2020
    A good cast and great location - something a little different and enjoyable to watch.
  • Very entertaining and easy to watch.
  • agnabeya1 March 2020
    Chalk and cheese duo of detectives- sleazy baddie- intriguing story- and Bath playing centre stage. Sumptuous. I hope there are more than just the two episodes listed on imdb!
  • purple-mug2 March 2020
    Anyone who thinks this inferior in any way clearly hasn't any grounding in the crime genre. It is pitch perfect comic detective fiction of which Christie, Allingham, or Sayers would have been rightly proud with just a dash of Columbo taking it to another level. Unsurprisingly so, given that Robert Murphy, the creator and writer, is steeped in the genre and can pull on so many threads to weave into his magic carpet.

    The odd couple, tortoise and hare, relationship of the two leads is fertile ground for the twisty plot to flourish in. Yes, McDonald is annoying, but that's the whole point and it's not as if there is no clear reason for her to be so. To make this a criticism of the production is just bizarre as is the suggestion that Dodds could do a single-hander. It would lack all credibility for someone who has, for very obvious reasons, not left his desk for ten ... sorry, eleven ... years to suddenly become a solo lead detective. Without McDonald there is no Dodds.

    This is definitely a partnership that has legs and it's to be hoped that ITV does not, as it is prone to do, pull the plug on the say so of the kind of witless trolls whose reviews bear no relation to reality.
  • Not to be taken too seriously, a bit of fun on a Sunday evening. The two main characters would drive you mad if you knew them, having a sneaky dig at the go getting career feminist and the time serving middle aged white male?The Dysonesque character was similarly lampooned.
  • I can't understand the few poor reviews. We have enjoyed it from the very the onset and hope it will continue for more than one series.
  • angieb-555678 March 2020
    What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday evening. Love the character Dodds a methodical police officer, McDonald a an officer who needs everything now and to progress her career. It is fun, good characters and good story
  • traceyshaw2 March 2020
    I really enjoyed this drama, quirky and different to the usual crime drama. Love Dodds character and he could have his own spin off series. Looking forward to the next episode.
  • This show is a piece of enjoyment, it's comfort TV or as it's known "Fast-food Media". You can tell where the story is going in places but has some clever twists and doesn't miss a beat as it goes through its mystery.

    Both of the characters are enjoyable and written appropriately, Dodds the old-fashioned, mature detective who's asking all the unasked questions. And Mcdonald who's the too-fast on her feet DCI who is impatient but impressed by her partners abilities. They make a wonderful pair that play off nicely against each other.

    The story is compelling and smart with plenty of little funny bits in it and it plays perfectly off the different actors/actresses.

    2 hours is a lot to invest itself in but it does fill a nice gap with a fully told out story, rather than in bits.

    People are complaining and bombing the series with their reviews but are of the circles of people who can no longer just sit down and enjoy something, instead they must pick it apart.

    The show is a hearty filler, harmless with good humour and great technicalities that'll keep you on your toes working out as you go. With some cliche moments but plenty to enjoy the series is off to a fine enjoyable start to wrap up the weekend.
  • Beautifully filmed. Reminiscent of Shakespeare & Hathaway(in a good way).
  • I throughly enjoyed the first episode. Sound if predictable plot. Great locations & fab back ground music - shades of Morse!
  • An ambitious, strong DCI lead with a rather quiet and slow-thinking sergeant who is near retirement. Two different characters make a good duo. Due to the lack of good quality crime script writers in Japan, this drama is much better than what we normaly see here. Many of British murder and mystery tv series are well-made. The landscapes of Bath had changed since I was living in UK from the 80's to 90's. But still, the historical town looks so beautiful and inviting.
  • magsno4 March 2020
    Reminiscent of Columbo but with an English twist. Knew whodunnit early on but the way it was unravelled was really good and the character development was very good.
  • It does make me chortle when people talk about theoretical BBC licence fee refunds on the basis of a single programme or series, as if entire corporations are supposed to cater to the tastes and prejudices of remarkably arrogant and entitled individuals. And for what it's worth, I barely noticed the so-called wokeness - because that's what modern Britain is actually like, and all the better for it.

    As for the programme content: very pretty, and just about challenging enough - although, without giving anything specific away, I have to say that the denouement challenged credibility somewhat!

    McDonald was shown to be human and vulnerable beneath that tough exterior, and Dodds was a brilliantly insightful detective who comes across superficially as a plodder, in the mould of Columbo as others have mentioned. Definitely worth a watch if you're not an intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic Little Englander who doesn't like having his or her prejudices challenged.
  • What a nice bit light murder for a Sunday evening.

    Bath looks beautiful (comparisons with Oxford are obvious). The music is jaunty. The script is passable. The acting fun. What is there not to like?

    This is not great noir drama with seething passions and deep neuroses and set in deep dark greyness. We are in Midsomer not Morse territory.

    I know people seem to have disliked this as too coy too old fashioned too conventional. But this is a genre pierce not cutting edge drama. A comfortable Sunday evening entertainment. A guilty pleasure perhaps.

    And you know that I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Bath but now I really must get back to the library!
  • Spoilt by the McDonald character , she was annoying and awful , the plot was made in columbo style with good acting from Lindsay and Watkins , I thought Watkins dodds character was brilliant and should have the lead on his own.some terrible background scenes when filming in the car,background turning left and right and yet the steering wheel does not move.if it was up to me I would scrap this and let Watkins do his columbo style role.
  • Makes Midsomer Murders look tired, dated and predictable. Look forward to seeing more of these..
  • A new detective series in the vein of midsomer murders and Shakespeare and Hathaway but written with more skill humour and tension. Why only two episodes in the series?
  • The good - interesting story.

    The bad - more PC nonsense.

    The hero (Dodds) is an introverted aging bald white guy, while his boss is the ambitious "woman of colour" from London. Her boss looks like a fashion model and acts petulantly like a teenager. Minimal police procedure.

    Dodds is treated like a servant or a dog, but is expected to do all the heavy thinking - no credit given though. In episode 2, he is left to catch the bus back to town, while his boss drives off. Talk about being in the doghouse again.

    There is no chemistry between McDonald and Dodds, no sense of comradeship or colleagues.

    I was threatened with expulsion from the TV room after numerous vociferous criticisms and cries of "what is this?".
  • It's ok but not gritty enough for the evening, should be on about 2pm. The rant in the library by the McDonald character was cringe worthy. Hopefully it'll improve but some say there's only one more to come.
  • mike-loveridge8 March 2020
    Clever plots with two dysfunctional police officers. The two together really work well with a pratt of a boss trying to get in the way all the time.

    The whole premise works really well and I hope more episodes are forthcoming.
  • I assume ITV are in search of a feasible replacement for Foyle's War, Poirot and Endeavour, this is not up to the standard of those, but it's a decent watch.

    We have had seven weeks of superb drama, Vera and Endeavour, and then they give us this, it doesn't have the grit of those mentioned shows, it is more like an afternoon show stretched out over the two hours, similar in a way to Shakespeare and Hathaway.

    Bath looks sublime, and maybe there is some mileage in it. Compared to other ITV dramas this didn't quite hit the mark, but it wasn't bad.

    The first episode was like, the second was good, good enough to prove there is some mileage here, and the duo deserve a few more crimes.

  • Absolutely love it. It's entertaining, witty and beautifully filmed without the need for sex and too much violence and disgusting language. If you want those things look elsewhere.
  • Easy watching, tongue-in-cheek crime drama, more please. Loved it.
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