Frightening & Intense Scenes (7)

  • Moderate
  • Silva's presence as a character may be frightening and unsettling for younger children.
  • When Bond enters the Tube, whilst struggling to get a door open, a Tube train approaches, and Bond manages to open the door just before the train passes by; tension increases in this scene.
  • Silva uses a detonator to send a "Not in Service" Tube train crashing into Bond; Bond narrowly escapes.
  • A man opens his mouth and shows that all but two teeth in his upper jaw and his entire left jawbone are fake; it gives him quite a frightening and disturbing appearance.
  • Recommended for 15+
  • Many of the action and chase scenes are very intense and suspenseful. The whole climax and battle at Skyfall is very tense.
  • M's death may be upsetting to many people.