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  • vievebk23 November 2010
    It is uncommon that the viewing of a film urges me to write about its merit, but in this circumstance I had to. This movie is a complete waste of time. It is completely predictable and there is NO chemistry between any of the cast. The idea might have been good had the script, casting and comedic timing been handled better, but don't waste your money, time or download limit. If you have to watch it, wait until it comes on free to air TV. I was groaning throughout about how horrible it was and yet I stayed until on until the end. I felt similarly about the movie "Twilight", not that this movie has anything in common with "Twilight", other than bad acting and a predictable plot. Don't bother with either of them!!
  • Hurricane season begins? Psychology therapist returns from vacation? Therapy group takes its end crawl? We fall in love and finally become committed to a lasting relationship (hopefully)? We are able to accept and understand our limitations and fears and move on to more fulfilling lives? Answer: All of the above.

    'See You in September' is not a heartbreaking, tearful drama, but an even paced, nicely written story about regular people like you and me, each with their fears, problems and woes, that spell, unfortunately in these cases, disaster in having, keeping, or beginning relationships conducive to love and marriage. The plot was nice, and I admit becoming interested in it because of the theme, which reminded me of something in that 1990's movie "What About Bob?", when Bill Murray's character falls apart when his therapist (played by Richard Dreyfuss), takes off on his month long vacation and leaves his patient to fend by himself. The results in that one were hilarious. In this one, the heroine decides to do something about it, not by taking off to stalk her therapist (loved seeing Whoopi Goldberg in this short performance), like Bob did, but by putting out an ad on Craigslist for other affected parties to come together and vent their problems. Well, you'll have to see the results for yourself and decide. One thing for sure: it takes a jab at psycho analytical therapists and you ask yourself why we need them, when solutions are better obtained and understood by discussing things together and standing up to do what is right.

    I'm a therapist myself. Far from giving people a crutch to hold on to or an escape route to solve their problems, I stress the same lesson this movie teaches: the answers are within ourselves. We just have to know how to find them, which is where good therapy comes in. I found this story, despite not being the best one I've seen, did the job well, despite its shortcomings.

    Of course, this is a movie. Things tend to work out magically in movies, not so easily in real life, right? But as this review is about the movie, and not the logistics of the storyline, what I can truthfully say is that it was a nice 90 minute interlude with what we all know can happen if we give it a chance.

    The acting, however, was not the best, on the part of some. I couldn't help notice that some parts were believable enough, but the rest were a letdown. The film, then, felt unbalanced: strong and nicely done on the one hand, weak and even a bit boring on the other. Justin Kirk stands out here. Kirk's character as the bitter-sweet A.J. made me laugh and caught me off guard more than once, but I liked the way he portrayed the man who is not looking for perfection, but nevertheless, was the perfect man for Lindsay despite being part of a therapy group himself. She didn't believe in committing, he thought all women were blood-suckers...but what was the real story? You'll have to watch and find out.

    Putting it all together, then, a nice, clean movie, no sex scenes, and few cusswords except when making a point. Considering the horrid releases I've seen lately, this one was not a waste of time.
  • Sometimes I don't get why some people are so harsh on some movies... OK, "See you in September" is not a masterpiece, and it would never run for the Academy Awards...but, if some people forget about all the technicalities of movie-making, about flawless plots, and all that, they'd find much more positive aspects in movies like this one!

    See You In September does have a few plot holes, and it does not have amazing cast performances...though the plot and actors do work well enough to bring the audience a pleasant experience.

    Talking about myself, when I watch a movie, most of the time I try to look beyond the movie itself. Some movies are just so bad, that there's nothing to look for. But, See You in September's got it.

    It's not a story with a deep drama sub-plot, it's not trying to teach us any supreme lessons, not show us any truths about the human condition. It's simply a comedy that gives us a bit of what it is like to be a person...that some of us have problems, and that helping one another can be quite effective. It shows us friendship, it shows us the hard times we sometimes have, and it shows us a bit of how simple the solution to our problems can be, here and then.

    I loved this movie. Had quite a pleasing experience in watching it. It's a descent comedy, a nice way to spend an hour and some more minutes, it can be called a feel-good movie that really makes us feel good, etc.

    All you need to do is watch it without high expectations...just enjoy it, think beyond the story being shown...try to relates the situations displayed (problems some of the characters were facing, the formation of otherwise improbable friendships, and all that), and you'll see that this movie is one that can make you think, feel, and have some fun in the process...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Lindsay (the beautiful Estella Warren) is having dinner with her beau at a posh Manhattan restaurant. Sensing that he is about to propose, the gorgeous professional bolts for the bathroom, where she tries to give herself a peptalk. This is because she has "commitment" issues, causing butterflies in her stomach. Unfortunately, Lindsay has mistakenly entered the Men's Room, where A.J. (Justin Kirk) hears all. A cynic, he gives her some curt opinions and leaves. Back at the table, Stephen does produce a big, dazzling rock but Lindz breaks up with him. Rushing to her therapist (Whoopi Goldberg), she longs for several sessions. But, its August and her shrink is leaving town for a month. So are ALL of the psychologists in NYC! Thrown for a loop, Lindsay decides to start a therapy group for the lost souls like her. Advertising on Craigslist, the folks are soon having their first meeting. What a surprise when A.J. attends, too, for, as he tells Lindsay, he has issues with his adoption long ago. Also arriving is a lady with a wandering boyfriend, a gentleman who is still suffering from the end of his marriage and a host of others. Guess who else shows up? A couple of thieves, that's who, who found the group online and decided to score some easy watches and cash. Undaunted, the group continues. Will these men and women truly help each other through their problems? Will any romances hatch? This is just a delightful discovery of a romcom. It has some serious moments but also boasts a nice originality that is vastly appreciated. Warren is one beautiful star and Kirk compliments her nicely. The supporting cast, too, which includes old pros Michael Rispoli and Sandra Bernhard, is very fine. Viewers will likewise welcome the Manhattan setting, costumes, script and lively direction. The film is also worthy of more than just the romcom crowd, although this latter group will love it. Therefore, be it September, January or July, go start the car's motor and drive to the nearest outlet or put in on your Netflix list pronto.
  • devine30821 November 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    It's a cute love story about people cooping through life without their therapists. Love the comedy and the realizations - the robbery in the beginning kinda sets the bond with the whole group. Watching the support of the group made it comfortable and move on. No A-list stars but acting was good and the story line kept my interest I didn't get bored. Monica is sarcastic and funny! Watching the relationship bloom with AJ and Lindsay is great, one of those stories you just want to live. Its about finding yourself with help from peers. Totally left me to have a picnic in the park with my love. I would recommend to my friends.
  • LtlHippo11 November 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    I just enjoyed this silly movie. I thought it was quirky. Most of the characters were funny and AJ was my favorite. The way he described his mother. LOL I loved the opening song at the beginning, haven't been able to find out any information on it. But it's more of a light comedy, go ahead and watch it if you are looking for something not really deep.
  • paraster26 February 2011
    Thanks for this comedy, I haven't laugh like this in a while watching a movie. This movie is "vaudevilesque"! Funny, crazy, amazing!!!! Well of course you might not take it well if you're going through therapy, but from the outside it's just great! Just stop taking everything seriously and you'll really enjoy the craziness of the movie. So like I said th movie is about a woman going through therapy, vacations arrive, and there the drama begins "what am i going to do without my shrink until September???", anxiety rises and the movie begins...Unlike other movie taking the subject so seriously, for once it gives us the possibility to laugh about human condition, in a time where everything is so politically correct! Just let loose!!! Hope you don't miss another good movie because of the critics... So take a journey through love, humans, intelligence, craziness and just enjoy the ride! It's a way of dedramatizing psychology and telling people we all are out of minds sometimes, look if we stop running and being so self centered, living life at light speed, going home to empty homes after days of work, we can get back with human beings around us and just being together heels us...